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   Chapter 8 Something In The Rain-Part II

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Updated: 2019-06-04 18:13

"Heath." She called his name and I could hear it faintly soft from where I was standing. Immediately, I increased my pace, my feet landing on the puddle of mud in haste, before I stood beside Heath, eyeing Kiara.

"Heath." She called him again and I tilted my head to see Heath looking at anywhere but her.

Kiara took one step towards him and he took one step away from her, hitting my shoulder in the process, to now stand in front of me, his back facing me.

"I..." Kiara started to say something but stopped when she saw him glaring at her.

"I don't have anything to say to you." He said, before striding past her in haste, bumping her shoulder harshly in the process. I could see him walking, more like running in the street, as the rain above us once again started to increase in intensity.

Kiara didn't turn around to see him walking away. She didn't look broken like he was. She didn't look hopeless like he had been seeing her like that.

Making out someone else.

In the day of his own bachelor party.

That moment I knew she never loved him the way he loved her. She only showed him what he wanted to see. She only loved him, uh, pretended to love him, because she couldn't refuse him from the start.

My heart ached for his broken heart, and I closed my eyes to calm my raging nerves. How much hurt he'd have been to see her with someone else in front of his own eyes?

Kiara didn't do the right thing. She should've told him the truth from the beginning. She should never have kept both of them in blind.

I directed my gaze from the blurring figure of Heath in the rain towards Kiara only to blanch back in disgust to see her lips swollen red from her heated make out. Her dishevelled clothing, crumpled top and slightly more raised skirt, didn't do much justice to her promiscuous deeds.

"Hazel, I-"

"Please don't. You know what you've done. Show some guilt for God's sake!"

Her eyes welled up in tears and she put her hand on her mouth to stifle a sob. "I... I am sorry. I really am. I...should... shouldn't have done that. I really..." Then she started to sob on me and I couldn't help but feel helpless to see her like that.

She was my sister. If not blood-related, she was my best friend. She always shared everything with me. No matter how dirty her encounter with any stranger was, she never spared any details from me.

I couldn't understand how she could lie to me this time. What her desperate reasons could be for her to betray Heath and me like that? I trusted her so much. I thought she would make him happy.

Moreover, if she was the perosn Heath fell in love with, I was

long time ago?"

"I know. I did wrong. I'm sorry, Hazel." Then she raised her hand and slipped the diamond ring out of her finger and carefully placed it on my hands, closing my palm. "Please keep it with yourself and return it to him-"

"No, Kiara. I can't do that. He's already broken beyond recovery from seeing you two in such state. I don't think I'd be able to hurt him by-"

"A relationship born out of other's misery doesn't flourish for long, Hazel. Our marriage wasn't acceptable to his family from the start. It wouldn't have progressed much if our parents and elders weren't happy with it-"

"But still, you should do it yourself."

"I don't love Heath. I never did, Hazel. I love Kevin. It's my first time feeling love so I didn't want to let go of it anytime soon." Kevin smiled at Kiara and squeezed their interwined fingers.

"I don't want to let go of Kevin. I want to be him with the rest of my life. Not with Heath. I don't deserve to be with a man like him. He was far too good for me anyway. And you know what kind of a woman I am. A cheater. A liar. A betrayer. And I always will be. So I guess I don't deserve this ring either."

I shut my eyes tightly and felt tears threatening to spill. I closed my palm containing the ring on it and put it in on my chest, breathing heavily. Just then, I felt someone grab my wrist roughly.

Looking upward, I saw Heath standing in front of me, breathing heavily. His head was down, staring at my hands while he clutched my wrists tightly, firmly.

I thought he was gone already! I looked at him, trying to search his eyes, which were hidden by his bangs. But when he lifted his head and looked at me himself, my own lips formed "O" in shock.

Oh my God. He heard everything.

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