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   Chapter 6 Leave him

The gentleman's trap By MiraHarlson Characters: 5644

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"Who said the beautiful ones are not yet Born eh? Not when I am seeing one in front of me right now." Gozie teased.

"Turn around for me baby girl, show me what your mother gave you. Their father!" she shouted excitedly. She held my hands while I reluctantly turned around just to make her smile. "Girl I'm turned on let's go fuck, " she joked.

I laughed half heartedly, " Ewwww! Free me jor, girl I'm in no mood for your jokes, I'm a married woman now remember." I said flaunting my ring finger on her face. She sighed and sat down, her mood suddenly became sour.

"Please do not remind me of that tragedy." She hissed.

I stifled my laughter while shaking my head. Ignoring the couch I sat down on her rug because it was so fluffy, just like the one I used to have before I married Cletus.

I took a fluffy pillow from the sofa while I watched bemused as she ran to the bar to get us something to drink.

"Juice for me please, " I shouted.

"As always. Anyway what's been going on with your marriage and Cletus?" she asked, after taking what she needed from the bar and the fridge.

She got back to the sofa with a pack of juice and glass in one hand and a wine filled glass in another hand. She sat down and watched me inquisitively.

While she poured the juice in a glass cup for me she took a sip of her wine.

I took a sip of my juice too and swallowed hard. "I love this." I moaned out.

She looked at me with the I-asked-you-a-question-look-dont-dare-pretend-you-did not-hear-me

"Everything is fine Cletus has changed he is now the perfect husband." I lied. I took a sip of my juice again and buried my head in the glass so as to avoid her doubtful gaze.


that trash. If there is any principality then He is the principality and power. Have you not given enough for him eh? have you not?.You left your family for him, friends, job. You have given your life even your body for him yet he doesn't appreciate it. Who is the principality now? who is the devil.? Answer me Miracle, who is?" She hissed.

She was making a point but I was too blinded by my love for Cletus to realise it. I wasn't being a Christian l was being stupid. I was sure that even God in heaven would be ashamed of me. He didn't create me to be trampled upon but here I was being trampled upon By a man.

God would want me to fight for myself but here I was fighting against myself. How can he help me when I can't even help myself.

After everything Gozie said I could not help but see reasons with her. She was a friend indeed. We hugged and bid each other good bye with her begging me to put into consideration all she had advised me. I told her that I was going to, but that I wasn't promising anything.

I did feel that being single she lacked the basic understanding of what it meant to be married.

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