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   Chapter 27 Cloud Kingdom

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Lord Vicar poured hot coffee in a cup as the fire kept them warm from the rain that pored? heavily in the castle. Nicole couldn't help but look around the castle's living room it was like a big ball room made for those to dance in. Lord Vicar handed her the cup of tea, she smiled taking the cup from him.

"Sorry that my place isn't warm enough for you, I like sticking to my traditional culture. The fire in the chimney should keep you warm for now. I will get your room ready ....wait here."

He said in a low husky voice making her wonder in delight of his gentle soul.

Lord Vicar walked away from her as she sat close to the fireplace rubbing her hands together to keep her hands warm from the cold manner that lingered. She looked down seeing the ring that Charles have given her ; it sparkled & shimmered in the light of fire.

"Nicole your room is ready sorry for? the wait. I was having a little argument with Percy's Assistant sir eur or whatever that mans name is. He makes me sick for reason's I don't need to explain, excuse me sorry for my temper. I have hard a time trying to control my humanity not acting like a savage." lord Vicar eyes were gentle but his facial features said something complete different giving off a angry tone in his voice.

Nicole smiled as she gets up from the floor following lord Vicar to her room. The castle was getting colder as they headed to the top floor of the castle. She shivered trying not show him that she was cold, sadly that was a fail. He stopped taking off his jacket placing it on his shoulder as she thanked him.

"Why is it so cold in your home Lord Vicar?"

"Well....It's actually the temperature I prefer to be in but I'll change it once you get in your room and make yourself comfortable. "

She noticed light bags under his eyes as she see's him stagger walking her to her room.

"Lord Vicar are you-"

He stopped, turning around placing his index finger on her lips. She was very much startled by his sudden action. Why did he suddenly shush her.

" I have insomnia so there are days when I can't sleep. I'm trapped by the darkness that consumes my body. Don't worry I'll make sure to keep that beast that lingers in me under control. You saw it once before I nearly killed you dear but Charles stopped in me time. Don't worry about me please...just yourself..."

Lord Vicar looked down as he gr

ways wanted to hurt her for that she didn't know why. She overheard The Lords of the kingdom discussing the matter as Nicole hears her name making her the center of the discussion.

"Nicole's family is the most powerful hunters alive today. She don't know about her family but maybe they can help us out if the war if that ever comes down to it. However they'll kill every last one of us in the process even the werewolves. They want us extinct from the world, we just gotta convince them that we aren't bad people..."

Nicole eyes grew wide, this was all very brand new to her. So her family are hunters that hunt mystical creatures such as vampires & werewolves. Suddenly the door opened as she looked to see Percy giving her a cold look as he excused himself from the meeting as he forcefully grabbed her wrist slamming her against the wall.

"What doing out of your bed child...are you that curious to know about your family history. Yes people are trying to kill you but were going to try our best to prevent that. Your rather important at the moment...."

Percy lets go of her wrist hiding his blush from her as she rubs her head. Lord Vicar walked out the room as he sees Nicole an Percy as he walk up to them.

"Nicole may you go back to your room its not a good time to be out..."

"I'll take her to her room just head back inside..."

" If you lay a finger on her again I shall rip out your heart...goodnight you two..."

Lord Vicar slowly walked away as Percy grabbed Nicole's hand forcefully pulling her back to her room unleashing hell.

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