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   Chapter 3 Prince of Lilth Kingdom

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Nicole woke up in her room as if it was almost a dream of what happen back at the resturant. She must say the food was good. Though she wasn't able to finish it.

It seemed more of a high class resturant than your typical resturant you would eat at. This one was special. She looked over her shoulder to Charles reading a book in her chair. Nicole immediately got up from her bed.

"Charles what are u doing here!? My mom is going to kill me! What if she thinks I'm sleeping with pretty boy!!" Nicole started to pace around room. Charles grabbed Nicole? hand gently putting her on his lap as he closed his book. He gently touched her face as he worked his way down to her curvy body an hips.

" Don't worry, I told your mother I was friend of yours there is nothing you need to worry about at this moment. " she tries to get up from his lap but he tighten his grip on her like snake killing his prey.

"Charles?" she looked at him as his eyes turned red right in front of her.

" Nicole...I'm very thirsty...please let me have a taste of your bite..that is all.. one lick of your blood will satisfy me" she looked at him seeing the agony in his eyes.

Nicole was to kind to resist his offer, she tilted her head back he licked her neck sinking his teeth into her flesh making her hiss at the pain. He took a once of her blood leaving two red dots on her neck.

"Forgive me Nicole it was out of character to ask u for your sweet blood..." all he could do was smile at her blood showing on his teeth.

Nicole yanked herself from out of his grip knowing to herself that she been bitten by a vampire. " its rather alright...I was just surprised..I mean we only met for one day Charles, don't you think were moving to fast?"

I don't know if this guy is crazy but he's crazy no doubt about.

" I am a prince u fool, u will respect me... I would've killed you instantly....but I am able to control myself..I shall have your blood and of course yourself wether you? like it or not." his eyes turn bloody red at her thought.

That's when he crossed the line. "Please leave Charles....I can only see you as a stranger...we literally just met!? That was more like a date then two friends hanging out with eachother yesterday....we could have start out as friends then worked our way up, but your moving to fast for me. I don't like being talked that way, even if u are a prince you should respect me just as much as I respect you." she could only say this in a calm voice trying not to be aggressive or forceful either.

Charles breathed in and out with his eyes close knowing what he has done, he felt sad about his actions, he just couldn't see himself loosing her knowing the fact she was special to him.

She ask herself why is she special to him. Charles seemed to like girls that was themselves wasn't afraid to take the risk. The girls mostly at school are those who focused on education and a better life. Anything was the last thing on their minds. Charles looked through Nicole memories of when she was young. She is a innocent soul their was just a few problems with her that was all too it.

"I'm sorry...I came at you rude, I"m moving to fast to your liking I'll take it slow with you. Don't get jeleous if I end up talking to another girl. I might replace you for one of them. Since you know what I am I advise you to keep it a secret or I will kill you... " with that he was gone in a instant.

Nicole returned back to bed as she started writing in diary letting out her emotion through writing. She didn't understand what really excited his attention on her. It felt as if he was going to use her especially since he was a random prince from somewhere. It made it hard to trust him, she hopes to not be his victim along with other girls that he might've messed with the past.

The next day Nicole attempted to go to school after a little heated argument with Charles made her doubt that he wanted to speak to her again. Nicole held back her tears and was ready for the new day to began.

Once Nicole came to school, she went to her homeroom only to notice Charles talking to another girl. Her eyes widened as the girl he was speaking to was her bully Kiki back in primary school. Nicole wasn't fond of those days, those were the days when she didn't even want to go to school because the bullying was that mad. People turned there backs against her during her darkest days. Friends turned against and took kiki side for whatever reasons which remain unknown.

Nicole only sat further away from Charles. Some people were snakes he was one them. She started to write in her diary letting out another self of steam moment to herself. Charles was filled and sourrounded girls and boys so it was better to keep he distance.

"Whatcha writing girly?" Nicole looked up to see one of her best friend David. They went way back since middle school years. Nicole couldn't help but give him a big hug.

Charles couldn't help but get? annoyed at the sight of another boy messing with what claimed to be his, Nicole wasn't a object but a persom. A person with a good heart as they say.

Her friend David was more of so a goofy type of person that was always willing to hang out with her. It made her want to tear u a bit because it been so long since she last saw him.

"Good morning Nicole" Charles walked to them as David whispered in her ear making her laugh as he walked away.

"Good morning Charles" she said as she sat back down to continue writing diary. He forcefully grabbed from her diary, she stood up and tries to grab it from him only to be knocked down by Kiki. Charles looked down at her hand writing sloppy and messy he thought to himself.

"Dear class mates may I have your attention! I just want to expose this girl for well I don't know things in her well youth...."

The students in the classroomed stared at Charles even praising him like some sort of anti Christ.

"Dear Diary Charles is so hot!! Hopefully I got the courage to ta-" Charles was rudely interrupted by David as he snatched the book out of Charles hands giving it back to Nicole. What kind of boy makes a fool out her when he doesn't even go to the school.

"Here Nicole why don't you go out the classroom for a couple of minutes to freshen up a little bit." David smiled at her as she tried her best not to cry by those who laughed and giggled around them. She wanted to do one thing before she left that classroom. David was truly a friend to have indeed so she thought it was the only best to say what was on her mind before she left the classroom satisf


This guy was a lair...lets admit it, he was only using her for her blood and whatever else he might want from her. She knew it all to well she wanted to cry. Its all she could ever do at this moment. Nicole slightly turned her head to see Charles flirting with Kiki even playing with her dreadful hair extensions.

