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   Chapter 46 Jaspers curse

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Nicole was in awe looking at the gold necklace, small an affordable just for her liking but she had to be careful with the money that was given to her. Ruby was looking at the jewelry inside the shop to get a closer look at the lavish diamonds. Meanwhile Jasper was also in the city trying to find Nicole a nice gift for her birthday since it was coming up really soon? Edward thought it was best to join him so he can also find a nice gift for Victoria.

"Jasper do you even know what Nicole likes?"

"Jewelry maybe stuff animals maybe, just something that can make her happy."

Edward looked closely at Jasper's eyes seeing the black color in his orbs starting to form I'm his eyes. He must be thirsty of some sort he thought to himself.

"I see...why don't we get you a glass if blood your eyes are rather black"

Jasper touched his face "really? Hmm that's odd I guess a glass of blood will do huh?"

"Surely dear brother"

Jasper walked away from Edward giving him a suspicious look as to why he needed blood in the first place maybe he was too excited nervous even. He grabbed his throat feeling the pain wail up inside him, hunger. Jasper told himself to never drink human blood again he didn't want the raging man that lingered within him to take a control he wouldn't be able to stop himself then the temptations ran to deep.

A women grabbed his arm pulling him to an alley way, Jasper immediately pushed the women off hissing at her, but she didn't become frighten she became excited.

"Awe Vampire like you are so cute!? You must be thirsty why don't you take a bite baby just a little."

Jasper covered his mouth backing away fighting the urge to plunge his fangs into her flesh. He couldn't control him his eyes became dark as day grabbing the women's slamming her into the wall bitting her neck. Jasper's eyes rolled back in his head the taste of blood gave him pure satisfaction he kept drinking an drinking the women didn't beg for her life nor fight. Once he finished he lets her body go, she was limp as she fell to the ground. Jasper couldn't help but smile sanity was taking a toll on him the taste of blood drew him mad but he wanted more.


Jasper flinched ; he looked up seeing Nicole and Ruby hold shopping bags in their hands standing in the alley way entrance. Nicole looked at dead women on the floor shaking her as she ran off followed by Ruby, Jasper tried to scream her name but his voice was faint what has

sidered a crime that's just how dangerous he was but since he has with Nicole he was calmer in his nature.

Over the years he grew fond of her loving her wanting to protect her though he was forbidden to go outside the kingdom he made it his mission to be hers, to claim what was his for all these years. He finally found his true love to whom he held dear to he would give her anything that she wanted and need hell he would move an entire mountain for her. Their love is forbidden but Jasper doesn't care he loves this girl she is his an only his.


Vicar opened his eyes seeing a watch in Ruby's palm holding it out to him. She couldn't just spend the money on herself she decided to spend half of the money on Vicar though it was his money after all.

"Is the watch for me Ruby? You didn't have to buy me anything."

"Yes sir it is, It was expensive so me and Nicole split out money in half to pay for it, Nicole bought Jasper a watch as well "

Vicar grabbed the watch from Ruby thanking her for it. As they headed back to Castle he glanced over the window?in a daze of everything that's been happening. King Mo's daughter Melody knows?Jasper's future she may have put some type of spell or better yet a cruse on him it wouldn't be obvious ; Vicar himself was once a court member along with his family members. The lies and dirty work of killing those who where innocent changed his life better yet his humanity towards humans it simply became his life mission to protect humans an all those different.

Vicar would have to break the curse himself in if he wants to save Jasper's an keeps harm way from hurting anyone.

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