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   Chapter 38 Lost memory

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Jasper removed his index finger from her forehead as a tear is streams followed on her face but a smile made her wonder about all the things she have done wrong in her life to not have family again.

"I'm sorry to have made you suffer Jasper it was all because of me, I am grateful to have met you that day"

"You put me through the no trouble Nicole though I was curious of your kind. I have been around them only during events or parties but going out in the world again was amazing to me. Then I saw you playing one day I got curious an all, it made me think of myself when I was very young."

"You reveled to me something else as well" Nicole's eyes looked down at his gaze.

"What is it love?"

"You getting beat by Lord Chancellor.."

Jasper kissed her cheek looking back at her "He thought I told you things about our kind that was considered rare in his eyes, he didn't to much like your kind especially your people in terms. I looked more into your ethnicity after my punishment your a women mixed with native American including African American he seemed it would be more of a threat because you are partly a decedent of a native tribe. Your tribe includes killing us pure bloods. You was a small child I didn't see any need of taking precautions such as that...though I did enjoy your company with me."

"I knew I was African American but I didn't know what else I was I supposedly mixed with but thank you for telling me that. I know that's weird and all but my mother never really told me about my father all she could say was that my father was in a tribe but it didn't really make sense to me at the time. I think Lord Chancellor was to rough on you"

"I am half of his kind so it wouldn't have been easy from the start. Ever since Charles took me in his mother has been nothing but kind to me. I am very grateful to have been in such a loving place that I wish my adoptive mother gave me before she passed away. Queen Anna wanted me to keep Charles safe but its rather hard as of right now when he an his brother wants to kill me. I promise you I won't let any of them touch you, I hate to have to kill one of them especially my dear friend Charles."

Nicole suddenly held her arms tightly rubbing them together realizing that they were already at snow kingdom. Jasper takes off his jacket placing it around here shoulders.

"Were here in the very great snow kingdom must I warn you its very cold out. Don't worry I'm not immune to such temperature so no need to worry."

Jasper grabbed her hand pulling her to take a step outside the car, her eyes widened seeing the ginormous tall building that stood in front of them. At Guard walked up to them both as Jasper & Nicole bowed.

"Who are you? Did u get a invitation to be here?"

"My name is Jasper wintered the prince of snow kingdom. This is my adoring lover Nicole. If-"

"I don't believe you show me some proof!"

Jasper lets go of her hand as he moved his hair up that covered his right eye the guardsmen immediately knelled to Jasper.

"My prince, I am sorry for being so rude my league please punish me!"

Jasper became startled "oh please, does it look like I'm going to punish you if you hurt my lover then you'll probably die."

Jasper smiled as the guards bowed to him leading them the way inside in the palace. Once inside a butler named Rowland.

"My prince you have finally returned so many years has passed by." Rowland bowed at Jasper as he did the same "no need to bow for me Prince Jasper I will hav


Nicole nodded agreeing to marry him as Jasper puts a twelve million dollar ring on her wedding finger. Nicole's eyes lit as the beautiful diamond sparkles in her vision.

"Wow its big! Can I just say this amazing! Where did you get it? "

"I made it myself surely it was expensive must I say but I had a lot of fun crafting it."

A knock was heard as Jasper kissed her lips hoping off the bed running to the closet picking out clothes as she helped him. King Philip opened the door seeing Jasper all changed as well? Nicole he close the door behind him.

"Is there something that you want father?"

King Philip blushed a little "you guys didn't hear anything did you in me and your mothers room?"

"No why-"

"None of your business Jasper I just wanted to make sure she wasn't screaming to loud..." King Philip said in a soft whisper.

"Why don't you both join me for dinner I want to hear more about your Journey here. "

King Philip left the room as he walked down the hall seeing His wife Zora have trouble walking. He walked up to her holding her body against his.

"Was I to rough on you My dear Zora"

"Philip your always rough during sex, it doesn't see fair to my body and how you treat me half of the time. Did you not know I was pregnant with a girl."

King Philips eyes turn dark red as he slammed his fist against a wall as she lead against it holding her chest.

"Women you dare keep something like this from me! Who is the other man? You dirty slut just couldn't keep your legs closed!"

Zora started to cry as Philips harsh words " Philip! What's the matter with you I never slept with no other man than you Idiot! Yes I might be pregnant but I don't know the gender....If I had gotten a divorce long take ago I could have taken the kids with selfish ba-"

She felt a force slap across her cheek leading her to fall on the floor as she held her cheek. Philip grabbed her wrist forcefully pulling her up.

"If you dare call me such a name or even plan to leave me I'll kill you!!!?"

Rowland clapped his hands as they both looked at him. Philip dragged her away as Jasper and Nicole saw everything. Did King Philip really just hit wife no remorse no guilt but sadness that was in her soul Jasper felt his mothers pain.

Pain he wish he could get rid of for everyone even himself.

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