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   Chapter 41 For Tell The Future

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Jasper was in his normal clothing keeping a professional look for his prince. He sets a plate of food in front of Charles, he looked across the table seeing Nicole play with her salad. He goes to the other end of the table walking up to Nicole as he whispered in her ear.

"Remember about the plan Nicole you can do this, you just gotta stay strong, once he gets mad and tries to strike you we're running away together l."

Nicole nodded as Jasper rubs her head leaving him to attend his duties once again. Charles looked at her once again seeing her head down eating her salad.

"Nicole why don't you look at me but you look at Jasper which such desire, tell me why?"

"I look at Jasper as a kind hearted soul. Charles you did nothing but hurt me, I loved you so much ; Don't you see Jasper was always there. I read Lori's diary you was just as bad than the maids, you only use women for your personal gain! You never loved me you!" Nicole screamed her heart to him it was the only way to tell him how she really felt, the agony she felt for so long was gone she smiled to herself.

Charles eyes started to glow as he reached over the table grabbing her wrist pulling her to him as she screamed. Jasper ran inside the dinning room to see Nicole lying on the floor as Charles was on top of her chocking her to death. Jasper raked his hair back as he ran towards them kicking Charles in his face leaving him air born;? She gasped an coughed as she felt a gentle hand press against the side on her face. His right eye glowed in a rosy red as his left remained the same color lavender.

"I''m sorry for leaving you like that but we need to go Now! "

Before Nicole could say anything Jasper picked her up swiftly as they disappeared she closed her eyes shut feeling the gust of wind hit hard. She opened her eyes slightly seeing Jasper looked at her ever so gently, she felt a tear drop on her face she wrapped her arms against his neck kissing his soft lips. Jasper kissed her back ever so slightly he started to get thirsty he haven't drink anything or took his blood tablet pills. Jasper placed her down quickly, not wanting to lose control of himself.

"Nicole honey I'll be um gone for a little bit why don't you head inside the house, it shouldn't take me long. I need to drink something I'm so thirst"

"why don't you drink some of my blood?"

"darling your blood can kill me, I don't want to take any risk. I want to be with you forever until the end of our days just trust me okay love."

"alright but you better be quick"

"yes Darling"

Jasper gave? her a deep kiss as he picked her up sprinting her to? the home setting her down on the couch as? he left. Nicole looked around noticing that this was Jasper's Cabin that she was in it led her to wonder why they went back here and not Snow Kingdom. She heard a knock on the door as she walked up to the door Nicole saw Jasper's eyes pitch black she was scared but a bit worried if Jasper was going to kill? her bite or do something to keep his thirst down. He threw up

low down her age. Her futrue will be short I know that defiantly oh a sickness will be the cause of her death, you hold her in your arms crying painful tears not letting the kids see her in such a tragic state that's when you truly start to change my prince. "

"I want to be with her forever, I know a humans life is valuable. She knows that demons that are within me yet I fear that losing her will drive me insane. I can't believe she's all mine she is nothing more than a trophy a prize Ms.Reese. I be damned if I let her go. "

"Indeed Jasper but you can change that you have to believe that you can do it, yes this is your future dear not mine. I am truly happy for you Prince Jasper."

"I understand completely"

"good now I shall take my leave, you have yourself a good day"

The gypsy stood up heading to the door as Jasper walks her out, Nicole finished washing her dish she listened and heard the gypsy reading told to Jasper. A future without him wouldn't be right, as a human life is precious like Jasper say. Jasper hugs her from behind placing soft kisses on neck and shoulder.

"did you miss me love oh and before you ask the reading was decent no problems"

"of course I missed you, would you like to tell me about the reading Jasper?"

Nicole wanted to know what his version of the reading that was given to him, therefore she was scared of her future not knowing what may occur over the years that pass them. Jasper tighten his grip around her waist as she turned her head seeing his eyes lock on with hers.

"Nicole I know you heard the reading don't worry about anything just let me take care of you darling. Please depend on me let me protect life that was given to you to the both of us. God given us a second chance of life, now u need to lay down an rest everything will be okay. I'll be right? here when you wake up"

Jasper picked her up carrying her to their bedroom gently placing her down as she fell asleep as usually, he couldn't help but look at the window seeing the sunset.

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