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   Chapter 35 Hunt

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Jasper awoken in the middle of night hearing the guest partying down below them. Nicole yawned wondering where his touch was. He whispered in her ear.

"I'll be back love I just need to see what the commotion is all about.."

She nodded as Jasper kissed her forehead. He hoped out the bed leaving the bedroom. Jasper went down stairs seeing people dance around and gamble for money. Lord vicar was seen dancing with a small little girl Scarlet his cousin. Jasper wondered what type of party was going on around him, annual get together with the king and his people. Jasper couldn't help but smile at Lord vicar as he noticed him and stopped dancing with Scarlet as he puts her and a little boy making sure he had someone to dance with? while he went out to talk to Jasper once again. Lord Vicar started to walk towards Jasper as? he walked further further down the end of the stairs.

"What's the matter Jasper? Did you have a hard time sleeping, if you wanna join the fun why don't you!? You are a pure blood after you don't even sleep I mean we don't sleep. "

"Lord Vicar thanks for the offer but I'm not interested in the moment about the party, it

Was pretty loud down here which mean I can hear it from up? stairs my goodman."

"Sorry for the rudeness we are at a party after all...I'll have the party outside when you have your stay in my kingdom. So tell me how are u going to get away from Charles and Percy, just keep running or will u fight for your love until u both get settled on the throne..."

"I'm not sure My main priority is Nicole she needs to be protected at all times. I love her very much...when we do have the throne together I'm sure she'll be a wonder queen."

"I'm surprised you got the girl. Being single for so long must've placed some type of burden on you. Jasper all I ever seen you do is work you never have time to relax yourself, I thought maybe Charles was over loading you with work maybe since your a vampire he didn't have to worry about that. If you were human you would have been dead already just like the rest before you..."

"I owned him a great debt I was willing to give my life to him before Nicole came into the picture. All he ever has done is hurt her Vicar since I was there I made sure she was taken care of before anything. I showed her nothing but nice-nest she finally saw through me and now were together, would u ever be with a human Vicar I think you would like having a nice day around"

"Hmmm not sure it would be dangerous if more of our kind is falling in love with mortals, we can live forever but there days as humans are everything to them I can't go through pain all over again...I had a talk with the court and kingdoms and they said if vampires and humans fall in love the court will come after you or anyone else who a vampire has fallen in love with an sadly kill both of them."

"The court was close to killing Charles and Nicole but she manage to stab one of the court members in the chest. She did a good job, Nicole is forever a strong women I believe"

Lord vicar smiled at his choice of words as he felt a tug on his sleeve, he glanced over seeing Scarlet wanting to dance more with him. Jasper bowed at Lord Vicar as he did the same, Jasper walked up stairs and back into the bedroom. he fell asleep moments for a good couple of hours, he opened his eyes seeing Nicole stretching as she changed into a golden short night gown, he grabbed a hold of her waist pulling her down on the bed as he hugged her tightly.

"You look sexy in that night gown by the way, I hate to say I'm getting a little turn on by this..."

Nicole couldn't help bu

sper's presence near as Ottawa whistle in the air seeing Jasper walk up to him covered in blood that was mixed with his own, Jasper's hand was clenched to his side as Ottawa reach out to touch him. Jasper gave a mincing growl at Ottawa as Jasper eye was pitch eye anger consumed his being and his aura, Ottawa snapped his finger to get Jasper out of his trace of anger. Jasper eyes widened as he coughed up blood as Ottawa held his body tightly seeing that his eyes went back to there original color.

"Ottawa what happen, did I lose control of myself again I enjoyed killing those men before felt so different to be free from my despair...I manage to take down both Charles and Percy, vile men I tell Nicole okay, I swear if she's hur-"

"My friend I had to calm you down for a little bit, oh and she is perfectly fine no harm came to her over her travels here; it took her about a quick second to get here actually a normal human such as her somewhat wouldn't even make it this far....tell me jasper how do u plan on getting to the snow kingdom if the king and prince of lilth kingdom are looking for you and her."

"we'll get there it'll just take some time but we keep running till we get there...I know it's somewhere out in Alaska in a very cold area. Did u get any updates from there?"

"actually I have it's not abandoned but it's actually in good hands, there is a queen and king name King Philip and his queen Zola. There been rumors that queen Zola is actually a witch but a good one. No records of bad history so far as for King Philip he had multiple counts of assault and battery but there were all when he was a young lad. They both have two children, one of them is you and some other prince of snow named Edward. I met Edward long time ago he was a spoiled brat he still is at least someone gave u sense Jasper because that boy has none at all. You need to hurry up there before it's to late and claim you and your beloved it as king and queen of snow kingdom. if Edward gets? that throne u are a goner for sure, looked what happen to Charles he never got a chance to be king but his older brother did. Since you the youngest of the bloodline you'll need to out beat him some how, i'm sure you'll figure it out real soon. Now then lets get you cleaned up you smell dirty men homeless man."

Jasper laughed as Ottawa did the same, leading to new things undiscovered that are still out there.

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