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   Chapter 40 Back From The Dead

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Jasper places the spoon of ice cream in her mouth as she hummed in delight as the sweet flavor touched her taste buds. He wipes away the ice cream that dripped on the counter on of her mouth he licked his finger as he smiled at her making she blush.

"One more week in the hospital and you'll be free from this place, Charles said I didn't have to be his assistant anymore I guess something in him changed."

Nicole was about to say something as her vision became blurry she clenched the sheets tightly as she screamed. She coughed and gasps for air, Nicole didn't know what was going on but this wasn't real. Everything wasn't real that stood in front her, her vision soon regain it's surrounding she looked the scenery of were her and Jasper had supposedly died. She wonders where Jasper was everything she just imagined was just a dream. Edward puts the sword on the table removing his armor.

"I see your alive once again? Luckily I was able to revive you it wasn't easy. Jasper is doing okay his injury will heal quickly. I know your wondering what just happened but you went in a aftershock and I found you and him together with blades left and right that pierced your body. I feel sorry that a poor girl such as yourself have to go through all of this, Jasper was trying to get you away from all that despite Charles wanting you for himself "

Edward placed her on the sofa as she then say "what about the war? I-"

"There is no war not as of right now. Lilth kingdom is tough but we stood our ground. Percy was no where to be in sight when we fought therefore we haven't? in so many years which makes us Rusty. Our kingdom hasn't been in war for a couple of thousands of years."

"Sorry to ask such question's my mind became curious however. I don't get how all of this was because of me...."

Jasper slowly stood up as his right eyes turned bright red. He knelled down to her taking her hand "It is not your fault, its mostly mine. I left his kingdom so I could be with you. I its such a hard thing to say to yourself. I tried my best to protect you we died and it was so peaceful. It was us together no hate nor sadness but Love. I'm glad I get to see you once again alive and well"

Her eyes narrowed at his gaze "I am glad as well...what happen to our room it looks brand new."

Edward laughed as he shake "silly? human I cleaned the place up for you and Jasper. Its been a while since I last cleaned. Everyone think I'm a spoiled child but I surely do it for fun."

Jasper rolled his eyes as he looked at Nicole once more as she fallen asleep. Jasper placed a thin blanket over her small form as he kissed her lips wishing her a goodnight. He walked over to Edward at the fire place ; Edward passed Jasper a glass on Whiskey.

"Man I miss mother, all of this had to happen in one day. Such a scary thing, Life is precious for human is it not baby brother?"

"You can say that I don't know how u did it but I can say your better at magic than anything else."

Edward took a small sip of whiskey as he bites his lip making them tremble? "Jas

nd Prince Charles...I was only trying to take Nicole out off such a dangerous environment sir she homeless and had no where to go...I helped her out. You was being awfully mean to her how can you love her but treat her so badly. As a friend I'm trying to help you..."

"A friend you stabbed me in the back just like you did my father"

"You delsion-"

Nicole placed her hand over Jasper mouth as she Looked at Charles. Charles rolled his eyes at her as Jasper set Nicole down on the floor as she shivered. Charles grabbed her hand walking her to the car as Jasper followed. Once they got inside they Jasper rode back to too the Lilth palace. Nicole knew they ride was going to be long so she thought it was to take a nap regain her energy.

"So Jasper said you enjoy running away with what is mine, I told you I would find you...."

"I figured you would eventually, your heart is cold as day but have you ever considered her feelings Charles "

"I loved her overtime I will regret the things I said to her but its out of-"

"Charles that is no where near love, At least I can show it to her better than you can"

"So your saying your better than me Jasper? How so?"

"Really want me to tell you selfish prince, Look how you treat others especially Lori an now Nicole. This has to stop your mother raised you better that as men we shouldn't put down the people we love. Nicole was heartbroken I repaired the pieces. You was only destroying everything along with Percy. I didn't want to put her through anymore things then what she j's going already going through. At the end of the day she loves me now nothing can stop our bond..."

Charles grinned "I figured she would start falling for you, but never to point of you marrying her. I'll fight for her'

"We'll see about that Charles"

The ride back to Lilth kingdom was silent. Jasper plan was going through perfectly, He was surprised that Charles didn't realize himself what he was doing. Is Charles really going to fight for Nicole or only hurt her in the end.

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