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   Chapter 9 Charles Past

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Updated: 2019-06-04 22:09

Nicole woke to see her body looking incredibly thin for the past 2-3 days.

"How are u feeling Nicole? Your finally back to your normal self I see." he said pouring her grape fruit tea.

"Thank you Jasper. I don't remember anything, it was just dark and peaceful" she took a tip of the tea as it glossies on her taste buds leaving her satisfy.

"Must I say the smaller you was rather cute. Charles treated you like the princess. When we saw you lying on the floor bleeding? he got very upset... Lucky u didn't see the angry side of him. I forgot to tell u about the Princes past. My apologies Nicole, u were just as sweet as can be in your little small form everyone wanted to eat up you. In a goodway." he chuckled.

Cleared his voice as he began to speak to her in a serious tone. "It's short but I think you'll have to talk the rest with prince Charles."

"This was back in the 1500's Prince Charles and his family has been around for more then 5 centuries and longer. Charles was.... A violent person. He still is to this day. The only reason why he acts that way is because his grandparents were murdered by werewolves. The love of his life before u died by them as well. As for myself I was close to being killed but Charles saved me, turning me into a vampire. Before he met me I heard he was a sweet gentle man with a passionate heart for adventure. He never killed anyone besides his older brother Percy. Percy is the type of man that gets what he wants when he wants it. Besides he banged everyone in the kingdom. You can call him "hoe" or "slut" like they use now. Once his parents find rest, Percy will take over and that's a bad sign. Percy doesn't have the sense that god gave him I swear....that's why we need Charles to take over he will get things done as King and you will be his Queen right beside him for eteenity. Other than that I can't go any further m

as she opens her eyes seeing everyone around. Her wounds seem to heal perfectly.

"You silly girl, you haven't been wearing the ring I gave you that's why unfortunate events happen to you. I won't always be there to assist in you when u need me.You'll be back to normal in a matter of mins my blood doesn't last that long in your body."

Charles spoke with annoyance in his voice, sometimes he gets a little annoyed when he has to rush to her knowing she can wear the ring. It protects her from everything even the pure bloods likes Charles himself.

"I'm sorry to make u worry prince Charles...." she looked away crying. Everything seemed to be her fault ; she hated making people worry especially over the small things. Charles kisses her cheek trying to take it slow with her. "Just call me Charles milady...I will beside all night and day if I have too.."? Charles swiftly picked her up as he places her into the covers tucking her in as he lays? on top of the covers next to her reading his book silently.

Percy glanced over at the window noticing his fool of a brother? laying next to a mortal.

He spat in disgust as he walks in the palace after being gone for several thousands of years he finally comes back ready to take the throne.

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