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   Chapter 0 prologue

Vampire Chronicles By Juanita Nicole Johnson Characters: 1941

Updated: 2019-06-04 21:45

The rain was bittersweet with gentle raindrops that hit the pavement the dawn was upon them. A frantic woman that ran for her life holding two small infants her arms wanting to protect and cherish them with all her being; her husband ran along with her being chased by groups of men that were sent to kill them.

They knew there love was forbidden but they didn't care they loved each other tremendously The Court of Elite Vampires was on the chase an ready to strike down the couple and their newborn kids. The man being a half breed and the women being a mere mortal was one of kind in many cases spreading throughout the world their story an intakes on life that they were granted with ; wanting to those couples that are just like them that it was okay to be with someone different as long as you don't hurt one another than it's fine.

Her husband grabbed her as the court was near; he knew she couldn't keep running forever only to have just given to their kid

s was already stressful enough upon her.

Rain pouring down harder than ever as the women held her children close to her body for some type of warmth from the cold.

He kissed her forehead along with his kids he nearly cried putting his darling wife in a situation in which they didn't care but it came with a price and the price was death. He eventually got away from the chasing men heading deep in forest living to see any other day.

To keep running was their only option at this point an for their kingdom which was lead to ruin; hiding deep in the forest realm was their safety.

"Will this be our new kingdom ?"

"Yes, Darling its for the best I need to keep you and our kids safe. They should never find us here for you is all I need. Lets be strong for our people."

"Of course darling"

The man smiled as he? walked deeper into the forest leaving not a single trace behind.

This is the story of two creatures falling I love with each other.

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