Nicole walked up to Charles giving him a forceful slap across the face everyone gasped at her action. Charles eyes widened as he did his best not to anything drastic to her? that could ruin his reputation. His eyes looked down a upon her in a glare his eyes began to change in a mixture of red and blue.

"Lets not talk for a couple of days;I find you more of bully then a friend!!! I hate guys who act all that an expect a special someone their lives. Dirtiest person of them all and to think you were different from the others....Have fun with Kiki you jerk. " Nicole walked away from him turning back to look at her class mates and back at Kiki.

"Ooo I get to have the most attractive boy in school! Yay me!" Kiki shouted seductively as Charles pushed her away forefully. Another person ruining her life once again, she walked out the classroom feeling hopeless. Tears streamed down her red tinted cheeks, her vision became unclear and blurry? as she acidentally bumped into a person.

"I'm sorry!? Please excuse me!?" she began to walk away as she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see boy about the same height as her with pretty light purple eyes and short blonde hair that covered his eye. He was muscular height of 6'5 a tall beautiful boy that was standing right next to her.

"Why is a little lady like u crying out here by yourself? Shouldn't you be in homeroom with your peers." He tilted his head slightly waiting for her reply.

"Well...I ran out the classroom, two people were very mean to me to think people like that deserve such treat from one another. My best friend saved me from being well half way humiliated from everyone. I was going to freshen up in the bathroom. I'm a emotional wreck." she laughed at herself. The boy tighten his grip on her shoulder as she looked up at him seeing a sad expression form on his face.

"I'll walk you half way if you like, no women deserves to cry. Your to pretty for that, I actually came here looking for a boy but I guess I found him apparently." he looked her at cheerfully.

"Hmm I don't know its hard to trust new people at this school I learned my lesson." she looked down at her feet thinking about Charles actions.

"Well you can trust me, I'm not one of those guys who tries to get a girl doing whatever he wants with her. It's not right, as a man he needs to really love the women he cares about? and respect her, meaning to give her space that is needed; than to rather take things slow. Not to rush a girl into a relationship. Isn't that right prince Charles?" Nicole turned her head to see Charles standing right beside her. Why didn't she notice he was there?

"You are right Jasper, I must admit I am the jerk in this situation. I forgot this isn't like the old days. Girls flaunting there bueaty to me. " he looked at Nicole and back to Jasper.

"Well sir I came to inform you about paper work that needs to be sign back in lilth kingdom. I advise you to do that right away. I will take this lovely lady to the bathroom so she can freshen up. Is that alright sir." Jasper gently grabbed Nicoles hand.

"Do as you please...." he vanished into the thin air.

"I must say u really are mature Jasper. " she looked down at her hand and gently pushed his hand away. He tucks his hand in his pocket.

"Of course I'm mature, me and Charles are the same age but I'm the one making sure he gets things done at home and at school. I must admit he is going to fast to start a relationship with you. I mean he barely knows u but he act's like he does. Its more of a game to him... It somewhat sickens? me to see how he fiddles with girls emotions right off the bat. Back in the day he could care less about starting a relationship with girls, its either he wanted to have sex with them or he just wanted to take the life out of them by draining their blood from there body."

Jasper was honest as he spoke about his prince past. He needed to set things straight with her before the prince ends up damaging her heart.

"I didn't think he is bad as you say he is...but thank you for making things clear with me. He started off really nice to me but it ended up with him snatching my diary away from my hands reading it to the class" Nicole looked down as her depression started all over again.

Jasper gave her a slight hug "now now, there is nothing for you to worry about he is changing bit by bit please give the prince more time. He is usually a gentle person with a heart for one person. I must say that special someone is you at the moment ;Time will tell if he really loves you or not. Now off to ladies room u go." he lets go of her as he disappears instantly.

Nicole walked to the bathroom and ended up continueing her day at school. Once she got home it ways to quiet off her liking, not to mention that her mother was at work and RJ was playing basketball ball with his friends.

Nicole headed straight to her room as she opened her door she found a theif in her room throwing around her stuff. She threw her bookbag on the floor and ran down stairs until she felt a sharp pain in her back. She looked down to see that she been shot in the back more than three times. Nicole came tumbling down the stairs as the thief pulled? a knife from his pocket putting it in the palm of his hand.

"Please don't do this I beg of you " she was too weak to move as she lost to much blood. Blood was all over stairs an floor as she started to shake. The Thief smirked as holds up the Knife.

She screamed in agony as he plunged the knife into stomach repeating this motion over and over again. Her vision starter to get blurry as she heard echos of voices. She wasn't able to make out what they were saying. Life was to short, she wanted to take each day at a time carefully. That's what he great grandmother always say to her.

Charles knelled down in front of Nicole to see her body badly bruised. She passed out as Charles gently picked her up and took her to his palace in lilth kingdom. As for the thief his head was ripped off from his body as Jasper begins to clean up the bloody scene acting as if nothing happened.

Jasper tossed theif's head to three demon dogs. The dogs ate his head in matter of seconds and went towards the decapitated body.

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