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   Chapter 3 I can't leave

The gentleman's trap By MiraHarlson Characters: 4582

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"Cletus I loved you even when you were poor that's why I fought to be with you against every one, against all odds__but our daughters life was at stake and your boss was not going to help me until I slept with him. I begged him, I knelt down and cried to him but he turned a deaf ear to my plea."

"When the Doctor threatened that if we didn't pay the bills he was going to kick Ezinne out of the hospital without performing the operation I had no other choice but to give in. You had no money on you then and no bank was going to give you a loan without collateral or have you forgotten?"

"Remember that I tried every available means to raise the money but they all turned futile. I begged and cried, all I didn't do was steal or sleep around. I remained faithful to you and our vows.

"But when I could not raise the money before the day of the heart operation on Ezinne I had to give in to your boss's demands you know that I had no other choice, my Ezinne's life was at stake."

"I am you wife not your slave Cletus. Please stop all these things you do, you are killing me slowly, please. Let's just let go of the past and live happily I beg of you."

"We are still young and we still have a lot of years and enough time by God's grace. Lets start all over again and make things right as partners. We are husband and wife not slave and master. Please go back to the Cletus I loved and married. This is not the Cletus I loved and married."

"This man here is not who you really are. You were kind, loyal and loving when you didn't have much why not remain the same now. You know that my love is real, I was with you and I foght by your side when you had nothing so now that you have something why not treat me right. "

"At least let me enjoy a little the fruit of my suffering please stop doing this to me. Stop ruining our marriage. Please I love you Cletus I belong to you and no other, you are my husband and my life. Even if for now you feel that you don't love me anymore I promise to do anything you want me to in other to make you love me, again just give me another chance."

"You own me and you know that. Please allow God to touch your heart so that you can change, please ." I sobbed while I held on tightly to my baggy shirt. My heart was starting to ache fr

om all the tears."

"I have no time for this, woman learn your place. If you are going to keep living with me then you should know that you are doing so on your own peril. if you can't take the way I treat you then you should leave! It's that simple." He roared.

He pushed me with so Much force I fell hard on my buttocks.

"Stay away from me." He warned before sprinting up the stairs. I knew that at that point he felt something but he didn't want to show it, he didn't want me to see it.

That's what he does, run away from me when he is beginning to feel, so I don't see the real him. Or maybe I was just imagining things holding on to the tiniest bit of hope when there was Nothing to hope on.

We both knew that I couldn't leave him. Where would I start from? My parents won't accept me not after I disregarded their wishes and married Cletus. I had no job since Cletus felt insecure about me working.

I could not afford to leave home with my daughter and end up on the streets. I could also not afford to leave my daughter in the hands of Cletus. She would definitely never forgive me and she would know nothing but unimaginable pain and sufferings if she stays alone with him.

I couldn't leave Cletus also. He was my legally wedded husband and the church forbade divorce. I didn't want to sin against God by divorcing him. Besides I loved him so much and I made a vow to be with him for better or for worse. Even if it has always been for the worse.

If I should leave him people would laugh at me. My friends and my relations would say "I thought we told her not to get married to him now she has run away from the said marriage we warned her about." They won't take pity on me, they would only laugh at me. I didn't want to be a laughing stock neither did I want to be a divorcee. I wanted to answer Mrs and I wanted to remain married.

Thinking about all of this I had no choice but to cry out to God for his help.

"Oh Lord where is the Cletus I married, Lord Where, Where? Please I need your help, bring him back to me please." I sobbed profusely.

Thereafter I slumped on the coach and rested my head on the arm chair. I cried myself to sleep that night asking God questions upon questions in frustration even though I knew I would get no answers.

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