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   Chapter 7 Lady Caroline

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Updated: 2019-06-04 22:06

Charles violently ripped vampires head in anger as he drank the blood only to spit it out.

He was going around asking men and women about witches and if they seen any in town. If he didn't like the answer he rips out a part of their limp, mostly their head because it seemed to bring him joy seeing a decapitated body lying in his presence. People in the kingdom knew he was a mad man when it came to people he cared about.

His parents would tell him to stop with the killings but it only makes him want to kill more people. Charles isn't a bad person deep down inside, he was just going through hard times that reflects his past and present. Therefore he carries much stress on his shoulders, though he is a prince that still has things to do. Signing documents, going to balls/events, giving people punishment, attending council meetings once a month. When queens and kings don't agree with something that usually means that its war.

As long as Nicole didn't see his bloody work there isn't a problem. People who knew Charles, Knew he was crazy his people wasn't afraid to tell him that as he knew he was sick in the head "literally". Even Charles family said that he was messed up in the head, he goes back to his normal self when he gets enough blood in his system. Its like a personality disorder one minute your sweet and caring the next your violent to others people in your surroundings.

It didn't stop him from achieving his goal, he was going to find a way to break this spell and set Nicole free from her deep slumber. All he see now is a cute shorter version of her having the heart, mind, an soul of a toddler. He was thinking about throwing her a tea party for the little kids in the garden, he smiled to himself as he looked down at his watch realizing it was midnight he ends up walking back home.

Once he got home he headed up the stairs to see if Nicole was okay. He opens the door to see her talking to Jasper. "Welcome back Charles, Nicole wanted to give u a special gift. Isn't that right Nicole?" Jasper looked at her with a sweet smile placing a flower behind his ear.

Nicole blushed deeply as she nodded. She gets up from out of her bed walking over to Charles with something behind her back he kneels to her. "Close your eye Charles! It's a surprised! " she said with excitement as he closed his eyes reaching his hands tow

from her head. Nicole looked at the ring as she thought to herself " I thought this was suppose to keep me safe...why did you lie to me Charles.." eventually she closed her eyes letting the blood seep from her head due to a fracture skull.

Charles looked over to the crowd of people starring at him scared of what he might do them. Tears of blood dripped down his face as he's eyes turned red. Claws began to form on his fingers. His hair turned white as Snow. People didn't know when he gets really upset, his true self comes out.

" I will strip you from your make you all work for me as my peasants." he said but he wasn't finished yet. "You people have no shame a guest is a guest yet you treated her like a slave, My dogs will never be hungry when I put you in my cells as their dinner. I'll my parents to seek to your punishment. Better yet you should be burned your behavior. Everyone else can leave but you will stay." Charles was finished letting out his emotions, the people in the dining area left as quickly as the can giving him sincere apologies that Charles could care less for. Lady Caroline left out a gasp as Charles pulled her hair making her scream in pain.

" I'm assuming she won't be able to attend the tea party we set up for her." Jasper said with pain in his voice as he looked down at Nicole as he wrapped her head around with a towel.

Charles could only look away at the scene that is being taken place as his tears streamed down his face. Making him tighten his grip on her hair as he walks away as she follows behind him.

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