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   Chapter 28 Abuse

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The sun slowly rises as Nicole looked down at her bruises on her arm and leg. Lord Percy physically assaulted her last night due to his temper when he walked her back to her room. Nicole tried her best to fight him off but he's pure blooded vampire what did you except from the lord of lilth kingdom. It was quick an sudden Lord Percy had no morals to human life at all.

Lord Vicar suddenly came in with a plate full of eggs & pancakes with syrup on top. As he sets down the plate on her bed he noticed she was facing towards the window letting the breeze flow through her curly hair.

"Good morning Nicole, may I ask what the matter is. You seem quite off today. Was it about last night you have nothing to worry about." Lord Vicar said with hesitation in his voice.

"Percy physically assualted me when we walk to my room last night.... I wasn't expecting it but their was a new rule that lords can punish there people though I am not his people I come from tbe main land not from lilth. "

Anger rose from Vicar's body as he desperately calmed himself down. What type of person physically hits a female an acts like everything is fine. Lord Vicar knew that Percy wasn't meant to be a king he was to....evil and wasn't trusted by many of lords in the kingdoms.

"He hurt you ; I swear I'll will kill that man if I have too!!! You know what I'll just have to call Charles so he can deal with that brother of his! He dared touched you, knowing that I can kill him without even trying. Charles wouldn't like me very much if I killed him anyways though I doubt he will. "

"Lord Vicar it's nothing that big. This is just something I have to deal with on my own."

"You fool!! Don't ever feel like you can't come to us when your in need! We are friends, don't let yourself crumble! We can't let Percy win like this, you know that. Stop acting like its okay because it's not. He physically hurt you and you want to put that to the side. Have courage in yourself child."

Nicole suddenly heard her phone ring, noticing it was Charles. She picked up phone nervous about what he's going to say.


"Nicole I'm coming home right no

her hand with his, she smiled letting his love sink in from her heart. Whenever Charles was near she felt safe in his presence nothing mattered but him ; she felt entirely complete.

Later that evening Charles tucked Nicole in bed making sure she was nice and cozy. A fever shouldn't last more than a couple of days or so.

"Rest up now darling, I will be back in few minutes. "


Charles lips curved upward in a smile ; kissing her forehead. He placed his ring which was given to her on her ring finger. He swiftly got up from his position heading out the door. Once he closed the door behind him seeing Jasper & Lord Vicar company him for the time being. There was very much to be discussed about, Nicole's safety was far more important at this time.

"Charles our meeting starts in an Hour so have everything together. I need to get Percy off this throne I'm tired of him hurting innocent people. As Lord of Cloud Kingdom there shall be change. Fight for what is right Charles ; oh and take the cure already..." lord Vicar walked away letting his long luscious hair flow within him. Jasper held out clipboard of things he needed to do currently. Charles gave a glare at Jasper as he looked down at the clip board.

Simply take care of Nicole Prince Charles. She needs you more than ever sir.

Charles gave a sheeply smile at Jasper, he was his only and true best friend. That's all a guy could ask for.

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