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   Chapter 13 Something In The Rain-Part VII

Half Hope, Half Love By lily97000 Characters: 6535

Updated: 2019-06-07 03:35

My eyebrows furrowed. "What're you saying? I told you I have nothing to say to you!"

"I can't let you walk around the street in these clothes. You have to come with me."

I looked at him as if he had gone insane. "I'm not going anywhere with you!"

"I'm not asking for your permission." He said, as he grabbed my arms and started to drag me with him, towards his car.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! I can take care of myself! You don't fucking need to look out-" I kicked on his knees. He staggered a bit and his grip on me loosened. I took it as a chance to run but he took hold of me from behind, lifting me up and wrapping his arms around me tightly.

"Don't touch me! Leave me alone! I don't want to stay one more minute with you!" I kicked him from behind, missing it altogether but when I kicked him again, I heard him wince in pain.

"What's fucking wrong with you?! Just stay still for-" I heard him say before he hissed in pain as I kicked him once again. "Keep these fucking legs to yourself, Scarlett, I swear I'm gonna-" I succeeded in freeing myself of his grip but when I attempted to run, my ankle twisted. I fell on the ground, like a peacock, as the furs of my dress got soaked in mud.

Now it was my turn to hiss in pain as my kneecaps got scratched deep and the blood started to flow from the fresh wound. I lifted my palm to see the trail of blood lining the white peeled skin and my fingers were shaking with the cold and injury.

"I told you to stay still! See what you got yourself into-" He came forward to help me out but I retracted myself away from him. "You're wounded-" He touched my knee, running his fingertips over the cut.

"Don't touch me! It's all because of you!" I said, tears welling up in my eyes, seeing the state I ended up into, in just a few hours.

"I just wanted to help you-"

"I don't need your help! Everything had been going wrong in my life since the day I met you! Now I know why I

e down.

"You never learn!" Angry, he pulled me around the corner, and backed me up against the wall harshly.

Again. It did hurt how he had been handling me this whole night. As if I wasn't any woman to begin all this.

As if I were just some thing. And It pained me to see how he handled other women with delicacy and care while he always treated me differently, always lowered me and ordered me around like a maid.

I knew this was my job but I needed to be respected as well. I couldn't keep on doing something which insulted me and my capabilities to live as a normal person in this mocking society where middle class persons would always be treated with contempt and disdain.

"I don't want to-" I said, pushing him away by chest, preventing him from getting closer to my body.

"I told you to shut up already!" He yelled at me with the intensity of his voice I never heard him utter before.

Before I knew, tears were starting to well up again in my eyes, producing stinging tension in my nose.

"I just don't want to be with you." I whispered, making him look at me.

"Why're you behaving like this-" His eyes softened at my words, and he put his left hand on my cheeks, stroking it lightly with his thumbpads.

"Because you've changed. A lot. I just don't like you anymore!"

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