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"Ace!" Bianca and Michael both uttered his name simultaneously. Bianca sounded angrier while Michael sounded offended. "What?" he barked, looking at them both, mirroring their angry looks. "Do you want to say something, Mike?" Hunter asked casually, his voice sounded smooth, but the boys detected the hidden meaning behind it. Michael held his hands up in surrender after reading Hunter's accusing eyes. He backed off and silently settled into his chair. Eric quirked his brow at Michael, fixing him with a 'you asked for it' look.

"I wonder why she isn't defending her honour! Don't you want to know why she's not offended?" Hunter asked Bianca. His eyes ridiculed when he glanced at Samantha. "Because she's just that, a slut, " he spoke through his gritted teeth.

"Sorry, Ace. But its the heights of hypocrisy, don't you think?" Bianca asked. "You're calling her a slut, then what are you? You have a girlfriend, yet you slept with Hera. Stop accusing Samantha. You're the one wrong here, " her finger jabbed his chest, emphasising her anger. It seemed as though words were not enough to express her disappointment.

"If you call her slut one more time, Ace, I'll slap you. You can't insult our friend like this. And how dare you, deny her of your relationship with her? For two years, the whole school perceived her as your girlfriend. You've been sleeping with her for almost two years. Yet, you're telling her not to act like a jealous lover? Do you even know how much you're hurting her? All you see and think about is Hera. You don't see anyone else's feelings when it comes to that bitch, " accused Bianca. She was so angry that her eyes watered.

Wiping her tears, she glanced at Samantha before addressing Hunter again. "After all that you put her through, she still comes running to you at your beck and call. She sneaks out of her room to meet you as soon as you message her, not even caring if it's midnight. And you called her a slut! For what, for that little bitch Hera? I don't know what lies she fed you, Ace. But Samantha and I didn't do anything that hurt your precious Hera, " she said defensively.

Hunter's eyes briefly met Michael's, who in turn twisted in his seat awkwardly. Bianca breathed hard in anger as she saw a sarcastic smile gracing Hunter's lips.

"I never thought, Sunshine, that you'll lie to me. Evie had already told me everything in detail about what you and your friend did to Hera, " stated, Hunter, dark purple eyes fixed on her without blinking.

Both Samantha and she glared at Evelyn directing their anger towards her. Evelyn shrugged her shoulders, not at all affected by their reactions. "What? Stop glaring at me with those accusing stares. I didn't make the first move. Ace approached me first and asked. I told him the truth because it's our rule, " she air quoted and said, "No secrets, and we don't lie to each other."

Hunter walked up to his bed, where Samantha sat and took a seat next to her. "You know, if I want to meet my girl at midnight, I'm a man enough to go to her, instead of asking her to come to me at the odd hour, " he whispered so that only she could hear. Samantha didn't dare to look at him. He scoffed, then shifted his gaze back to Bianca, who monitored his every move like a hawk.

"And coming back to my being a hypocrite, either your friend here is lying to you, or she's delusional, " Hunter stated in a matter-of-fact tone. Bianca frowned in confusion at what Hunter said.

Hunter got up from the bed, shoved his hands into his pockets, and walked back to where Eric and Michael were sitting, and stood to lean against the desk. Bianca tried to say something but got cut off by Hunter. "Let me finish, Sunshine, " he said, "I'm not involved in anything with your friend. Whatever arrangement we had, I ended it a year ago. At least I'm sure I made it very clear to her. So, technically speaking, I'm not cheating on anybody." His voice and tone were confident and determined.

Bianca shook her head in disappointment. Hunter knew she didn't believe him.

"What are you trying to say, Ace, that Sam sees someone else secretly? Why will she use your name and lie to me, anyway?" Bianca questioned. Her tone was attacking. Hunter pulled a face and shrugged as in to say, how would I know?

"Look, Sunshine, that's not my secret to share. You can have this discussion with your friend later. Right now, she's

much, Sunshine? What did Hera ever do to you? Please know that you're equally important to me. You don't have to feel insecure or jealous of her, " Hunter assured her. He let go of her hands and took a seat beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as she burst out crying hysterically. He pulled her close, hugging her sideways.

"Do you know that Evie used to help Eric in tampering with her homework?" Hunter asked her, still hugging her and rocking slowly from side to side. "And look at them, now they're like sisters, and Eric is more of a brother than Danny had ever been for Hera. I'm not asking you to become her best friend overnight. All I want is, for you and Hera to be comfortable enough when we all sit together. Can you do that for me?" He asked softly and turned her to face him, his hands resting on her each arm. When they saw eye to eye, Bianca wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face into his chest, hugging him tightly.

Still sobbing, Bianca tried to form a proper sentence in between her hiccups. "I'm sorry, Ace. I really am. I promise not to trouble Hera anymore. Sorry for lying to you. Sorry for hurting you so much. Please forgive me?" Her pleading didn't go waste. Without any hesitation, Hunter immediately nodded. "Sunshine, you're forgiven, " he said and kissed her temple.

"You're aware of it right, that you're wetting my shirt? I'm fine with the salty tears, but I don't want your dirty mucus anywhere near it. That'll be gross, " he said, pulling a disgusted look on his face and made everyone laugh. Bianca pulled away from him and playfully slapped his chest, but a smile graced her lips in the end. Evelyn grabbed a few more tissues from the box and helped her clean the trace of wet tears.

"Stop these tears now, will you? You've wasted enough of your energy in shedding them out already, " Hunter said, rubbing her arm with his hand in a comforting manner. "If it makes you feel any better, please know that you're not the only one at fault here. I wasn't any better either, in fact, the worst of all. I've hurt her the most. Being the biggest asshole I was, I couldn't keep it in my pants and screwed up everything, " he admitted with much regret.

He took a deep breath and silently eyed the ceiling before closing his eyes. Sensing his guilt, Evelyn wrapped her arms around his chest from behind, providing the comfort he craved at that moment.

"Pft, that was one hell of a speech man! Your throat must be dead now, " said Eric in an exaggerating voice, before throwing a water bottle at him. Hunter caught it, letting out a light chuckle. Drinking the water to his heart's content, he listened to what Evelyn about said.

"Okay, everyone. Now that we are done with the kiss and tell, or kiss and make up, or whatever, it's time for a group hug, " Evelyn screamed with her cheerful voice. Soon everybody joined her, pulling Bianca and Hunter in a group hug.

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