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   Chapter 10 Percy's return

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Percy gave a powerful entrance.

"I'm home!" he spoke leaving everyone tremble in his presence.

Percy has white hair and light blue eyes similar to his little brother Charles. Charles ran down the palace stairs in shock to see Percy flinging around with women. He been gone nearly for a decade what is doing here now.

Nicole slowly walked to the maids and servant as the bowed at Percy. Everyone feared Percy as much as they feared Prince Charles. Percy glanced over at Nicole's direction leaving a grin on his face.

Charles stood infront of Nicole giving Percy a mencing look.

"Now now Charles, I just came over to see my little brother and parents I love deeply. I see you brought a nice snack. Can I have bite or maybe a nibble." Charles hissed at him as Jasper shook his head at Charles approaching Prince Percy.

Jasper gave Percy loads of paper work making Percy groan as he took them caring it up to his office. Jasper wasn't afraid of Percy anymore he got use to his terrible attitude. It didn't stop Jasper from getting work done in the lilth kingdom. Charles grabbed Nicole's hand making her go upstairs as the both needed to get ready for school.

Once they got dress they had breakfast and Nicole headed to school. Nicole was falling behind on classes making her anxious weither she was going to be able to make up classwork.

She headed to school with wondering eyes as people gossiped and spread rumors about Nicole making her depression even worst. She tries her best not to hide the pain that developed in her soul. On the outside she seem so pure and happu but on the inside she could see herself crying almost everyday. Bullying is a problem that some people have to face, theirs go away over time hers didn't. Kiki and her gossip girls were the talk of town city. Everywhere she went it seemed like everyone loved her, she was easily a prize to be won.

Nicole walked into a small room that contained a few instruments to her liking. feeling tired and unusually hungry. Until a girl bummed into her knocking her music's all over the ground.

"Watch the fuck where your going girl."

Nicole looked down as she started to cry, everything is just a big blur. Things weren't perfect at home. It made her self-conscience to call herself beautiful. Why does everyone tend to hate on her for no apparent reason so they could get the last laugh.

" Fuck it all....Fuck it all..!!" she gripped her hand tightly at the music sheets as students stared at her wondering what the commotion was about.

Mr.Sodders her music teacher asked her to get out the classroom. Nicole walked out the class room roaming through halls for at least a good three minutes. She looked down at her pain killers that was prescribed to her mother opening the bottle taking a hand full and shoving it her mouth. Nicole didn't care what happened to her, dead or alive she couldn't deal with this agony everyday. It's like being trapped in the cage hearing all the others birds chirp and explore the world. As she suffered being the cage alone an miserable till death shall Reach her very soul. " Let me explore the world too...." she cried out as the bell ringed leaving her to go to her next class werw Charles was going to be observing the small class agai

n once again to see what we humans mostly study.

Nicole walked into the classroom not realizing she had a presentation on pollution. She sits next to Charles as her head starts to become groggy. Class had begun to start, Nicole stumbled up to the board ready to do her presentation. Charles noticed that she wasn't herself.

"Okay Nicole start your presentation" Mrs.Luis said in a sweet voice as she handed her the project.

Nicole started to wobble as she spoke in a unclear tone. " cars by...buning feuwls and-" Nicole's body such down as she fell face first into the ground. Everyone panicked as Charles ran to her as Nicole closed her eyes.

Nicole woke up in the hospital as Charles sat by her side pretending to sleep until he noticed that she was awake. She started to tear up as she looked down at herself. Jasper walked into the room along with Percy as they both carried flowers in their hand.

"Ah so this is the human that tried to take her own life, must I say I show much pity for you. I mean Charles what do u see in this pathetic girl. Find someone with at least class, you don't want trashy girl taking our family name. This hospital is incredibly small is it own by the poor people, I'm sure they wouldn't allow someone of such race to have better care. " Percy grips the flowers tightly making it wilt in his hands. Jasper snatched the flowers from Percy's hands giving him a cold stare.

"Prince Percy for heaven sakes she just woke up, let her relax and cope with things at the moment. Its rude of u to say such things out if that mouth of yours." Jasper spat walking up to Nicole handing her a set of brand new flowers.

Nicole smelled the roses with a pleased smile on her face as she glance over to Charles seeing him give her a anger stare. She quickly looked down at the roses. Maybe she went a little to far, she should have told her friends her personal problems instead of hiding them. Percy left the room along with Jasper. It was completely silent for a couple of minutes. Charles continued to stare at Nicole thinking of the right words to say trying his best not to hurt the poor girls feelings. His legs was crossed as he looked at the window an back at her.

"Don't you ever scare me like that had me sick, worried, crying. Men such as myself don't cry unless they have a reason too. It brings me much pain to see you in agony. I will make sure to protect you please believe me this time. My ring I gave to you wear it everyday it will keep you safe besides myself. I shall take your burden. Your such a stupid girl."

Charles clenched his fist tightly holding back tears. Nicole grabbed his hand holding it tightly. She knew she had to be strong, her family members hasn't visit her yet. Wondering if they was busy; she didn't think much about it.

Charles planted a kiss on her neck where be bit her at leaving her blushing as he smirked at her giving her a little unsettling feeling.

When Nicole is around Charles and Jasper she feels much safer in there care. She had a iffy relationship with Charles but as for Jasper that was "homie" she like to say.

Nicole felt a smile on her face form as tears streamed down her face making her feel happy for the first time in her life.

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