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   Chapter 8 Tea Party

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Nicole opened her eyes weakly as she heard people around crying? and round back and forth into the door. She touched her head feeling bandages around it leaving it tremendously sore.

"Don't touch your head at the moment little one, we just finished bandaging it. I didn't know if you was ever going to wake up again." he looked away trying his best to not cry. Charles was no where insight, she wondered where he went.

Charles placed lady Caroline to the lowest part of the palace. She was horrified by what she seen, there people clinging for the light. Rotting corpse out stacked? on top of each other. People who plead to be set free from this torture that the prince set for them.

Lady Caroline almost gagged at the sight when she was thrown into a cell. The cell was dark as day there was a small window giving the cell a bit of light. The cell bars was rusty leaving a crispy like details on the bars. " will tell me how to break this curse Caroline. If you don't tell me I get to rip each part of limbs off starting with your arms and legs then that disgusting head of yours."

Charles rolled up his sleeves as he ties his hair up. After him getting so anger at the sight of Nicole's body laying lifeless in Jaspers arm his hair grew longer ending up at his thigh mid-way. Caroline gulped as she started to sweat wondering what her game plan should be.

"You have to kiss her on the lips once that's how you break the spell from what the witch told me. Now will you let me go I got a ball to attend to." she said as Stood?up patting the dust off her dress. If Charles let her leave she might risk hurting other people. He couldn't let his chances slip by.

"You have to tell your people you won't be able to make it dear Caroline...."

She tries to run away as he aggressively grabbed her neck slamming her to the ground as he stomps her head several times pleading him to stop. He wanted to make sure she felt the same pain that Nicole felt.

He snapped his fingers as the demon dogs gathered around her as she scotched back to the wall. The dogs ripped the skin off her flesh leaving her screaming agony pleading for help. Ripping the tissue for her muscles and into the organs they went. He watch the scene take place as he laughed as if it music in his ears seeing people scream in pain.

Charles walked away leaving Caroline's dead corpse in the cell. Nicole tries to get out of bed only to fall to the ground. "Ouch" Jasper picked her immediately and took her into his arms as she lays her head on his shoulders. Jasper put her down on her wheel chair as he noticed the time for her tea party to be starting in the next couple of hours. Charles walked into his room preparing himself a bath as he unties his hair letting his locks blow into the wind.

"A kiss she say...sounds like something from beauty and the beast. Letting the beast kisses the beauty." he smiled a little at his thought as he walks in the bathroom.

The maids ended up helping Nicole get ready for her tea party, the maids did there best to make her look absolute besides the Prince of Lilth Kingdom.

Once the maids were finished with dressing up Nicole they couldn't help but take pictures of her cuteness. Nicole's gown was big and puffy with purple and pink colors as the base of the dress. Sadly they had to find a hat to cover her head because they didn't? want to see her bandage but her beauty. The small toddler was going to out beat everyone at the tea party no doubt about it.

Charles managed to get himself ready for the tea party wearing a nice suit in the same colors as Nicole's dress. He wanted to make sure she felt special on a special day. He knocked on the door coming inside seeing her limp over tours him, he softly hugged her giving kisses on both sides of her cheek.

"We both have same colors!! I'm so excited; thank you for everything Charles. I am grateful."

Charles gave a small smile as he takes the wheel chair from the maids strolling it down to the garden.

Little girls in the poofy dresses laughed and talked each other heads off as Nicole and Charles came in. Everyone stopped and stared at Nicole with glares that made then wanna gag looking at her appearance. Nicole looked at her hands playing with them as Charles stood infront of Nicole giving the girls at the party a

freighting look.

"You will respect her, do you understand me you little spoil brats. We can have tea party without you, I'm just being nice to she can have company. Learn your place an be nice to one other especially my darling Nicole."

The girls ended up apologized formally, Charles strolled Nicole up to the girls as some try to sneak a whisper about her in their friends ears as Jasper claps? his hands an cleared his throat giving the girls a serious look.

"Remember what Prince Charles said be nice I would hate to throw you out for being so talkative"

The girls modded quickly not trying to get kicked out of the tea party which they loved dearly.

One of girls name Victoria walked up Nicole and Charles as they talked away about what her favorite flower? in the garden. Victoria bowed down at Nicole giving her a smile.

"Hello Nicole my name is Victoria? Frankenstin!" Nicole looked up at her giving her a slight smile. Though she was a? little nervous about meeting people.

Charles whispered in her ears "I'll leave u two alone for the moment, once she leaves I will come and get you dear Nicole." he touched her cheek as he stood up walking to Jasper.

Victoria and Nicole ended up talking for a couple mins as they were intrupped by three girls Dorothy, Luna and Peppa.

"Why does Prince Charles have to like you so much? What makes u so special than the rest of us." Dorothy said leaving a pout in her voice as Luna and Peppa agreed with her. Charles looked over to see Nicole in distress as he starts walking towards? the girls as Victoria stood up coming to Nicole's aid. Charles stopped as he watched? Victoria in action.

"I think the reason why she is so special to him because she is very nice and is grateful for everything that Prince Charles has done? for her. I mean you guys are spoiled even myself. I don't think Prince Charles would want ladies like that in the future. You saw what he did to lady Caroline back in the dinning Hall scary stuff. I think its best if u stop hating and realize you can't always get your way no matter how hard you try" Victoria spoke bravely with a smile on face.

Dorothy pushed Victoria? as Nicole manage to stroll herself to her. Giving Victoria? a soft cushion on her lap.

Charles speed ran to grabbing Dorothy's? hand leading her to the exit? as Jasper grabbed along Peppa an Luna wrist following Charles. He can't stand kids who are disobedient and act like they can't get punished.

The girls cried and plead to get back inside Charles ignored the girls as he walks up Nicole and Victoria.

Victoria bowed as she waved her a goodbye. Nicole hoped she gets to see her again.

"Don't fret u will see her again. I'll arrange playing dates for u both."

Nicole nodded at the idea as she slowly gets up from her wheel chair. "I heard there will be food" her stomach growled lowly as Charles started to laugh assisting her to the many savory pastries and candy to her hearts continent.

Once the Tea party was finished everyone went home as Nicole and Charles sat on the balcony watching the moon take over the night. The sound of insects chipping away in the distance.

"Did u enjoy yourself today Lady Nicole" he said taking a sip of red wine.

"Very much I did Charles thank you for today!" Nicole sat on his lap as she said looked at the view it made her cry a little.

"I know I have to go away...I'ma miss spending wonderful times with you and all been so kind to thank you... I'm going to go say goodbye to Jasper" Charles looked at her with a painful expression on his face he knew this was the only way to get Nicole back to her teenage self. Nicole removes herself from Charles arms as she ran outside his room looking for Jasper, she saw him walking towards her noticing her running to him as he opened his arms wide for her. Nicole leaped into his arms letting Jasper hold her tightly.

"Jasper can you be the one to break this spell off of me?"

Jasper's eyes widened.

"Why little one"

"Your very special to me Jasper"

Jasper nodded "Don't ever forget me Princess" he touched her cheek?he kissed her lips once as smoke appeared all over body as she returned back to her normal self. She was asleep in his arms. A Tear came down his cheek as he smiled at Nicole welcoming her back into world.

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