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   Chapter 47 Removal

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Nicole sat quietly in her room waiting for Jasper's return back to the castle. Ever since the Court left Castle there been rumors that Jasper had been acting suspicious though he wasn't that type of person to do ungodly things but the Court is willing to do anything to take granted even killed if rumors was spread about King Mo's family.

Nicole hears the door being opened as she looked in the direction seeing? Jasper holding flowers in his hands an blood on his shirt. She stood up walking towards him he looked away ashamed defeated in guilt which she noticed in his cold black eyes. He placed his forehead against hers closing his eyes letting her relax his mind.

"I deeply regret killing that women the urge of having blood in my system is not that easy. Once we leave here We shall get married at Snow Kingdom like I promised you. You are mine alone no one shall take you away from me you know I would kill for you die for you if I shall. So please let me you protect you from harm that comes way."

"I understand Jasper I forgive you Its not your fault that you was born this way. I bet the wedding will be really nice..."

"Like I said I was once human myself I enjoyed being a farm boy until all that changed sadly...Anyways I'll let you choose the wedding theme whatever you want an it'll happen"

"Jasper shouldn't we plan the wedding out together as a couple?"

"Yes but I would like it if you choose for me, I'm getting everything set up for us. My father is giving up his throne for us so he can be with my mother again."

"So your telling me that once he's out of the throne then he just pass away or better yet suicide?"

Jasper shook his head "No darling they'll be able to rest peacefully for instance If you have ever died I would have to kill myself because you know I can't live without you, my heart may not beat but i

. Vicar rips Jasper's hand away from his neck slamming him to the ground as Edward worked his magic on Jasper making him unconscious.

"Dear lord what has happened to him Vicar? He would never act like this.."

Vicar puts Jasper over his shoulder "well somehow Melody placed a curse on him the drink she spiced up was suppose to be for Nicole but he was able to switch the drinks in time."

Edward gave him a serious look"how was you even able to know that, why didn't you stop him from drinking it? "

"We were all at the table I couldn't I could have been killed..."

"Yet you stop the fight between King Mo an Jasper? "

"They knew I had power but not to that extent, though I myself use to to a court member it doesn't make it right to kill innocent people that just doesn't deserve to die which was the reason why I left and joined my mother's side again."

Edward looked at Jasper then back Vicar "please do save my little brother he is all of whom I have left Vicar"

"Don't worry Edward Jasper will be saved curses are nothing but bad luck which can be turned to good luck."

Vicars entered into a room filled with medical equipment, setting him down on the operating table. Which is were the magic shall begin.

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