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   Chapter 5 Daddy is a monster

The gentleman's trap By MiraHarlson Characters: 2493

Updated: 2019-06-04 16:52

"What is wrong with the food Cletus? what?" I asked almost at the brink of tears.

My nose was beginning to gather fluid while I looked at him. Shocked at the way he spoke to Ezinne.

"So now you are challenging me is that it? And you are also teaching my daughter how to challenge me too?"

"I'm not challenging you my husband. I just want to know what is wrong with the food so that I won't repeat the same mistake next time."

"Oh so you want to know what is wrong with the food abi? You will soon know. Now come over here, now!" He ordered.

I remained seated, afraid of what he would do. "Please I'm sorry." I sobbed silently.

"I said come over here now or are you deaf?" He screamed, startling me. I jumped up from my seat and walked slowly to him.

I could hear Ezinne crying behind me and I wanted so much to hug her but I could not.

"Was this meat warmed properly before you used it?" He asked.

Before I could reply he took the plate of stew and poured it all on my face and shirt, spat on me afterwards. "You and your food disgust me." He growled and pushed me aside.

I immediately closed my eyes to prevent the stew sipping in.

The hotness of the food made me wail out loud.

I could hear Ezinne stand up

from the chair. Opening one eye a little, I saw her hit him continuously on his waist whilst crying. "Daddy why, " she kept saying as she sobbed.

He hissed and pushed her away gently. "Get out I have no time for this gang up between you and your mother." he yelled. With that he walked away and slammed the door behind him.

I closed the eye immediately then I ran to the kitchen to wash my face. I put my face in the sink and cried as the water from the running tap hit my face.

I washed my face with soap continuously until my eyes became blood shot.

Ezinne hugged me tight when she came into the kitchen. "Mummy it will be alright, don't mind daddy. He is a monster, you are an Angel." she cried.

Usually I would have chided her for saying such while assuring her that her dad was a good person but I just could not do that now. My eyes were still closed and my face still felt like it was on fire.

"My God why have you forsaken me?" I suddenly screamed. "Is my sin the greatest Lord?"

Ezinne kept sobbing and I realised what a bad mother I was. For her I had to be strong and truthfully she was the only reason why I fought. I hugged her and gathered enough strength and courage to clean my face and take her to school.

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