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When Hera stepped out of her room, she was surprised to find Clara, still standing there as if she's waiting for her. It reminded her of their old times when Clara used to wait for her. Hera was known for her tardiness, and Clara always accompanied her and shared detention classes with her whenever Hera got late. They were best friends once. They did everything together.

'Was she waiting for me?'

Hera found herself hoping for that to be true. However, it got shattered the moment she looked into her ex-best friend's glaring eyes. She was leaning against the railings, hugging her bag to her chest. Hera frantically looked around, as if searching for the invisible danger. Clara's lips twitched, giving her a slight hint of a smile, which appeared more like she's mocking Hera.

"Don't worry, Hera. Ace didn't see me. I was hiding behind this pillar, " said Clara. By the look of disdain on her face, Hera guessed, probably she had heard her conversation with Hunter. Clara confirmed it when she spoke again. "So, a second chance for him, huh? You couldn't resist, could you? After everything he did, you still agreed to give him a chance. It didn't take much effort for him to convince you, Hera, " she said, shaking her head in disdain.

She walked closer and continued venting out her hatred, tone filling with disgust while she did so. "You let Ace kiss you. I'm sure it won't take much time for him to get into your pants. Because you'll willingly spread your legs for him, won't you? What a shameless slut, you are!" She spat in disgust. If the hatred in someone's tone could kill, Hera would've died already.

Hera winced at her harsh words and didn't miss the look of satisfaction that crossed Clara's face. Hera wanted to defend her actions, but decided against it and averted her eyes. She knew Clara wouldn't understand her reasons. Hera turned to walk away when she heard her saying, "Oh, my God! You're not even trying to deny my accusations, Hera."

Hera stopped walking and turned abruptly to face her, startling Clara. "Whether you agree or not, Clara, whatever I did a year ago, it was for keeping my friends safe, " Hera said, looking into her eyes without the slightest hesitation. "Believe me, whatever I'm doing now, is also to keep my friends safe, " Hera said defensively. She couldn't hide the resentment she felt, though she tried hard. Clara laughed, ridiculing her reasons.

"Of course, Hera. I believe you. Kissing him, letting him have his way with you, giving him a second chance, everything is for saving your friends, " Clara said, mocking her before she walked ahead without giving Hera a chance to retaliate. Hera bit her lip, exhaled sharply, trying to suppress her frustration. After taking several deep breaths, she silently followed Clara to school. The biting tone and the sarcasm Clara threw at her kept pestering her thoughts.

As soon as they reached the school, they heard the bell going off. Sprinting through the stairs, they ran racing each other. By the time they reached the floor to their classroom, the second bell rung, warning them that they were late. Hera and Clara urged their feet to quicken their pace. Thankfully, they made it to the class just before their English teacher, Mrs Paige Wilkins entered the room.

Meanwhile, the students and the teacher exchanged greetings, Hera settled into her seat.

"I heard about what happened, " the gorgeous teacher started before she opened the book. At the bewildered look on the faces of her students, she rolled her eyes and elaborated, "I'm talking about the fight at the breakfast table over a soccer match, " she said. It was Hera's turn to roll her eyes, and she laughed inwardly.

'Yeah, right, a fight over a soccer match.'

Hera thought sarcastically, searching for her friends who got injured because of her. Andrew, Jarred, and Asher looked horrible with their bruised face, which already turned purplish.

The murmurings among the students stopped when the teacher cleared her throat to grab their attention.

"I hope, you will utilise your time in the detention class wisely, " she said, walking back and forth on the dais. "Instead of wasting your time on these petty issues, make good use of it and start making preparations. Because, your first round tests will be starting from this coming Monday, " she said, looking at every one of her students. She heard helpless groans and disappointed sighs in return. Chuckling to their reactions, she opened the book and started the lesson for the day.

By lunchtime, Hera felt exhausted. Why wouldn't she? She had an English assignment to complete and chemistry formulas to learn and memorise by heart because the teacher wanted her

lder with his thumb and forefinger, his other hand in the trouser pocket. Samantha walked like a Queen as if she was blessing the ground by just touching it with her feet.

Hunter was walking by Bianca's right side. Hera felt difficulty in swallowing her food suddenly, and she drank water to wash it down. Her eyes refused to move away from the pleasant sight. He looked too hot, even though he had that "faraway look" on his face. For reasons unknown to Hera, Hunter looked upset and distracted. Like his other friends, he had his hands shoved in his pockets as well.

Hera was in a daze for a few seconds as she watched them all walking with such similarities.

'Wow, what perfect coordination!'

Style, swag, and arrogance combined all at once. It looked like they were all walking on the ramp for some fashion show. They had so much in common, resembling in everything as though specially chosen to be in that one group. All of them had blonde hair and blue eyes, of course with slightly different shades. Hunter's friends were all typical New Yorkers. Whenever they come back from holidays, their sun-kissed, tan skin would turn into its original pale tone because of the chilly weather of London.

Hunter was the only odd one in that group with his charcoal black hair and purple eyes. His skin tone was also different from his friends. He took after his British grandmother's flawless fair skin, which would turn into dark pink whenever he laughs or gets angry.

'Such sinful good looks! What a waste. Not fair, dear God, not fair. Why were you so biased when you created them?'

Arrogance and dangerous aura poured out of their personalities and pooled around them, as the students in the food court watched those sex Gods with astonishment.

'Why do all the bad boys and bad girls are always blessed with good looks?'

"I hate blondes, " Hera muttered with her stuffed mouth. None of her friends reacted, and suddenly silence graced her surroundings. Confused, Hera turned to look at her friends. They were all looking at her with similar expressions. They looked hurt as well as insulted, and Hera choked on her food when realisation dawned on her. All her friends were blondes as well, again with different shades. "I meant to say, I hate Hunter and the team, " Hera said, looking sheepishly at her friends and bit back a smile.

Hunter surprised her by not coming to her table to sit with her. He and his friends sat in the middle of the food court, away from Hera. Still, Hera could see Hunter as he sat facing her. That irritating harsh light hit her face once again. But she couldn't find the culprit. Every time she looked up, it disappeared. Accidentally, Hera's eyes landed on Hunter. He wasn't looking at her, his gaze fixed on something or someone to his left. Hera followed his gaze, and it ended on Noel's face.

Catching Hera's eyes, Noel grinned and lifted his hand, showing her the small mirror in his hand. The sunlight reflected directly on her face through the mirror. Noel was the culprit, and Hera's eyes shifted back to Hunter.

She could sense his anger.

'Oh, God! No, this is not good.'

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