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I woke up on the couch and was surprise to see that I wasn't carried to the room. I didn't think Cletus could actually have the heart to leave me to sleep in the parlour with all the mosquitoes he knew were in it, but I was proven wrong again. It's like I never knew him. He was not the man I married.

Luckily for me I didn't wake up too late to prepare breakfast.

I looked up at the wall clock to see that it was just five o'clock meaning that there was enough time for me to make rice and stew for breakfast so that my husband could eat before going to work and possibly take some with him.

There was also enough time to get my daughter ready for school.

First of all, I had to start with a prayer for the day. I picked up my rosary from the altar and started to sing praise and worship songs. When we were still dating Cletus would join me every morning to pray. But immediately we got married he stopped totally. The last time I woke him up for prayers he beat me so bad I definitely learned my lesson.

After saying the rosary, I Read the missal. The reading for the day.

After praying I hurriedly went to prepare breakfast for the family, then I cleaned the whole house. I did it all before 7.

It wasn't an easy task to do all alone especially since we stayed in a duplex but Cletus forbade me from getting a maid and I could possibly not go against his wishes. He was my husband after all.

Doing all the cooking and cleaning didn't feel as stressful as it did at first. I soon became used to the task, after all I wasn't working and I was going no where. I barely had any friends. I learnt to embrace my fate.

After serving breakfast I went upstairs to my daughters room in other to get her ready for school. Cletus could wake himself up.

On getting to her room I pushed the door open hoping that the noise would wake her up but it didn't. She was still sound asleep when I walked in even with all the rays of sunshine hitting her eyes.

Not knowing how else to wake her up without hitting her or stressing myself more than I was already stressed, I carried her up and took her to the bathroom, then I took off her night gown. All this while she was still sound asleep. It was not until I poured a cup of water on her that she immediately woke up with a shudder.

She blinked her eyes continuously trying to clear her sight. When she saw me standing there by the bathtub she smiled.

"Mummy good morning." She greeted.

"Good morning my princess." I answered. I bent down to peck her cheeks then I tickled her. Her laughter echoed in the bathroom, I could not help but laugh too.

I was lucky that Cletus didn't hit me on my face yesterday so that at least my daughter won't see me bruised and be sad. Although my hands were sore I was putting on a long sleeve shirt so it was covered.

I wanted so much to hide the abusive nature of Cletus from our daughter but he wasn't helping matters at all. It hurts that he still beats me when our daughter was watching. I knew that this affected her psychologically or was likely to affect her in some other way and it scared me so bad.

I didn't want her growing up to think that all men were evil and I have warned Cletus about this but he never listens to me.

"Mummy I didn't see daddy come back yesterday, " Ezinne suddenly said.

By the look on her face I could tell She wasn't asking me a question, she was informing me of a fact. I didn't see concern but worry, worry for me.

I chuckled pretending to be fine although I could assure you it was quite hard to pretend to my daughter.

"Oh daddy came back home immediately you slept. He was very sad that he didn't come home when you were awake. He said he loves you and kissed you goodnight." I lied.

That has been a usual occurrence since I

married Cletus lying to cover up his wrongdoing. Whether it was to my friends or to the world and now even to my daughter. Wherever I went to I was leaving a long track of lies behind me and it was all for Cletus.

The only friend that knew a little of what I was going through was Gozie and that's because she has been my friend since secondary school. She was the only one that stood by me through the drama with my family and she stayed by my side when all my friends deserted me.

Sadly, now I even hid most things away from her so she won't think me stupid even though I was. I was very stupid.

After dressing Ezinne up for school I carried her to the dining.

We both sat down on our usual sits, While we prayed in turns for the food and for a new day.

Ezinne wasted no time in eating, she was a heavy eater. That was exactly why she was plump and round unlike me. I ate like a bird. She had a good height for her age and her cheeks were plump and beautiful. Hugging her felt like you were hugging a round, beautiful teddy.

Some of the Mother's in my church, and also some teachers in her school, praised me always for keeping her healthy and beautiful. It made me very happy. Being a good mother was to me the biggest of my priority. My daughter was one of the reasons why I couldn't leave Cletus. I needed her to grow up with a father no matter how abusive he was to me.

"Mummy this food is very delicious." She purred. "Yum, yum."

"Thank you, but Eat slowly Ezinne nobody is taking the food away from you." I cautioned her. I hit her spoon with mine so that some of the rice fell. She was packing weigh too much food on her spoon and I didn't want her to choke on it.

"Yes mummy, " She obeyed.

She stopped swallowing the rice and started?chewing. She also stopped filling the spoon to the brim. I smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up. I Loved her so much and I would die and kill for for her any day.

Just when I was about taking a sip of water Cletus came downstairs. He was looking so handsome in a grey suit that I choked on my water.

I started coughing and I immediately had to drop the cup. Ezinne ran to my side and caressed my back.

"Mummy sorry." She kept saying until I finally stopped coughing.

Cletus looked at me disdainfully he didn't even bother telling me sorry. It was like he was okay with me choking.

I felt very sad about this but chose to ignore it. After all I was already used to his callous attitude towards me. It wasn't a new thing.

He took his sit at the other edge of the dining table without saying a word to me or to Ezinne.

"Daddy good morning." Ezinne greeted but he didn't answer. He nodded, then looked at me in anger.

"Am I going to have to beg you first before you serve my food or don't you have common sense?" He roared.

I immediately jumped up from the seat in fear.

Hurriedly I dished out his food and placed it in front of him before taking my sit again.

The dining table became so quiet and so tensed that one could drown in it.

Ezinne seemed to have immediately lost her appetite. She was no longer eating as fast as she was before, she looked like she was about to cry and it saddened me.

I held her hands reassuringly while I watched as Cletus put a spoon of rice in his mouth with anger written all over his face. "What is this. " he scowled. He pushed the food away from him like it was poison.

"Daddy it is rice and stew___" Ezinne replied smiling.

"Did I ask you a question you disrespectful brat. I don't blame you. I Blame your mother that has spoilt so much that you no longer have respect for your father. She has been telling you that you can talk back at me is that it?" He yelled at her, hitting the table with his fist.

Ezinne started crying immediately.

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