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   Chapter 25 A trip to the theater

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The night was cold and chilly yet very sweet. The wind blew lightly giving Nicole goosebumps under her skin. Charles rubbed her hands together giving her some warmth.

"Sorry that we have to wait like this in the cold darling." Charles takes off his jacket as he places it over her shoulders. Nicole gave him a worried; she takes of her scarf placed it grounded her neck.

"Thank you your jacket so I shall return the favor to you." Nicole said at him as she smiled at him giving a kiss in the cheek. They was a hour early to the theater so Nicole wouldn't have to worry finding a seat. Leading Charles to wait until the theater opened for him an herself to go in.

"Nicole do you remember my warning I told you about?" Charles said as he gripped her waist gently.

"About the Court correct?"

"Indeed my love, you will have to keep on the low when your around's dangerous for any vampire to be around a human. Lord Vicar was with a mortal at the time he considered a friend noah. Lord Vicar isn't the type to just get alone with everyone but he was resemblance of his mother so people worshiped him as their king. Until one day the Court came to the cloud kingdom and? killed mortals who was with vampires or I could say had relationships with them. Sadly Lord Vicar lost his friend that same day; he told me about keeping humans with no contact with Vampires when they are around us purebloods. I want you to know this only for your safety, you will have to pretend as if you don't know me when the court gets here. I might treat you differently so please don't think lightly of it."

Nicole in nodded slowly at his words as the theater doors open letting them both in. She became frightened by the courts power towards all the kingdom's keeping vampires/humans on the look out for them. Why did the court despise humans an vampires being with eachother ; is it such a sin?

Charles lets go of her waist as she was told that he had to get ready for the play he so desires to play. Nicole walked into the theater seating area seeing lots on humans and vampires among themselves, she found this quite entertaining. They are all able to Co-exist with eachother.

Nicole sat in the balcony so she could see Charles in action. Though she dislike him being in character for such amount of time. Was it

of fun once the show ends..."Charles gave her a peak on the cheek as she vanished.

Nicole touched her lips her feeling a? slight bruise on the corner of her mouth seeing Charles eyes filled with lust and desire piercing her soul as if she almost craved it. She managed to snap out of his lustful stare and of course get back to watching the play which she so wanted to see since Charles invited her.

Nicole continued to watch the play it was rather fascinating she thought to herself. Though she wanted to see more of him perform that was sadly the last scene of his character. Nicole couldn't help but clap. Charles appeared to her next sitting down as a maid stood beside him fanning his sweaty body. Nicole covered her face slightly letting her cheeks grow red from Charles appearance. His shirt was button down exposing his toned body with his dark red eyes watching from above the balcony.

He suddenly grabbed her chair placing it right next to him.

"Sorry if I look like a mess dear, backstage is at the moment so I wanted to cool down with you."

"Oh okay Charles I understand. I like being with you so I don't really have a problem with being with you. I feel I thank you for giving me such a wonderful life." Nicole smiled at him as he blushed slightly at her reply to him. Charles placed his hand on her thigh slightly rubbing it with his thumb.

Charles & Nicole enjoyed the time that they spent together, wanting it to be forever but forever isn't something that the court will see through.

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