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   Chapter 4 Rush

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Nicole woke up from her deep slumber. She realize this wasn't her bed that was sleeping. It was a luxury bed. Nicole couldn't help but slightly pull the covers back away from her body to see multiple of bandages wrap around here chest and legs even on her head.

"I see your awake now Nicole" Jasper came in with fresh clothes for Nicole to change into; seeing three maids behind him.

"These maids will help u change your bandages and clothing, if you are wondering where Charles is then he is in the dining room waiting for you." he said with a smile that would light up the entire room.

"For now you will get dressed" Jasper said as he handed the maid her clothes.

"Thank you Jasper." Nicole weakly got up from the bed as the maids walked to her bowing.

Once the maids was finished with there task, one of the maids strolled Nicole to the dining room as another maid assisted on helping her up from the wheel chair as she sat infront of Charles looking away.

"You aren't going to say thank you." he looked up her as he sipped a bit of wine.

"Yes thank you so much Prince Charles...I'm thankful!" Nicole said with a childish voice that made Charles get slightly upset at her tone.

"Do you truly think I am insane Nicole. I am willing to start over for you. Isn't that what u wanted" Charles poured more glass of wine in his bottle.

" yes I did say we can start over as friends, like I said you was moving to fast for me!? I know about your little past!! I"m not going I be bet victim in your case to fling at! The way you humiliated me yesterday was un-called for why didn't you let me die!!!" Nicole started to tear up as her emotions got the best of her.

Jasper did his best to calm down Nicole wiping her tears away with a tissue as he pat her back telling her to "stay strong." Charles got up from his chair walking over to Nicole kneeling aproaching to her as she begin to cry more covering her face as memories of her past poured into her mind. Jasper looked Charles with a saddened face, he hated seeing her cry. Such a pretty girl doesn't deserve to cry but to be happy.

"What shall we do prince Charles " he said rubbing her back trying to make her comfortable the best way possible.

"Let me handle this Jasper you can leave us" Jasper bowed as he left the dining room wishing him a sign of good luck.

Charles got up from his position and stood inbetween her legs removing her hands away from her face. " you must stop this crying...crying doesn't get you anywhere, just relax nothing bad is going to happen to you I will keep u safe is that clear? I want to say I'm sorry to have humiliated you like that " Nicole nodded slowly as charles helped her eat her food. Once she was finished eating Charles carried her bridal style to the balcony as the city view was breath taking at night.

"Wow the view is gorgeous!" Charles got closer to the edge of the balcony. Nicole looked at him frighten. Jasper ran into the dining room with the guards as he finally realized that wasn't actually Prince Charles but a imposter that broke into the manner.

"Now u must fall to your death..." he let go of her as started screaming. Jasper screamed out her name as she thought to herself "if this is how im going to die then im glad...I dont have to suffer anymore." she closed her eyes ; then in a spilt second stopped she stopped falling as Charles held her in fear of what soon was going to be her death. He seemed badly bruised as if he was in the middle of a war. Charles ended up having to fight a couple of pure blood vampires during his counsel meeting.

"Sorry I couldn't get to you had to fall for a im

poster. When will u learn dear..." Charles flew to his room were Nicole was sleeping at. She looked over in his direction as she realized his wounds was completely healed. Once they got into his room he gently laid her down on the bed as he took over his shirt.

"C-Charles what happened to us taking things slow!!" She looked at him blushing deeply at his muscular body.

"Hmmm oh I'm just changing my shirt there was lots of blood on it so why not. I can take away your virginity if you like." he gave her wink as looked away from him. She wondered we she was going to return home, it was more of pondering thought to ne honest. "You will be going home tomorrow as of now ylu are spending the night in my home just to make sure that your safe. " he laid next to her as he falls asleep. Nicole couldn't help but gently touch his peachy cheeks that made her blush.

The next morning they went to school going to home room as Nicole was once again in a wheel chair being strolled around by the prince himself. Girls looked at her and talked about her only to make herself worry if they girls was going to tease or haze due to her time being spent with Prince Charles.

Charles whispered in hear ear " These girls are jeleous, they want the same treatment I'm giving you, but it will never happen. I'll help in your classes just say the word and I will tutor you my dear. "

Nicole looked at him with a smile on her face knowing the fact that classes was going to be struggle for her this year. She knew about her learning disability; the struggle she go through to maintain her grades.

Charles gave her a genuine smiled as he entered her classroom to help her with work that made things complicated to her but easy for some other people.

He lightly motioned her hand with his as he guided her to write simple cursive that she learn in elementary.

The teacher wasn't able to say anything to Charles he kept giving Mr.Paterson an the rest of the teachers death glares along with the rest of the class. " your doing great Nicole, Im sure you will pass the cursive test. A little help doesn't hurt yes." Nicole nodded as he smiles at her joyfully giving her a highfive.

Charles ended up strolling Nicole to her classes ; each one he assisted her with. Once class was finished he ended up taking her home. Charles looked up a bit some files in his carriage about the theif and what the according record was. A rouge vampire appears in the files they didn't belong to anyone continuing to disorganized themselves.

Charles couldn't help but give a devilish smile as his eyes turn red. He ripped the paper to shards in anger as Nicole watched in fear. He realized she was watching her as he controlled his breathing as he got out the carriage hitting a tree leaving a dint on it. He went back inside the carriage leaving the ripped up files on the ground.

"Are you okay Charles " Nicole looked at him with a worried face.

"I'm fine I had to let out a bit of self of esteem like you say." he said winking at her.

Charles arived at her home as he gets out the carriage and pulls out the wheel chair letting her sit down and strolled her to the door as she opens it. He ends up carrying her up the stairs and on her bed as she thanked him.

"Lets talk for a little bit, is that okay?" Nicole sat her self up patting her bed wanting him to sit with her. "Sure what ever you want Nicole, I'm here." he smiled at as he Ended up siting next to her as they both talked normally.

After two hours of talking she put her head on his shoulder as he put his head on hers leaving a kiss on head as he starred to read his book "The Great Gastby."

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