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   Chapter 7 Something In The Rain-Part I

Half Hope, Half Love By lily97000 Characters: 12731

Updated: 2019-06-04 18:11

One and a half year later...

The laughter died down my throat the moment I saw them around the dark alley, pressed tightly against each other.

Aghast, I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to look at him in anxiousness as the heavy thunder mixed with the low roaring of unshed clouds reverberated in the background like the ringing storm of destruction ready to swallow everything coming in between.

He was standing still in his place, smile long gone from his handsome features. Instead, his face contorted into the unsual look of disgust, streaks of moisture dripping from his forehead down the chin.

He looked angry, hopeless, lost, deserted, betrayed and appalled, looking at them kissing the life out of each other.

"Heath" I called out his name, my heart beating rapidly in my ribcage.

He gave me a side glance, raising his left hand to stop me in my place which I did while he turned back to glare at the loving couple, his eyes intensifying with burning rage by each passing minute.

Thick and heavy drops of rain drenched both of us to the core, cold breeze fanning my face making me bit my lips in stiffness. I wrapped my arms around myself from cold and took two steps towards him in caution and put my free hand on his shoulder.

He didn't flinch, instead his unwavering gaze continued boring holes into the girl he loved with the soul of his heart, the woman he wanted to spend his whole life with, hell he even decided the names of the children they would have together, two daughters and one son.

The woman he was so happy to have as his lover and his fiance and the woman he was willing to fight against the whole whole world for.

She was his first and last love. He'd be her last, though not her first, she told him, and he believed her.

"Heath" I shook him a little, making him turn to look at me and when he did, I didn't believe my eyes. He looked fazed. He was hurt and it was so evident in his eyes. I knew it was the rain but I also knew his heart was crying.

If not his eyes.

He refused to look at me and removed my hand from his shoulder, pressing his lips in thin line.

"I think we should go." I wanted him to get out of this situation anyhow. If he stayed any longer, I didn't know what he would end up doing.

I glared at her, busy devouring some other man's lips, after making the lamest excuse ever to escape out of her duties. The audacity of that girl to make out in front of her fiance!

I'd tear out those lips of hers and stick it on my bathroom floor as a carpet and wipe my wet toes over them everyday!

My own fingers balled in fists listening to her loud moan and Heath turned his back on them, standing hopeless in rain. Our shoulders were touching but he was facing in opposite direction.

His face was down, wet bangs covering his eyes. He didn't make any attempt to move and I couldn't contain my anger any longer.

I had to stop her. I had to. There wasn't any other way around.

"That girl is gonna get it from me!" I hissed and marched on their direction only to be pulled back to my place, my eyes widening in surprise to see Heath holding my wrist.

He shook his head. "Don't."

"But-" I looked at his fingers clutching my wrist firmly, on place.

"It's not her fault."

I raised eyebrow at him. "How the fuck it's not her-"

"It's my fault."

"Heath." I whispered, my heart burning in my chest. "Please don't say it like that."

He shook his head again. "Yes, Hazel, it's my fault. I didn't love her enough to stay with me for her whole life."

"How is that-" I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and looked at him. "You've gona mad, Heath. It's not your fault she's with someone else. She didn't love you enough from the start. She didn't even love you to begin all this. You were the only one cour

rete wall, of some anonymous old broken factory, goosebumps arising on my cold skin just as he pressed himself against me, his hands keeping me trapped against himself and the wall.

I could feel his rapid heartbeat from under his wet shirt pressed against my own drenched cloth-clad chest. My dress became transparent in rain a long time ago, the red lacy bra peeking from the corners of the lace sleeves of my party-dress.

My legs were paining from being in heels for a long time, toes curling inside in discomfort. His left leg was in between my thighs, pressing there uncomfortably, his grip becoming firm on me.

I felt his eyes boring holes on my exposed skin, tingling sensation reaching the pit of my stomach. I shifted in discomfort to feel his intense burning gaze on my heaving chest.

We both were panting heavily from our argument, our mouths close to each other, just some mere inches separating our lips. He put his free hand on the wall to support both of us while he nuzzled my neck, taking heavy breaths.

His breath made me feel hot and uncomfortable and I cursed myself for feeling aroused in that situation.

"You better keep your mouth shut for awhile." Hearing his voice, I turned my head slightly to look sidewise at him. "Otherwise I'll do something we'll both regret."

He lifted his hand from the wall and from around my arms, leaving me altogether, leaning against the wall while he stood in front of me. "And I don't want to regret doing something anymore. I've always regretted doing everything in my life."

For some reason, I felt sympathy for him. I knew what moments in his life he was talking about. I knew that he hated himself for hurting people around him more than anything.

And I also knew he couldn't help but do the same thing again. And again.

"That's because you do everything you need to, but like always, you do nothing you want to. You don't speak. You don't communicate. That's not how people will understand you, Heath. You'll have to make them understand what you want."

He didn't say anything in response. Instead, he left me and made his way towards the car. When I approached him, running slightly due to his fast pace, drops of rain fell slantly on my face and I put my hand on my face in reflex to prevent the raindrops from reaching my face.

But I stopped in my place to see him stopping all of a sudden in the middle of the street. Rain fell in soundly small shower around both of us as my eyes widened to see who it was standing in front of him.


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