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   Chapter 30 Are you there

The gentleman's trap By MiraHarlson Characters: 5622

Updated: 2019-06-20 19:00

I woke up feeling so weak and exhausted. No matter how I stretched and yawned the feeling of exhaustion did not dissipate.

I honestly did not know what exactly was making me so tired. If it was because of the crazy sex I had last night or because I slept for so long It was unthinkable for me.

I looked at the wall clock and gasped. It was past 10 already. What have I been doing asleep and why didn't Sid wake me up. I thought angrily.

I was almost freaking out that my daughter would miss school When I remembered that it was a Saturday.

This also reminded me of the fact that I had to change her school if I ever wanted to have peace of mind_ because as long as Cletus knows where she schooled he won't stop until he takes her from me.

There was a tray on the bed side table containing breakfast, I felt so surprised yet happy that

Breakfast was already set for me. There was a note under the tray which was decorated with love signs and all.

I picked it up and smiled as I opened it to read the message in it. It didn't take rocket science to figure out that it was Sid who had left the message for me since he figured that he won't be around when I woke up.

The note read, Good morning Mira. I didn't know what to say or write but I wanted to do one of these so desperately_ I thought it easier to write. Waking up with you in my arms would count as the best thing to have ever happened to me in my life and I cannot thank you enough for bringing joy and peace to me. Thank you so much for everything, thank you for being my Miracle.

I read the note over and over with a smile plastered on my face. When I had almost memorized each wordings of the note I

As easy pizzy as it sounded it was not so easy.

Cletus had a way of affecting me even without saying a thing. Him merely breathing sometimes made me lose control and caused me to sink into depression. I couldn't tell if it was because I still loved him or because he owned me.

Pushing Cletus our of my mind I put the phone on my ears and waited for the person on the other line to speak.

"Hello am I speaking to Mrs Miracle Chidera?" It was the voice of a woman. She sounded really professional. I immediately wondered what the call was about.

"Yes, you are." I answered immediately. For some reasons unknown to me I subconsciously became nervous when I heard her voice.

My heart started beating rapidly against my chest in a way that spoke volumes. I could smell trouble. I felt it in my bones that something had gone really wrong.

"Your husband Mr Cletus Chidera was rushed in to the hospital this morning. He is currently undergoing an operation and it is important that as his next of kin you sign the papers necessary to carry out the operation." She paused. "Are you still there Mrs Miracle."

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