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   Chapter 36 Journey to Snow Kingdom

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Nicole yawned as she opened her eyes seeing the sun light pierced her face as women an Children around her were sleeping. Jasper walked inside the hut ever so quietly gently picking up Nicole, he kissed her cheek as she held him tightly. Nicole yawned wondering what he was up to.

"Good morning Nicole, how was your sleep?"

"It was rather good it felt a little better but over all I'm good"

"Sorry about yesterday it must have been so hard for you to go through all of this. I am bit nervous to go to snow kingdom, what if my real family doesn't like me..."

"Jasper I'm sure there going to love you just have to be calm that's all..."

"I assume that your right I need to stay positive if I don't I probably wouldn't have made it this far with you but thank you for allowing me to?stay by your side it's an honor for me to just? call me your boyfriend as of now. Whatever happens I just want you to know that I still love you even if you go back to Charles...."

Nicole looked down slightly held his hand tightly a part of her still loved him but the things he done was curel. Even when Lori was alive back then Charles didn't do to much to help her, Nicole read all the little notes Lori wrote in her diary about Charles calling her all types of names when he didn't get what he wanted even abusing her but Lori still loved him.

She mention that Jasper was such a kind hearted soul to helping her out is far he planned an escape for her to run away back to the cloud kingdom but that was the day they found her dead in the woods that her parents also died in. Lori was broken he light was Jasper while the darkness that surrounded her was Charles himself. Jasper placed Nicole down on the ground as he takes something from out of pocket. It was a shiny golden ring with pearls bright as day in the center of the ring. Jasper takes Charles ring from off her finger placing it on her ring finger as he kissed her palm.

"This will give you protection believe me, Charles ring was nothing more than a fake sadly a I gave you something I thought you would surely like. "

Jasper crushed Charles ring as little pieces of the ring turned into ash. Jasper looked at watch seeing it was around twelve o'clock in the afternoon, he realized that there trip would take several hours or days even to get to their destination.

Nicole was about to speak as he placed his index finger to her lips as he listen closely in the distance hearing Charles and Percy even Lord Vicar but it was different this time he heard yelling and groans escape from vicars mouth as Percy punched him kicked him harder in the stomach. He also heard Scarlet being wiped by Charles himself, anger rose in Jasper body it seems like this mess is mostly his doing but some how he must fix this before Vicar and his cousin end up in there graves. Jasper looked at Nicole with a serious look as she looked slightly confused by his gesture. Jasper gave Nicole a smile as he gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

"I'll be back in a few in won't take me long I promise. Ottawa why don't you come with me I'm going to need you help with something. "

"Of course dear friend we'll be back Nicole! "

"Alright safe travels! "

Jasper and Ottawa ran into the forest as Nicole saw the tribe women and

Walk up to her with flower head bands and necklaces as Nicole clapped her hands in excitement. Ottawa took a sniff in the air sensing why Jasper was eager to being him a long for a little rescue mission to save Lord Vicar and the little girl before he was to late. Once they reached Cloud kingdom once again Ottawa and Jasper ran with all there might back to castle an going to the lower part of household. Which is known as the duegon in many of the kingdoms.

Percy and Charles was scene holding Vicars Cousin Scarlet as she quivered and shakes as she extended her hands to Jasper as he gave her a painful expression. They both thrown her to the ground she ran to Jasper as she held him tightly. It is true that lords and there people admire Jasper as a friend but those they could come to in time of need. Ottawa gently picked up the girl calming her down with his soothing lullaby they put her to sleep. Jasper noticed Vicar walking to him his eyes was emotionaless tears broken streamed down his face, clothes ripped and shelved as if animals had attacked. Jasper eye widened seeing Vicar in such a state, Vicar removed the metal bar that was placed in his chest as he coughed up blood. Vicar Laughed his eyes flickered into a more dark blue aura as the ground shakes letting Vicar let the earth be his power and the mind of good be his heart. Percy held his chest tightly feeling the need to breath as he ached scratching his neck and face.

Vicar looked amused as he clenched his fist tightly letting Percy's heart explode in his body. Percy grinned at his brother turning into ash. As Ottawa looked away from such sight Jasper looked down feeling a little sad for Charles but at the same time had ammusement to seeing Percy finally gone. Death doors was near an no one felt any pity for such a man such as himself. Charles kneeled down as tears of rage escaped his mouth, his eyes became bright red as his white hair started to float.

"Its time for us to run guys we hate to see him destroy my beautiful castle so I'll make some type of barrier to keep him here until he is set

nce more, she found he breath taking he couldn't ask for anything better. The waitress came with their drinks as she placed them on the table. Jasper thanked her as he grab is cup of blood drinking it slowly.

"Does the blood taste good? You seem to be enjoying it Jasper"

Jaspers left eye turns into a mixture of purple and red as looked into her eyes "the blood is marvelous I haven't enjoyed something like this in a while. I remember my days as a savage...all I could ever think about was when the next human or animal was going to come running by so I can sink my teeth into it. Charles parents helped me tremendously without them there who knows what I would be right now. It wasn't easy but I managed Charles himself placed me on a special diet which I follow till this day."

"But aren't you half witch as well since Ottawa said that your mother is witch and your father is a pure blooded vampire."

"You are right about that however I still crave for blood but magic has always been on my side ever since I was a little boy you can say I am half of there kind so I am not sure what I truly am or what side to pick for the matter."

"It's interesting to get to learn so much about you jasper I know your probably wondering about my back ground-"

The waitress suddenly placed their food on the table as they thanked her. Chicken tenders with fries was truly the best meal she could ever have, she tried to order this meal the last time when Charles was with her but he sadly refused it and gave them both a steak in stead. They both ate in silence as Jasper started frequent talks with her about the snow kingdom and what it would be like in the future. Once they were finish they went back in the car an continued there journey. Jasper glanced at Nicole seeing her look at the window glancing at the tree's that passed them by, he placed his hands over hers as she looked at him with a curiously.

"What's the matter Jasper? "

"I'm just curious about you now...Nicole, you are a mystery after all even I couldn't figure you out when we first met. Such a curious immortal I am."

Nicole blushed with smile " well its long story, when I was a small girl I use to play in the forest a lot as child finding any games I could find until I saw this vampire. Lets see I think it was a male he had old fashioned clothing. I was hesitate but I just walked up to him an asked for his name. It started with a J but lets call him J. J was a pure blooded vampire he said he didn't drink human blood not as much as he use too so I was comfortable. We use to play all types of games with eachother I was only five when everything happened it felt so weird but right in a way. The last time I saw him he said he had to go for a very long time... The next thing I know I'm in my bedroom wearing a necklace with a butterfly charm" Nicole looked down at the butterfly charm placed on her necklace as Jasper touched the charm.

"What if I told you....that vampire that you saw was actually me. I erased half of your? memory from the days leading up to that moment. Someone figured out I was talking to a little human such as yourself. I was punished that same I left you. I only did that to protect you you were so cute when was a little girl. I'm sorry I left without warning, I knew we would meet again it was faith after wall I prayed to see you again. You have grown into a beautiful women." Jasper looked down as she hugged him tightly as he did the same thing. Faith had brought them back together again.

Nothing was going to keep them apart or so they thought.

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