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   Chapter 2 Going on a date

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Once Nicole was finished with all her classes for the day she headed outside to walk the gate which was outside the school. Charles who she just met today. Knowing herself she was an anti-social person in class making a few decent friends along the way that understand her completely. One of her best friend Sarah goes to a different school; they were practically like a sister because they had the same last name (Johnson). Crazy right?

Nicole looked around wondering where he was making it hard to tell where Charles was at the moment since people began out passing her by

A white expensive Carriage stopped in front of her as she noticed it was Charles himself as he opened the door

"Hop on in, I'm going to take u to a special place I like going to all the time. You will enjoy it. Oh, don't worry I won't do anything that you don't like. We are just strangers, after all, I think this might be a good chance to know you." he said as his long black hair began flowing in the wind making him look even hotter than what he already was.

Nicole gets inside the carriage; it smelle brand new making her feel as if she was right at home reading a book and eating freshly baked cookies.

Charles couldn't help but stare at Nicole she looked breathtaking in his eyes only making him want her more; it was hard to not to lose interest in her currently. He was only interested in one person that was her; seeing through her personal thoughts he knew what was going on with her but she desperately tries to hide the fact that she was depressed and suicidal.

He needed to try his best to make sure that she was safe in his care for the take being, making sure she doesn't do anything that would prevent her from taking her own life.

He found this beautiful butterfly he would do whatever he can to save her from her troubles and that was a promise. The promises he makes can be broken and somehow restored with another.

Charles went on to a highway as he noticed that there was going to be a 20 min delay due to the workers doing half of the highway. Apparently fixing up a pot hole on the road. Which was a perfect time to get to know Nicole even better? It's weird for someone to randomly hang out with a stranger on the same day that met. Nicole trusted people too much leaving her heart broken when people betray her.

"Nicole tells me what do u like to do for fun" he looked at her waiting for a reply staring in her deeply into her dark brown eyes.

"Well, I like to hang out with family and friends. I even like playing lacrosse. Its rather forrbin for us to play those thkings people hate us. Some days I keep to myself too much gets involved in school...I will rather be alone then get hurt again..." she blushes to herself noticing the good times she had with everyone until she looked down at her arms. Charles looked at her arm to notice cuts up and down her?arm. He as the coachman to pull over immediately.

"Charles what's wrong- " Nicole was cut off as Charles puts his index finger to her lips making her look up at him with worry.

"Shhh Nicole you are a beautiful girl why would u harm yourself, you have every right to be happy. I might not know you well but it seems like your going through issues that cause you to do this to yourself. I'm not the one to judge you but things will get better." he spoke filled with concern and worry in his eyes.

Nicole looked down as tears began to run down her face. Charles hugged her tightly making her feel as if someone really cares about what she was going through in her personal life and daily struggle. To live in a world where u feel like you aren't accepted by family or friends. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself.

"I'm sorry...." she holds him tightly burying her head into his chest.

"No need to apologize, I'll be there to protect. Day and night my dear friend... Please let me bare your problems with you." he looked at her face as he blushed slightly at her reaction wanting to kiss right away, he knew he had to control himself especially in front of her.

"You still wanna go to the place I was telling you about?" he said looking at her with a smile. All she could is nod as Charles went back on the road.

Once they got to place it was enormous as if someone stacked two large building and making it into one. Nicole gasped once she saw the building. Charles couldn't help but stare at her he was happy to see her in the condition she was once he talked her about her situation. Charles opened her side of the door and Nicole climb out she felt his hands wrap around waist. Nicole looked up at Charles only to see him staring at her with his icy blue eyes and which could take someone's breath away. She started to squeal as she blushed madly.

"Your so adorable Nicole..." he kissed her head lightly like a feather. Nicole

wondered to herself if he was starting to have feelings for her, again they just met it wouldn't make sense for someone that following day to show her much affection it was rather creepy. Maybe it was because he was new to our school and didn't have friends; its very much weird to kiss someone's head like that.

"Charles, why did you kiss my head? I think you're taking this friendship to the next level."

"My apologies Nicole, you are just to my liking I can't help but stare at your beauty. Even the moment when I first saw you I found u breathtaking, I had finally gotten the courage to talk to you. Though it was a matter in minutes." he whispered in her ear making her almost faint at what was just being said to her. He tightens his grip around her waist making sure she doesn't fall or faint.

They sat at a table and looked at the menu. Nicole found all these amazing foods which water her mouth. "Thank you for taking me out today Charles I'm very blessed. I rarely go out anywhere so this a good feeling thank you." Charles couldn't smile at her as if she was saying that she was enjoying her time with him.

That is all he needed to make his life complete. He needs a princess but came across a human that suited his needs and wants. Charles already found his princess that was her. A waiter came to their table and asked what they would like to have. Charles is considered a prince in lilt kingdom following that he needs a mate to make himself become one of the lords.

Charles looked at Nicole "choose anything to your liking" Nicole told the waiter " I would like to have a hmmm how about chicken!?" she said with an exciting tone in her voice. Charles shook his head and said, "we'll both have a steak well done with a pop and water."

"Charles how did you know I was thinking of that such a thing. I really wanted some...nevermind" she said lying to his face looking at him surprised. Nicole was slightly upset about not being able to choose her own meal.

Charles gave her a devilish smile

" Nicole I'm going to tell you this, I am a special person with special things, the time will come when I tell you eventually. However, I don't think chicken suites you try something different for a change."

"Well...I guess trying something new wouldn't hurt I guess...."

The waiter arrived with their meal, once they got it she stuffed her face food. He started to laugh knowing the fact that she was very hungry. He noticed some food on her face but couldn't help reaching across the table and licking the food off the corner from her mouth ever so carefully. People in the restaurant looked at them. Nicole looked at him embarrassed as she ran out of the restaurant people started to laugh as she ran away.

Charles' eyes turn blood red as he screamed at the people " excuse me!!! Have some respect you arrogant fools. If you're really going to laugh at her then why don't you laugh at someone like me? You know very well I can kill all of you pathetic humans in a matter of seconds don't try me..." he breathed in and out as lost his temper controlling his composer. He puts the money on the table leaving a 25 cents on the table which most people would call something worth a fortune, as he walked away a random man said something under his breath.

Charles walked towards the man as he grabbed his arm and forcefully removed it away from his body as the man screamed in pain as people looked in horror. He squeezed the arm as blood poured into his mouth. The taste was bitter he spits of the blood out.

"Speak up so I can hear you clearly..." Charles laughed as the people around him covered their mouths in shocked at what just happened.

Some blood got on Charles' face he wiped it away as he walked out of the restaurant. He went inside the carriage seeing Nicole in the car covering her face as he drove off from the restaurant.

"I'm sorry for running out of the restaurant I was very embarrassed. I never thought you would do such a thing..." she looked down at her lap

"it's alright...I hated how the people in there laughed at you while u was running made me say things that filled me with joy to see the terror on there face, especially the man screaming in agony as he begged for mercy under my name...I just want to say I'm sorry about what happened back then I got carried away. I'm rushing into something I don't know what I truly am getting myself into with you; I truly like it." Charles started laughing as if he was going insane as his eyes started to change color.

Nicole starred at him in worry and fear. He stopped laughing and looked at her with his icy blue eyes " you have nothing to worry about dear, I won't do anything you don't like. I assure you can trust me"

"Your too kind Charles...but thank you." she slowly fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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