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Hera looked at Hunter only to find him already looking at her. To her horror, he smiled, and his dimples appeared, creating a deep dent on each of his cheeks. Startled, Hera jumped when his right hand went under the table, resting on her thigh before giving a gentle squeeze. Not knowing what to do, or how to respond, she averted her eyes. She tried hard to distract herself from the warm sensation Hunter's touch was eliciting within.

She looked down into her plate and pulled her upper lip in between her teeth. The tension was too much to bear.

"Alright, you got yourself a chance. Try your best, Russel and let's see if you can change my girl's mind and heart, " said Hunter, looking sharply at Noel, his words painted in an undeniable challenge. "But remember to stay in your limits. If you dare to cross the line and try something dirty, you won't be possessing a dick anymore to do anything with any girl, " he warned not so subtly.

Noel quietly listened to everything Hunter said and nodded. He kept his face blank, not giving out anything.

"To your advantage, I'll be busy in the coming week, so, all I have is right now. Why don't you be a good boy and give us some space for now?" With a charming smile, Hunter suggested. Without wasting any time, Noel complied and took one of Hera's hands in his while Hunter watched his every move without blinking. Noel kissed the back of her hand before walking away from their table.

Hera looked like a lost puppy wondering what just happened, and Hunter laughed at her dumbfounded face. Noel slowed his steps and glanced over his shoulders as he heard Hunter's amused laughter.

'Laugh how much you want, for now, Ace Hunter because I'll be the one laughing at you after I finish you. The best part is, you'll never know what hit you, and I'll hit you where it hurts the most.'

With that promise made, Noel waved his hand at Hera and jogged his way back to his table. Hera faked a smile in reply before eyeing Hunter through her narrowed slits. "I'm not an object you can bet on, " she snapped in anger.

Honestly, Hera was terrified inside. She could sense it in her guts that something was not right as in Noel had some hidden agenda over them.

"Why, are you afraid that you'll fall for his charm?" Hunter questioned, his tone daring her to say yes.

'Hmm, here comes the Satan I know very well.'

With a long tired sigh, she shifted in her chair to come face to face with Hunter. She swatted his hand off her thigh, and he winced slightly before taking his injured hand away from her.

"What's going on, Hunter? What are you planning?" Hera folded her arms in front of her and waited for him to answer, her tone sharp and accusing.

"Your food is getting cold, eat it. We don't have the whole day, " he said, totally ignoring her question. "I'm eating a frozen dessert, you Genius, " she said with a sarcastic smile. She shook her head. "No, Hunter, answer me first. Why were you so nice to Noel? Neither you snapped, nor you fought with him. You didn't lose your temper either. You did the exact opposite of all that!" She exclaimed. "I'm starting to think something is wrong with you. What is it, Hunter, are you sick?" Hera asked with mock concern.

Hunter licked his lips clean before shoving another forkful of pasta into his pretty mouth. Swallowing the chewed food, he looked at her, all traces of playfulness gone now. "Would you rather have me punching the shit out of that douche? Trust me, Goddess, I would prefer that too. I'm actually dying to disfigure his face. But I've promised you, haven't I? I won't hit or hurt him until you consider him as your friend. I'm trying to be the better person here, " he said shrugging.

He ate one more forkful and shoved the plate towards her. "I'm full, " he said, dabbing his lips with a tissue.

Hera silently watched as he lifted her water bottle and drank directly from it. His Adam's apple moved up and down while he swallowed the water down his throat and something clenched inside Hera's stomach weirdly. All these new feelings were hard for her to understand and resist, as well. She averted her eyes as he finished drinking water.

"Goddess, as I said, I'll be busy until next week, " he stated. Pocketing his cell phone, he walked around and bent to her level. Hera straightened her posture, eying him with her widened eyes. His uninjured hand came up, and his fingers brushed against her temple before disappearing into her hair.

He twined a fistful of her hair around his fingers, and she nervously looked away.

'Bloody hell! Is he going to kiss me, here in front of everyone?'

