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Samantha watched in envy as they all hugged each other. Being ignored hurt her even more, multiplying her bitterness. Her hands clutched the bedspread in her fists absent-mindedly as her eyes stung again with new hot tears. The fury in her eyes intensified as she realised how least she meant to them. No one even tried to glance at her way once as though she's invisible. What they didn't know was that a disappointed woman in love is no less than a wounded Tigress. She would wait for her chance to fight back sooner or later, and when that time comes, she'll spare no mercy.

At first, they were all occupied by consoling Bianca, and now they were busy teasing her to make her smile and feel better. Out of the blue Hunter's eyes shifted to Samantha, and she immediately lowered hers. She watched through her peripheral view as his long legs ate up the distance between them. She heard him call her name when he stood right in front of her, and she fidgeted in her place awkwardly.

"Look at me, Samantha, " he said and waited till she followed his request, and when she did, he smiled at her. That angelic smile playing on his lips made his beautiful face appear even more heavenly, and something tugged at her heart.

'How could I give up on him? Not possible, not in this life.'

"Samantha, " he paused, scratching his forehead with the back of his thumb and looked somewhat hesitating. She waited, wondering what did he want to talk to her now, after crushing her heart so mercilessly. With a determined sigh, he started. "Look, Sam, I'm sorry. Sorry for calling you, " he hesitated again before continuing, "You know, what I called you earlier, I'm sorry about that, " said Hunter. Samantha winced and looked away.

"I didn't mean it okay. I was angry and lost my mind. No girl would want to label herself as a slut. I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted you to realise that it hurts the same for Hera too. I hope you understand, " Hunter said, tone filled with a sincere apology.

Samantha sucked in a breath and fought hard against her tears to keep them at bay. She wouldn't want to appear any more pathetic than this in front of him. "I'm really sorry for hurting you. It was never my intention to insult you the way I did. Can you please forget and forgive?" Hunter asked. She realised that Hunter was waiting for her to respond, and she inclined her head reluctantly.

"So, no hard feelings, then? Are we good?" He asked, his voice coated with hope. Samantha was surprised to know that he genuinely sounded concerned. She finally dared to look at him and smiled in reply. But Hunter noticed, how that smile didn't reach her eyes. Still, he stuck out his hand and pulled her in for a hug as soon as she took his offered hand in hers. The gesture melted her, and her heart yearned to be in his arms forever. Contrary to her desire, Hunter pulled away too soon.

'If you can't be mine, Ace, then Hera can't be yours either. I won't ever let that happen.'

With that oath sworn silently, Samantha flashed him a fake smile.

Eric called him to apologise again and explained to him that whatever happened at the party, guys were not aware of the little stunt Bianca and Samantha pulled. When Evelyn slapped a guy, and the music stopped, then only they noticed the drama unfolding. Hunter subtly responded by saying, "Let's close this chapter." He nodded with a smile, acknowledging his apology. Relieved, Eric returned his smile, and so did others.

With a purpose for needing fresh air, Hunter parted ways with a warm smile and this time thankfully no one had stopped him.

Everything that happened still bothered him. Hunter knew that the mastermind behind everything was Samantha, yet he asked her to be friends since he didn't want to hold grudges. However, he couldn't overcome the guilt punching him in the gut. He desperately needed to hear someone say he did the right thing.

Forgiving them was not easy for him. But it broke his heart when Bianca cried so much because of him, and Samantha was hurt too. Even though he boasted about his admiration for his best friends and claimed that he didn't want to hurt them by choosing his love over their friendship, yet did the exact thing. No matter how much he denied, he knew that he selfishly chose Hera over his friends.

Hunter wanted to talk to his parents. He'd no doubt, just hearing their voice would erase all his worries because they would know to say the right words. But how would he tell them about his problem without revealing his relationship with Hera? Hunter had made plans to take Hera home after his finals and would officially introduce her to his parents. Until then, they would have to keep a low profile.

On the other side of the dormitory, Hera was all alone in her room. What were h

id brain, stop corrupting my innocent heart, will you? I'm not a pervert, and I'm definitely not drooling. I was only worried because he was clad only in his shorts in this chilly weather. You know how the weather gets in London, what if he gets sick?" She stopped babbling and laughed nervously. She was alone and talking to herself like crazy. Rolling her eyes, she focused her attention on Hunter and watched him running his fingers through his hair.

He looked upset and lost deep in thoughts.

Hera sighed and frowned, watching Hunter frown as well. He looked down at his phone, and suddenly a smile broke into his lips stretching into a wide grin as he pressed the phone to his ear. And just like that, his face lit up, and he started speaking animatedly. Watching his tensed demeanour shifting into a relaxed one, Hera smiled too. She knew that happy grin. Hera could tell, he's talking to one of his parents and her shoulders loosened in relief. The mist of sadness which bothered him since the morning lifted, and with that Hera recognised something.

The sign she's looking for, it's there right in front of her eyes. Hera realised that the smile on his face and his happiness meant the world to her. She would do anything to keep that smile intact on his face.

Unexpectedly Hunter glanced up, looking her way and in a reflex Hera immediately ducked. But it was too late because he'd already caught her staring at him. Hera felt stupid for hiding. "Why the hell did I do that?" She hissed through gritted teeth, annoyed at herself. "And how in the hell could he sense my eyes on him every fucking time? I was quite secretive about it, wasn't I?" She murmured, still ducking and scowled at her stupidity because she was whispering as though Hunter could hear her voice.

Still crouching on her knees, Hera crawled her way back to her bed. Once she settled back on her bed, she took a few deep breaths to calm her crazy heartbeats. Grabbing her water bottle from the desk, she drank half the bottle in one go.

She needed something to distract herself or else her heart would jump out of her chest. She checked the time on the wall clock, and there's still time for her assigned punishment in the kitchen. What better way than the homework to distract her mind? Hera took out her chemistry book to complete her assignment and got settled in the chair. She remembered the paper Jake the tutor of her detention class gave her.

She unfolded the paper to check, and her eyes went wide with surprise.

"Oh, my God!" She laughed in somewhat disbelief.

"Okay, first, we have a date, and then you showed me, Hunter, sitting right in front of my eyes and now this. Dear God, I'm convinced already so you can stop with the hints now, " she laughed softly before focusing her attention back to the paper in her hands.

She would recognise that handwriting, even with her blindfolded eyes. Running her hand over the neat handwriting of Hunter, she shook her head vigorously as in to come out of her wayward thoughts. Her eyes watered, and she suddenly felt her heart heavy with overwhelming emotions. It brought back memories from those days when he used to help with her homework.

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