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   Chapter 10 Something In The Rain-Part IV

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"You really don't realize what influence I have on you? Or on your future, right?" He asked, glaring at me, his voice laced with controlled rage while he took one step towards me.

I took one step back, glaring back at him. "You think I care about my future after I had been living like a servant for a person like you for eight years?!"

"You talk about respecting the person in heirarchy and power and yet you don't respect your own boss?!" He said, taking another step towards me and for a second, I flinched seeing his eyes darkening with burning rage but I continued on anyway, taking two steps back from him.

"You don't need to be respected to feel as a boss, Heath." I said, eyeing him warily as his gaze flickered down my face, to my half-exposed heaving chest, lingering there for longer than I expected. His tempting gaze then shifted to my bare thighs and legs, leaving a trail of tingle down my burning core, making me feel hot and uncomfortable under his intense stare.

"You talk about being treated as a woman when the state you are in right now, makes me think you'd suit to be treated as someone employed to give pleasure instead."

He called me a prostitute. A slut!

I grinded my teeth in frustration. "You know what?! Thanks for reminding me you were my boss and you hold key to my future and blah blah blah..." I took two steps towards him and stood erect facing him, my eyes reflecting rage and determination. "'Cause then I wouldn't have realized how much I actually hate men like you."

"Men like me?"

"Yes. Men like you! Men who pretend to be strong and dominant only over someone they know are actually employed under them and they never leave a single opportunity, or rather I dare say, a day, to bully and assault them-"

"Assault?! When-"

"But when a real power c

oked at him as if he had gone insane. "I'm not going anywhere with you." I made myself clear. "And if you're worried I'll embarass you and your feelings in front of Kiara, I assure you, I won't talk to her ever again."

"Why wouldn't you talk to Kiara? Isn't she your sister? Are you doing it for me?"

I sighed loudly. "All this time, I had been doing things for you, Heath. Many things." I looked at him. "Now I want to stop."

"Why?" He looked at me in confusion.

"I just don't think it's good for both of us." I pulled my index finger out of his grasp. "And yes, one more thing." Placing my hands under my purse, I searched it throughly before pulling out a light yellow envelope with his company seal, which became wet the moment I pulled it out, and placed it on his hand.

He turned it back and forth to look what it was but the rain was making it almost impossible for him to comprehend it.

"What is it?" He said, eyeing the envelope.

I took a deep breath, praying for some miracle to stop my tears from spilling out in front of him. I had been humiliated enough already. I didn't want to be treated as a frail servant by him anymore. "My resignation letter."

To be continued...

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