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   Chapter 29 Trapped

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Snow began to fall ; trees being heavily pushed down by the weight of snow that stacked on their low shallow branches. Charles placed a damp cloth over Nicole's forehead as she smiled at him. A prince taking care of a ordinary girl such as herself was exciting to her.

"How are u feeling love?"

"Cozy, I feel better then yesterday."

"That's good we need to get you healthy again, Its snowing outside as you see. So we cut off all the lights to save energy. Tell me if your getting cold, I'll cuddle with you if it'll make you feel better darling Nicole."

Nicole nodded slightly the blood rushed from within her cheeks hiding her face from a blush that she didn't want him to see. He chucked under his breath placing a light feathered kisses on her hand.

" you are the only for me Nicole. You are my drug I so desperately need in my life. I hope we can be together forever until death do us part."

"Are you talking about marriage Charles?"

"One day Nicole, we are taking this slow like you said. I still want all of you if are able to understand what I mean."

Charles winked at her knowing fully well she wasn't ready to take such precautions such as that.

If Charles really wanted to have sex with her he would have done it already but he's being patience. In the past it was a different story. Nicole shook her head immediately not thinking about his gorgeous body against her's, believe or not Nicole hid those sexual desires deep within.

"If I really wanted to have sex with you I want to wait till marriage its better that way."

"Your right darling, when the time is right I will ask your hand in marriage my love. I swear to you"

Nicole grabbed his hand holding it tightly with hers. Their love for each other only grew stronger over time. There was time when she hated him but she forgave all his imperfect flaws.

"Nicole you have to start getting ready for school along with myself. Sadly we still have it in this cold bitter weather today. "

Nicole slightly sits up with the help of Charles by her side. She wanted to wear something more cas

ily there was a cave near by so she used most of her strength to drag him to a protected place from the snow & sleet.

She laid him down on the floor as he opened his eyes weakly.

"Nicole...where are we? What is this place..."

"Charles were in a cave right now... its very cold outside so I gave you my jacket is you can be warm."

"Foolish girl..." Charles sits up removing her jacket and his placing it around it. " Your a human your body can't handle such cold temperature's like this, I just care about your safety at this point I can take care of myself. I gave you that a ring for a when your in trouble it can protect you..."

"I know but right now you need it more...just wear the ring just for a little bit."

"My wounds will heal overtime your making a big deal out of nothing "

"What do you mean! I care about you, I know you care about me...we need to be focus about how were going to get out of here alive..."

Charles shrugged his shoulder as he started to walk out the cave. Nicole became concerned and slightly confused by his actions. She wondered if he took the cure or not.

"I'll be back just stay ; I'm going to look around and find something for us to eat. I know you must be starving like I am..."

Charles smiled at her as she couldn't help but smile back seeing him walk away. Nicole fell asleep peacefully waiting for his return.

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