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   Chapter 12 Something In The Rain-Part VI

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He didn't say anything for a while. Just continued to walk side by side with me. And I decided not to break this silence. I didn't even know why he came after me.

"You still didn't tell me your reasons."

"I was going to. But I chose not to."


"If you're worried about your new PA, I have kept the loads of profiles of experienced professional PAs who have trained in better environment for this service, with Mrs Rothy. You can have those profiles from her anytime you want and read them thoroughly to decide who you want to be your next P-"

"I asked you a question, Scarlett." He demanded.

I ignored him and continued with my advise. "And you know a very interesting thing. They can fight too. I mean they can use their fists. I used to be very sorry when you'd require to hire the bodyguard for your safety-"

"You're not answering the question!" He snapped at me, his temper suddenly rising, but I ignored him again, hoping he would do the same.

"-And I always wanted to protect the the powerful men. You know, like superwoman. It was my dream. To be the protector of the galaxy. It would've been cool if I could protect you as well-"

"I asked you the damn fucking question to answer!"

"I don't want to answer you!" I snapped at him.

"Why do you keep on going against everything I say?!" He cornered me against the wall, pressing my back against the cemented concerte.

"I just don't like to follow your orders everywhere! It makes me feel stuffed!"

"I wasn't ordering you-"

"You always do! Hazel, do this! Hazel, do that! Hazel, I want to do this for me! It's the last task I'm giving you! And guess what? It never happnes to be the last! It fucking never does! I'm fed up with you and your-"

"So that's why you're quitting your job?!"

"I don't want to answer you! Leave me alone!" I pushed him away from his chest, and started to walk faster. I could hear him coming after me and I increased my pace.

In normal shoes, I never doubted my legs but these heels were killing me already. I knew I'd be a limping mess the moment I reach my apartment.

Now I just wanted to go home, remove these wet clothes, take a hot shower, make a hot coffee, drink it and watch some romantic comedy drama all night until I fell asleep.

I could feel him coming closer to me, behind me and I started to run faster in the rain, wiping the tears from my eyes.

My chest was paining and my heart was twisting uncontrablly in my ribcage. It was getting harder for me to breathe by each passing second.

I felt him grab my back, sliding his arms around my waist. He pressed himself further against my back, and I could feel his hear

y lips. Once again, I removed them from me.

"Don't touch me! You wanted to hear reasons why I'm leaving you, I'm telling you everything I had been meaning to write as one of the potential reasons in that official letter as to why I'm quitting! You invited it yourself-"

"I don't want to hear you insult me, stating your petty reasons-"

"If these reasons are petty, then you must think very highly of yourself, Mr Evercrest!"

"Don't try to outsmart me-"

"I have more than enough reasons to make you realize how much of a petty stubborn shit in the name of a son you have been to your family-"

"I don't need to hear you speak about my family! You don't hold any rights-"

"I don't need those fucking rights to drill some sense onto you! Besides, if you still think you hold any authority over me then listen to it properly!" I tiptoed on my heels, and put my lips above his ear. "I'm leaving this job. I'm leaving my position as a PA in your company. I'm not your servant anymore. You can't order me around anymore. Because I'm leaving you."

His fingers curled into fists, hearing my words. I felt him close his eyes before suddenly he hit the wall behind me, making me jump on my spot and I placed my arms on his shoulder in impulse. "I said fucking shut up! When will you ever learn to listen to my words properly?!"

Removing my arms, I leaned against the wall. "I think you didn't listen to me properly. I hate you. I don't care what you say." I said, making myself clear.

But when I attempted to walk past him, he put his arms on either side of me again, walking closer to me until there was no way for me to escape from him.

"What're you doing?" I asked him, as he didn't say anything but continued to corner me.

"You're not going anywhere."

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