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   Chapter 6 Transformation

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Nicole couldn't sleep, too much was on her mind about what happened just a minute ago. A knock was heard as Charles opened the door wearing his night clothes.

"I see your still awake, whatever is on your mind? you can vent if you like." he said as he sat on her bed as she lays back down. "What happened back there? You was very upset, once I saw your eyes turned back to there regular color. Is it my doing that your so upset?" Nicole hugged the pillow tightly in her arms anxious at what he was going to say.

Charles leaned over to her? laying body as he kissed her deeply placing? his hand on her thigh rubbing it making her push him off of her. "Charles us taking it slow remember!?" he nodded in agreement as he sat up from his position.

" I couldn't control apologies. No I'm not mad at you, just something's didn't see go my way. Surprisingly vampires and werewolves are starting to team up to come against me. Anyways? I am a spoiled boy that gets what he wants. Im still hoping to grab that hearts of yours so you can be mine already." Nicole couldn't help but blush at his comment.

" I wish you a goodnight" he spoke kissing her forehead as the lights flikcker making him disappear.

Nicole touched her forehead with a smile as she thought about Charles kiss.

She shook her only to think of him as friend, could she see herself with him as more than just a friend? Nicole shook the bell as Jasper knocked on the door letting himself in. " what do you need miss Nicole." he said walking up to her.

"A nice hot bath" she spoke in a weak voice as a sign that she was getting a little tired. Jasper clapped his snap his finger as the maids appeared getting her bath ready with a solid night down for her to wear to bed.

"Enjoy your bathing Nicole the maids will help you with everything so just relax for now." Jasper bowed walking out the room.

The maids helped her out of bed they removed her clothes as they put her in the tub. " what type of music would you like to listen lady Nicole" one of the maids said as she started to rub Nicole's back with soap. "hmm jazz music, it relaxes me. "

Nicole pictured herself dancing with soul snd fire singing to her hearts content. Nicole was a big fan when it came? to jazz music, though she didn't understand what they were saying but it gave her a good feeling inside.

"Excellent choice lady Nicole." the two maids brought out a record player as

having a little trouble reading big words. Charles walked pass her room hearing herself read. He knocked on the door and opened wondering why she was still up.

"Charles I'm having a hard time reading" she said making her want to tear up again. Charles let a sigh as he walks up to towards her bed sitting in a chair right next to her reading a fairy tale book "beauty and the beast."

Couple of mins later Nicole fell asleep holding her teddy bear as Charles kissed her forehead leaving her room silently.

Nicole woke up in the middle of night in as her arm was in pain. She looked up at the seal seeing it turned red as she screamed Charles name crying for the pain to stop. Charles ran in her room along with jasper as the they did their best to calm her down. Nicole suddenly passed out as Charles looked at her with worry as his eyes turn bloody red. Hearing her scream in pain made his blood boil, who would cause her so much pain especially since she is a little girl.

"Jasper stay in the room with her, I don't care if it's all day we need to keep her safe. Make sure the seal doesn't cause hee any pain. For me I'm going to go around town and integrate people." he spoke in serious tone.

"Charles... I'm scared.." Nicole started to cry as she holds her teddy bear tightly in arms making Jasper pet her head calming her down. Charles knelled in front of her grabbing her hand kissing it tenderly as he puts his ring on her finger. "this shall keep you safe dear Nicole, I wore it for a thousand years now I give it to you." he said as stood up heading to door as Nicole looked down at the?ring kissing it.

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