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   Chapter 2 You must give me an answer

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Even amidst the fear I felt I could not stop being angry about everything. My legs and hands shook in anger and anxiousness while I kept talking aloud to no one in particular.

"To think that lately he started coming Home by ten and that was considered late enough, now he is still not back by 12___am! Oh lord! what am I going to do!" I sobbed putting my head in my hands. "A married man was not yet home by this time. My own husband. I never imagined in my life that this would ever be the case. Why are you doing this to me Cletus? What wrong have I committed? What! You must tell me today oh! you must!"

I was in utter pain and confusion when the doorbell began to ring. Immediately I heard the sound of the bell my heart jumped and stopped. I didn't wait to pull myself together. I didn't bother thinking or organizing myself.

I flung up from my seat and rushed to open the door, only to be met by a drunk Cletus who was resting on the wall for support.

We stayed alone in a small duplex and I could not be more grateful that at least we had a place to stay and we had privacy. It would have been terrible for me, for us, if we had a neighbor. What will Cletus be telling them with this behavior of his? Our marriage would definitely have been a laughing stock to all the neighbours and we would have been the sole object of all their gossips.

"Cletus you are drunk!" I shouted, closing my nose. He wreaked of alcohol. I stood by the door watching him with tears as he struggled to stand on his feet.

He looked at me menacingly and yelled."Eh_he! what is it again? won't I come in before you start your madness. Please stop shouting my name!"

Shifting himself from the wall he staggered a little before he was able to maintain his balance. He eyed me with a disgusted expression on his face and before I could even think of what to say to him he pushed me away from the door and went inside.

I followed him inside closing the door behind me. "Oh God! what have I Done to deserve this Lord, what? Please lord tell me?" I sobbed. He ignored me and slumped on the couch taking off his suit. He placed his legs on the table Sighing.

His eyes were still open, he was looking at me with such hatred like he was contemplating killing me.

My own Cletus, now a drunkard. What did I ever do to deserve this!

I could see different lipstick stains on his shirt, not just one or two but three different stains. Pink, red and purple. He has been with three women and later he wants me to open my legs for him, mbanu, it is not happening.

"Cletus what is this? so this is how low you've stooped? You left with a white shirt but returned with a rainbow coloured shirt." I asked, pointing at the stains on his shirt.

"Now you sleep with three different women and carry the evidence of it home like a trophy. Cletus! So you now sleep with prostitutes like you don't have a wife." I exclaimed. "What have I done to you? what? Is it that I am no longer good enough for you or that I am no longer sexy. Tell me! This is not what you promised me when you proposed. This is not!"

"So you haven't stopped sleeping around abi, God! What do you want me to do for you again, " I shouted hitting my hands on my chest dramatically. "Have I not done enough? have I not given enough for you? Cletus! have I not loved you enough? I left my Father, my mother, everyone I knew and loved just to be with you and this is what I get in return, infidelity, Cletus why?" I sobbed tugging at his shirt. "Tell me why? You must answer me today oh, you must!"

He stood up and pushed me away from him in one swift movement. He made to go to our room like he always does when we have a fight but he is not ignoring me this night, not this night. I must get answers. "You lie Cletus you aren't going no where?" I shouted holding him back. My small hands firm on the collar of his shirt.

I was ready for him this night. "You must give me am answer! Ah ah! This is too much! You are not ignoring me today."

He stopped on his tracks and turned around to look at me with a burning anger. I was afraid now but I didn't show it. I needed answers and I needed them now. I've had enough, this is enough, this must stop. He is not going to scare me into silence this night. I thought in resolve.

I can't take it anymore I can't live in fear of my husband, not

anymore. He abuses me and still cheats on me. I can't do it. I cried. Soon he was going to kill me if I did not speak up.

"Miracle leave alone now or you will regret ever laying that your filthy hands on me." He roared in my face.

"Leave me be now, or you will suffer the repercussions Miracle. Do not test me today I am not in the mood." He threatened.

His eyes were beginning to clear, the alcohol wearing off. He was no longer struggling to maintain balance on his feet and this scared me more.

The truth was alcohol never really did much to him. I realized this while we were still dating. It took a lot for him to get drunk and very little for him to get out of his drunken state.

Even though I was scared now I still honored my resolve.

"I am not letting you go. You must answer me today. Tell me what I've done oh, tell me!" I yelled tightening my grip on his shirt.

"You don't want to let me go ba! Let me warn you now Miracle, If I should touch you, you will not live to tell the story. Leave me alone now you slut!." He yelled.

He pushed me away with so much force I nearly hit my head on the wall. But that was not what hurt me the most, it was his words that cut me deep.

"Ah Cletus so now you call me a slut now! Cletus! Since when? Me, miracle, slut? after keeping myself for you all these years. After everything, after I rejected all the men that came for my hand in marriage just for you Cletus, for you! I kept myself for you until our wedding night and now you have the grace to call me a slut. Me, Miracle your wife?"

"God why! Why do I have to go through this! Have I not worshipped you with all my heart? have I not kept to the words of the Bible and the catechism. " I asked no one in particular. I looked up at the ceiling waiting for answers. Catarrh began to fall from my nose as a result of excessive crying. My head started to pound but I was carried away by the pain. Intoxicated by it.

The worst part was not that he called me a slut, it was that he had no remorse whatsoever for doing so. It felt like he purposely wanted to cause me pain.

"Stop using that line on me like you Dont know what you did.

When you were sleeping with my boss you didn't know you were married? you didn't know the words of the gospel and the words of the Bible? you didn't know all that when you went to a hotel with him and slept with him. You didn't think you should keep yourself for me abi?"

"You! You opened your legs wide for him to make use of you. And now you stand here crying, you hypocrite. You disgust me!" He screamed. He grabbed my shoulders pushing me back and front angrily. I winced from the pain trying to get his hands of me.

I was sure that wherever he held me would bruise tomorrow because I was light in complexion and his grip was so tight. But it was not the bruise I was worried about it was his words.

"You are hurting me Cletus!" I cried out. "You know I had no choice it was either that or our daughter dies. I couldn't stay still and watch my daughter die Cletus I just couldn't. And besides you have been cheating on me weigh before then or have you forgotten?"

"Tell me, If I didn't do it where would we have been now? In the slumps. At least the only time I cheated I did it for us, for our family or Would you have had me choose my body over my daughter? Would you?" I asked crying. I was looking deep in his eyes waiting for an emotion even if it was pity just the slightest bit of emotion but I saw nothing. All I saw was a monster ready to devour me if I did not back away immediately.

"Oh so now if I cheat you cheat too. You have forgotten that I am a man and you are a woman. I am the head of this home and I can do whatever I like, whatever! I can sleep with whoever I like too. You are under me you should obey and respect me. You should be happy that I even come home to you."

"Some of my friends do not even bother going home to their wife's yet their wife's do not complain or behave like a rabid animal like you do because they know their place. They know their place as subject to their husbands but you don't. Your parents sure did not prepare you for marriage and I will soon send you back to them so that they can train you well. I will not have a rabid dog in the same home with me, Never! You must learn your place either by hook or by crook."

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