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   Chapter 5 Injury

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Nicole yawn as she opened her eye lids. Charles ended up leaving her by herself at home. She didn't know where her brother or mother went. Its been days that she haven't seen them.

She started to get worried so she called Charles to see if he seen them anywhere but he didn't answer, maybe he was busy. She put herself on the wheel chair as she strolled through her room looking for her diary. Nicole saw a dark figure pass her as she turned around. "What was that?" she shrugged it off and continued looking for her diary.

Until the dark figure grabbed her neck throws her against the room. Making her injury worst as she hits the wall falling to the ground coughing.

" You ruined my plan should've died yesterday. I'm surprised your still alive! Sorry not sorry, die where you stand " he pulls out a gun as he points it towards her head she closed her eyes waiting for him to pull the trigger.

Nothing happened, she opened her eyes to see him lying on the floor bleeding and screaming until she heard a snap leaving him limp. Charles slowly walked up to her bending down touching her face ever so carefully.

"Your always late to save me Charles..." she spoke as she started to cough violently. "I know I'm always late, I'll make it up to you deal?" he said as he puts her back on the wheel chair. "Deal..." she spoke softly as she coughed again. Jasper took the wheelchair from Charles as he drags the body outside her room turning it into ash.

"There's nothing for you to worry about little lady we'll keep you safe" jasper spoke as he carried her down stairs as Charles followed right behind them holding her wheel chair.

"Do u still have trouble standing Nicole?" Jasper said in a serious tone making her gulp. "We can try and see " Jasper set her down on the floor as Charles extended his hands to her only a few feet way. Nicole started to walk feeling a little wobbly as Jasper followed behind her making sure she didn't fall due to her back injury. Nicole reached to grab his hand as she suddenly falls making Charles and Jasper catch her.

"You did a good job Nicole..." he said as he puts her back in the wheelchair. " let your body heal, I know it must be hard walking but take your time don't rush yourself. I'll let you use something that'll help you walk. Do you want crutches or do you want your wheelchair. " he said in a sweet caring voice. "I rather have a wheel chair! I'm too lazy to be walking around in crutches. " Nicole started to wheel herself over to her family dining area.

Jasper and Charles followed behind her as she looked through her mail to see her new limited edition book One the sunny side ; she read this book since her 4th grade year in elementary school and its still her favorite book till this day.

"Ready to go back to the palace Nicole? " Jasper said as he took the book from her. Nicole nodded as she strolled herself to the door as she heard a knock making her question either she wanted to open it or not. "I got it" Charles said as he opened the door seeing rouge Vampires at her door making her jump a little.

Charles combed his hair with hand as he rips the vampires heart out turning it into complete ash. Charles isn't your typical vampire, he had skills when it came to fighting but lacked empathy for women. Jasper covered Nicole's eyes as he yelled at Charles. "There is a young lady in the room! Remember that sir!" Charles looked at him with red bloody eyes

as he licked his finger making the rouge vampires run away in fear.

" Take Nicole to my palace...I'm not finished with these so called rouge vampires!" Charles expression changed to a more violent type of person who didn't want let go of his prey; he ran like the speed of lighting as Jasper uncovered Nicole's eyes swiftly took her to carriave to avoid seeing the ash on the floor.

Once they gotten themselves in, Nicole started to ask him question whether he knew about Charles past or not. Jasper looked at her an back to the road as he stated "A Past with a Troubling Time " she looked at him as she thought of her troubling past.

"Do not worry Nicole I Will tell you once we get back to the palace. For now just relax and enjoy the ride." he smiled at her that made things around her chill. Nicole thought of Jasper as a caring person. Could this be her future prize one day? Jasper couldn't help but laugh at her thought. She completely forgot that vampires could read her mind!! " Maybe one day I could be yours little lady Steal your heart away from Charles an on to me. You can be happy without him. I am rather jealous." Jasper smiled at her as they made their destination to the palace.

Once they got inside the palace maids whispered at each other and snickering her name. Jasper clapped his hands " Get to work, have you forgotten I can read your mind leave ms.Nicole alone. Her name shouldn't even be in your mouths. I shall report this to the King and queen!" his left eye began to turn red as he started into the maids soul. Nicole tugged on his sleeve as a sign that she was ready to go. Jasper composed himself as he fixed his jacket bowing at the maids before heading up to the elevator to a empty room made just for Nicole. Jasper had enough sense to commit a sinkn front of the girl though behind his flaw is something dangerous or very much forbidden for a human; for a vampire it was a everyday task maybe to him.

Nicole room was right next to Charles making it a easy access for him to come in whatever he pleased. Jasper put Nicole on the bed as she rolled around all over the covers, she felt like it was a dream come true mostly a fantasy.

" Just let me know if you need anything Nicole just ring this bell and the maids will assist you to whatever you need." He puts the bell right next to her bed as he bowed wishing her a good night as he closed the door. Nicole took her book from the night stand and started reading as she slowly fell asleep in a happy dream.

Few hours later she waken to the sound of glass shattering and stuff being thrown next door. Nicole heard Charles screaming at Jasper demanding the where abouts of the rouge vampires and rouge wolves teaming up. It was odd for species such as them to convey with stinky wolves.

Nicole got on her wheel chair and strolled over to the Charles room knocking lightly on the door. Charles violently ripped the door off the hinges starring deeply into Nicole's eyes as his eyes turned back to normal.Charles walked away from Nicole as Jasper walk towards her patting her head as he followed behind Charles. Jasper than said "sorry to wake you Nicole go back to sleep if you can, Prince Charles is rather upset with something that have happened. Goodnight Ms.Nicole" before she was able to say anything Jasper speed ran to catch up with Charles.

"What was that all about?" Nicole ended it up going to bed leaving so many questions unanswered.

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