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   Chapter 39 Dinner

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Queen Zora sat beside her husband as Philip gave her a a mean look. Jasper and Nicole looked at each other as they sat down across from them. Butlers brought them food setting it down to them, the dinner was silent.

King Philip cleared his throat "I just want to say sorry for that incident you just saw. I lost my temper-"

"Father you should have never even touch her like that, its wrong and disrespectful. I don't know much about you but I don't like how u treat this women who brought me into this world."

"Boy you have a lot of nerve coming at me like that, I treat her how I want if you don't like it go back to where you came from."

"Philip how dare you speak to him like that...he is right after all. I love you my darling but when I give birth to this child we shall not take him or her away...Jasper I am sorry for giving you away I never wanted to...your father-"

King Philip stood up grabbing His wife by her arms dragging he away from the table. Rowland and the butlers looked down upon him as he dragged his wife.

Jasper stood up immediately as he ran after her but they were already gone. Zora thrown on to the bed as she looked him with tears, Philip looked her with anger an frustration pulling out manhood Zora closed her eyes feeling him enter inside her thrusting away she screamed in pain. He quicken his pace letting out a groan as he came inside her. Zora covered her mouth as she came as well leaving her limp on the bed, Philip eyes turned back to his regular color light blue. He blushed deeply removing himself from her as she cried.

"Oh Philip why must you do this to me!?"

"Darling what are u talking about wasn't we making sweet love to each other?"

"No you fool! You just....punished me forced me to have sex with disgust me."

Philip was been acting rather strange lately ever since he tried out his son Edward potions it didn't make him feel right like a monster. King Philip removed himself from the bed as he walked into the bathroom crying for everything he has done to her. No man should ever treat his women second class, she was queen that unlocked his dark heart away.

"My sweet Zora kill me...I don't know what's wrong with me...I just blacked out..."

Queen Zora gave him a sadden look as she removes herself from the bed touching his cheek lightly. "Philip dear I think I know what's wrong with you Our oldest son Edward may have given you a potion that triggers you physical an emotionally. Here why don't you drink this"

A small glass bottle appeared in his hand seeing the oddly color liquid he drinks it, King Philip held his wife tightly as she did the same slowly descending on the bed leaving them both falling asleep in there arms.

Jasper walked hand in hand with Nicole as they walked into a green house outside this palace. Nicole couldn't really shake her mind off the incident involving his parents. Jasper placed her in a chair as he rolled up his sleeves an starting to water the flowers.

"Jasper I want to ask you something? Its about your...big brother Edward."

Jasper turned around looking at her with a nervo

elped but I healed her allies your father was there with Queen Anna assisting her for how we should play our pawns. It wasn't easy but we made through and won with victory..."

Jasper smiled slightly glancing over to Nicole seeing her sleeping form, it warmed his heart seeing her safe in his hands. Queen Zora looked down at her hands seeing cracks starting to take place. She knew this was going to happen eventually she used to much of her magic to stop Jasper from hurting Edward. Zora's body will ware down soon turning her into ash if she don't do anything quick. Zora stood up bowing as she immediately left the room Jasper looked down at her hand seeing cracks of her skin fall off from him body. Jasper carried Nicole as he followed his mother.

Queen Zora's heart start to race as she stumbled to her bedroom door, King Philip and Edward stopped there arguing as they looked her then Jasper carrying Nicole.

"Jasper what's the meaning of this, why is your mo-"

Zora groaned in agony as she began hitting her head against the door frame, the pain was unbearable the palace started to shake. Queen Zora couldn't help but scream leaving King Philip to scream out her name. She looked at them with a smile.

"Goodbye my beautiful family..."

King Philip grabbed her hand pulling her towards his body as he cried out her name slightly. He screamed for his butlers and maids to assist his dying wife, Zora rubbed his back telling him that they will see eachother again in a more calming place. Philip heard his wife last breath as her body turned into flower petals, it was a calm an peaceful death Jasper thought to himself. Jasper glance over at his Edward shedding tears of what would like joy. King Philip gave him a force slap across the face flying him to the wall, he looked at Jasper moving to the side as he walked passed them both.

Eventually he went into their room setting her down on the bed. He kissed her forehead "were finally back honey " Jasper said as a tear went down his left eye. He wished he could have known his mother a little longer.

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