Hera fidgeted in her seat, and his fingers tightened their hold on her hair, tugging slightly, angling her face to his convenience. She held her breath when his lips came in contact with her skin. Not on the lips, but instead they landed on the tip of her nose, pecking it, and then he dragged them up to kiss the corner of her eyelids right near her temple. The soft silky touch of his warm lips on her skin made her heart flutter, and she blushed.

Hera was aware of his lips moving to her ear and shivered when they touched the tip of her ear as he whispered in a soft voice, "Keep blushing, and I'll kiss your lips." Her eyes widened in alarm, and she tried hard to hide her blush by scowling at him.

Hunter pulled away, standing to his full height and watched her face in amusement. He scanned

ttempt, " Rouven revealed.

Johnathan looked thoughtful for a second or two before he said, "Rouvin, my friend, if even you couldn't collect details about him, then it could mean only one thing. His background is influential." Rouvin shook his head, "The correct word would be powerful. Okay, coming back to the boy, his name is Ace Hunter." Johnathan straightened his back after hearing the boy's last name. Rouvin waited until he'd Johnathan's full attention, and when they made eye contact, he said, "He's Alexander's son."

Johnathan's jaw dropped in disbelief, and the photographs fell on the floor as they slipped off his hands. He looked so shocked that Rouvin laughed at him. "Told you, it'll blow your mind, " he said once his laughter died down.

Johnathan recovered from the shock and watched Rouvin collecting the photographs from the floor. "Ace Hunter is not what Alexander named his son, Rouvin. Just because his last name is Hunter doesn't mean he's Alexander's son, " Johnathan said in an unimpressed tone. He looked pissed, and Rouvin sighed. "Why he's called Ace, I have yet to discover that mystery. But trust me, John, I have solid proof to prove that he's Alexander's son, " Rouvin said, as he moved closer to Johnathan showing the pictures to him once again.

"They all are best friends. Look at this boy, " he said, pointing at Micheal in the picture. "He's Romano's son. Remember the one who died trying to protect Hera at the time of her kidnapping?" Johnathan nodded, and Rouvin continued. He showed another boy in the picture and said, "This boy's name is Eric Gabrial Costas. Does his face or his name ring a bell?"

Johnathan's brows went up in surprise. "My my, he's Costas' son, isn't he?" Rouvin agreed, "Thomas Costas, one of Alexander's best friends."

"Still, Rouvin, it doesn't prove anything, " Johnathan said, shrugging his shoulders in dissatisfaction. His friend grinned confidently before pulling out another picture from his pocket. "Then, I believe this will convince you. Ace Hunter has a bodyguard who follows him everywhere like a shadow, " he showed the new picture to Johnathan. "This is the bodyguard."

"Mathew!" The name escaped Johnathan's lips as soon as he recognized the person in the picture. Rouvin chuckled, "And besides, I don't know, how did you miss his eyes?" He asked, sounding surprised. Johnathan looked at Hunter's face and noticed his dark purple eyes. He went speechless for a while.

"How can I not recognize these eyes? He's Felicity's life and Alexander's world, after all, " Johnathan laughed humourlessly out of the blue and caught Rouvin by surprise. "Is this what they call man proposes, and God disposes?" He asked his friend.

"Look at Hera's destiny, Rouvin. For all these years, though so many evil and selfish people were scheming to ruin her life, fate still had other plans for her. She somehow found her ticket back home, " Johnathan said. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, letting the tears flow. Rouvin gave a pat on Johnathan's shoulder as he heard him sigh in relief.

"Alexander would eventually meet her, but I won't be there to apologize for my sins, " Johnathan said with a sad smile. Rouvin disagreed. "You kept Hera alive, John. She didn't die because you saved her. Won't that be enough for Alexander to forgive you?" He asked, trying to console him. Johnathan laughed at his friend's logic.

"No, Rouvin, it won't be enough to erase my sins. Alexander will never spare my life. He'll never forgive me. After all, I'm the one who dared to kill his beloved wife, " Johnathan confessed in a defeated tone.

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