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   Chapter 30 Protector

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The moon over took the sun and everything surrounding it, Nicole looked up at the sky seeing the a full range of stars that was in her vision.


Nicole looked into darkness seeing a dark figure walk up towards her carrying something odd in its hands. She slowly gets up grabbing anything sharp in her darkened vision. Figure same closer an closer as her eye color started to change into a light hazel.

"Stay away or I will cut you down!!"

"Nicole its me...Charles just calm down. I should have said something but I was to exhausted to say anything."

Nicole dropped the sharp object as she smiled at him extending her hand as she started falling to the floor. Charles grabbed her in a loving embrace not wanting to let her go. He sets her down on the cold ground as she bundled up in his jacket along with her's. Charles started a fire and started cooking her something to eat, he knew she was starving so he thought it was best to cook her something instead of letting her starve.

"Charles" a figure said in a whisper low enough for only Charles to hear himself.

"what is it Lori....has your spirit come to haunt me love" Charles turned his head seeing Lori ever so beautiful, he lowered his eyes hiding the pain that developed in him.

"now now, don't start feeling sad you lived your life full of regret now you have her now. I must tell you she is changing? ; your sweet Nicole is transiting into a vampire hunter. I know you probably don't believe me but her blood runs in our family of vampire hunters. I was able to get this curse completely removed by having a dark witch do it for me but I made a trade with her that I would kill myself. Anyways you need to be careful, goodbye Charles...."

"I'll make sure to remember that...Lori...thank you.." Charles said in a pitiful voice.

Christmas was near an they still wasn't home yet, being in he middle of no were was quite difficult. He wanted to put Nicole to the test an see

standing up.

" By the way thank you Jasper for everything, I hope the best for you outside this palace." Nicole looked down smiled but raised her head up to see Jasper kiss her forehead.

"You are truly one of a kind Ms. Nicole. Just know you are always in my heart. Heaven is a surely a place on earth just with you. I love you....I love you so much. My heart only beats for you ; only you"? Jasper hugged her slightly as his emotions had gotten the best of him. He truly loved Nicole more than anything; It hurts him to see her with Charles.

"I love you too...Jasper your always in my heart too. I love both you equally the same. It was hard to choose. I am sorry." Nicole ate slowly as she talked. Jasper stayed longer than expected his duties as assistant to Charles was running slim but he had to keep going because Charles was his only family.

"I wished Charles was that expressive when he's with me. I might be to ordinary for him."

"He is somewhat expressive, he holds back his choice of words only to maintain the savage that is in him. When he is in his true form he is very civilized. He opens up to you more that way. " Jasper said with a hint of wisdom of encouragement.

Nicole and Jasper ended up talking for the rest of morning. Her life is truly blissful when Jasper is near.

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