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   Chapter 12 A Friends Betrayal

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Jasper walked into the palace as Charles screamed his name leaving everyone in the building with wondering eyes.

"You dare kiss her!? Why? I told you she was mine from the beginning. Learn to listen Jasper if this happens again I will put you in the dungeon myself. " Charles said leaving hate in his raspy voice. Jasper shook his head as he puts his hands on his waist.

"I believe you was using her as a pawn from the start Prince Charles, she needs support at the moment you aren't really showing her that to her. I know your depressed after she left why not visit her from time to time." Jasper pat his shoulder walking away.

The king Chancellor and queen Anna discussed their game plan for who would take the next throne after they're time is up.

"If we let Percy on the throne he'll make everyone a slave along with his queen. What do you think Anna?" king chancellor spoke in a tired some voice.

"Well dear, Percy and Charles don't know that they secretly have a on the way brother. My love I can't wait to tell Charles about the happy news."she rubs her stomach." I looked through family tree and noticed a life long of family name's that sparked my interest. I believe Charles and Jasper would make a perfect king. They can still take a throne without a queen. I do believe that Charles would make a better king at this time. "

King Chancellor nodded in agreement as he dips his pen in the ink ready to sign the document along with his wife. Suddenly Lord chancellor gasp as he felt a sharp pain in his chest looking down to see a knife struck directly in his heart. He weakly leaned over to his wife giving her a kiss on the cheek referring to the kiss as a goodbye ; he turned into ash leaving nothing but his clothes. Anna started to cry as she clenched his clothing tightly. Monster dare take her lover away from her, her eyes grew red as her nails sharpen to pointy claws.

The mysterious cloaked figure charged at Queen Anna as she stood up holding her fist determined to fight. Back in the medieval days she was a strong warrior that fought for her people and wars when things didn't up pretty with the wolves and humans.

The dark figure tries to stab her as she dodged giving it a upper cut as she felt pain in her stomach. She looked down to see a sword pierced through her body as she fell on the floor playing dead. The two figures snickered as one of them pull's out the sword walking over to the documents changing the wording saying "Percy shall now have the power to the throne." one of the dark figures uses dark black magic to sign king and queen name. Once the two figures were finished with their dirty work they descended on the floor like ghost.

Anna stood up holding her stomach as she walked out her room holding the wall for support as she stumbles on the floor. Jasper ran to queen Anna an looked up at Jasper holding his hand tightly. "Jasper I want take care of Charles. I wanted one more child take his place after, but I guess that won't happen. Thank you for your service, I bid to farewell Jasper..." she spoke weakly closing her eyes with a smile on her face as she turned into ash.

Later that evening Charles arrived home from a ball smelling the air as if its been tainted with evil. He glanced over to see Jasper holding two vases which made Charles ever so curious.

"What's the mea

ning of this Jasper?" Charles said taking his mask off.

"Prince Charles I must inform you that your mother and father have passed away.I was with you mother until she took her final breath. Percy will take over the kingdom now, I'm sorry...." Jasper walked away holding his head high as remorse was shown his face. Charles fell to the floor covering his face as he started to scream in anger. He can't believe that things could take a turn a in the worst in one day.

Charles walked up to his room closing the door as he started to throw things around in his room. Beds sheets damaged and tattered, papers ripped in half. He didn't care about being king anymore, he just needed a support system to cope with his tragic lost. Charles stood up slowly ripping his shirt showing his abs and tone body as he stumbled out the balcony heading to Nicole's home.

Nicole started to prepare herself dinner as she heard a violent slam in the door as she turned to see Charles standing beside. Nicole immediately back away as he took a step towardss her. His eyes were dark red leaving his hair shuffled and messy. He raked through his hair as he aggressively grabbed her wrist making her wince in pain as he pulls her up stairs into her room.

He throws her on the bed as he gets on top of pending her arm above head with his hand. Licking her neck making her body shiver, running his fangs up and down her neck. He needed blood more than ever, he starved himself on the brink of death not having enough human blood in his system.

"Forgive me Nicole...." he said as he sticked his fangs into her skin as she bares the pain. He started to take more and more of her blood making her grow a pale. Once he was finished drinking her blood he pulled back to see her limp. He assumed that he drinks to much of her blood, Charles removed himself on top of her as he gets up leaving her bedroom.

Nicole awaken to see herself tucked in her bed with a needle in her arm and a bag of blood on an IV stand. Charles walked out her bathroom preparing her bath as he looked up at with blood dripping from him mouth. Nicole looked away at him seeing the pretty view out the window as she felt a heavy ; seeing Charles lay on her bed looking at her with empathy in his eyes. He wanted to do so many things with her he felt like a monster after taking so much blood from her body.

"I just want you for myself Nicole, don't let any men touch you but me. When I heard that Jasper kissed you it made me want to kill him but deep down inside I couldn't because he is a friend that has been with me for Centuries. He brought the blood bag for you including the IV, Jasper wanted to make sure that you was comfortable after you woke. What a good friend he is." he spoke leaving his voice to trail off...

Nicole pats his head giving him smile. She could only imagine what Charles went through, to see so much change around him during time. She did feel a little guilty foe kissing Jasper but Jasper is a kind hearted soul that took care of others then himself. For Charles he does what he thinks is best for the kingdom.

Charles gave her hug cuddling her body as he puts his head on the pillow. "We lost so much Nicole, we need each other more than ever through this time. I need you." Charles felt a bloody tear leave his eye as she holds him tightly letting his tears fall.

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