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   Chapter 31 Jaspers Confession

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Nicole watered the plants in the garden as she visits Lori's grave, she often put flowers each week just to feel at peace with Lori and herself. Charles was still missing since there last encounter in the forest. Nicole wondered how Charles was doing ;wondering if he was okay. Jasper came in with a cup tea sitting it on the table as he offered her a seat to relax herself.

"Nicole you know you don't have to water the flowers, leave that to the maids and relax sweet princess."

Nicole blushed at Jasper's choice of words, she nodded slightly looking at the garden view that was rather breath taking in her opinion. The variety of flowers and colors that took place in the garden was gorgeous as if you was seeing heaven for the first time with your own two eyes.

"I don't mind flowering the gardens, I get a chance to see Lori more often even place flowers for her. I know she is resting in a better place."

"How sweet of you Nicole I know she would surely love it, the garden was her favorite place. She often picked flowers in the garden for special request around the kingdom. Lori an you are pretty similar but in some ways alike."

Nicole was about to reply to Jasper as a maid covered in blood ran up to them in fear. Screamed an hollered for her voice to be heard. The maid fell to the ground with her head removed from her body. Nicole stood up and covered her mouth, Charles in his true form giving a sinister smile to her as he charged towards her. Jasper tackled Nicole to the ground as Charles body came in contact with the small table.

"what happened to him Jasper!!?" Nicole said in a scared voice as Jasper took our his sword ready to fight Charles himself.

"Nicole don't worry I'm not going to fight him I am simply going to-"

Jasper was unable to finish his sentence as Percy came pass him with a bright golden necklace. He was unsure what Percy was going to do, he couldn't question the lord himself that would be considered death in the Lilith kingdom. Nicole was hesitant to say something as Jasper shook his head at her to not say anything.

"Percy? what are you about to do to Charles?"

"why are so worried about it Jasper...he is my little brother I will do as I please to him. This isn't the first time that happened to him. He's craving to much blood, blood that he doesn't really need right now. the blood tablets should help with his hunger once I put this necklace on him. Once I put this on he'll be in his true form for maybe a month or two. white hair, red eyes, pale skin with those sharp claws. what a fascinating thing to see from my little brother."

Percy placed the necklace around Charles as he opened his eyes wiping the blood from mouth. Percy lifted Charles from the ground, he slowly looked away from Nicole. Nicole clenched her hand seeing him walk away as if he didn't know her at all, it made her nervous. Charles stopped in his tracks only to look up her with no emotion.

"come here...Nicole" Cha

tly placed her on his lap, she blushed covering her face with her hands. He took her hands him his as he kissed her hand, eventually giving her a kiss. Charles slightly slipped his tongue in her mouth as she did the same. Her body was on fire feeling his touch made her shiver all over, he looked up at her with lust and desire becoming hard as she felt something against her core. Charles moved his hips back & forth and she moaned softly in his ear as he did the same moving faster and harder against her.

"cum for me darling...cum" he moaned

Nicole screamed pleasure as Charles clenched her hips tightly gritting his teeth as he came as well. Nicole removed herself from his lap as she? laid beside him. Charles looked into her eyes as she did the same, she didn't see a monster but a person who wants to be loved from another. This feeling of love grew more than what she expected, she didn't expect to be getting down and dirty with Charles but it happened because she trust him. Charles? cuddled up to her as he fell asleep, Jasper came in with the medicine and towel. Jasper smiles as Nicole did the same.

"I see you guys done some things, He didn't have sex with you right?"

"No Jasper he didn't why?" she rised from the bed walking towards Jasper as he stood outside the door.

He threaded a hand through her hair as he spoke "There is no particular reason I want you for myself it makes me rather mad. I know you love him deeply but I love you more. You now I've been wanting the courage to say my love for you. If you ever want to be with me than I am forever yours I won't let anyone else have me but you. Charles can die in the lake of fire for all I care. Sorry to be so harsh but I'm angry not at you but him, I could kiss you again an wouldn't feel bad about it. I should get going so I don't cause anymore disruption with him sleeping." Jasper bows to her as he walked away leaving her quite moved by his words and better yet his confession to her.

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