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Hunter was angry and didn't want to do anything that he would regret later. So he walked backwards, taking a few steps away from Hera, keeping a safe distance. "You're holding on to that one mistake I did. Why can't you forgive and forget? Since that day, not a single day goes by without you mentioning that mistake and accusing me. You keep saying that I hurt you. What about me? Have you ever thought about what I went through or what I'm feeling?" Hera silently slid down and sat on the floor. She pulled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them.

Leaning against the wall, Hera watched him as he paced back and forth.

"Every time I try to reach out, you keep backing out. I've begged for your forgiveness and apologized countless times. I try mending our broken hearts, but you never acknowledge my efforts, " Hunter said, and Hera's eyes widened in alarm when he stopped suddenly facing her. "You're hurting me too, Hera, " he mumbled, and his voice quivered. It was almost inaudible, but she heard him.

He crouched down to her level and sat on his heels before his knees hit the floor with an unenthusiastic slouch. Hera watched as he took her left hand and placed it on his chest. His palm covered over her hand, trapping it in place. "Trust me, your bitter words and your cruel actions, torture me no less than a death sentence, " he admitted defeatedly. Hera's tears were threatening to spill out of her helpless, tired eyes once again. His voice sounded so hurt, and his heartbeats beneath her palm vibrated, reaching out to her own heart.

"If only you could forgive me, Love, our lives would have been so much better, " he said and lowered his head. Hera sensed all his emotions at once. He was angry, he was hurt and disappointed, and he sounded defeated too. She could read an unmistakable regret and longing as well.

Hera withdrew her hand from his chest. She couldn't help but share the same emotions he's going through. It was their truth. She couldn't deny it, they have that effect on each other. They could read each other's emotions and feel each other's pain.

"Bitter words, cruel actions, you say?" Hera forced the words out and paused for a second, looking at his face. All she could see was his long straight nose beneath the mop of his charcoal black hair as he still had his head bent, drilling holes into the floor with his eyes.

She smiled sadly to herself before continuing, "Really, Hunter? You're one to talk. If my actions are torturing you so much, then why don't you leave me alone? Just get out of my life and let me live in peace. As you said, our lives will be so much better, " Hera stated and swallowed hard as her throat constricted with pain. The more she tried to hold back her tears, the more it hurts to breathe.

"Trust me, Hunter, we'll be better off without each other, " she suggested, and Hunter lifted his head at that. Their eyes met in a staring contest.

He shifted, changing his posture, sat with his knees drawn up, arms around knees. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down in his throat as he swallowed before he opened his mouth. He asked in a stiff, angry tone, "And, how many times should I repeat that whatever you're suggesting is never going to happen? Not in this lifetime anyway, " he said. His tone was matter-of-fact, brooking no argument. Yet, Hera scoffed, looking away.

"How many times had we talked, discussed, argued, and fought over this matter, Goddess? I was telling you this one last time, and you better save this in your memory." He paused for a second or two, to make sure she's listening before he said, "Only I get to decide what I want or what I don't want. Because it's my game, so my rules, " he stressed.

Pointing his finger at her to emphasize his words, Hunter further said, "You are, " then dabbed that same finger into his chest and said, "Mine. You're mine, Hera. We're made for each other and meant to live together forever, and nothing's going to change this, " he proclaimed while Hera widened her eyes, ready to disagree. He shook his head, silently warning her not to utter a word when she tried to speak.

It only irked her more beca

another word, he pulled her from the chair and wrapped his arms around her waist. His lips landed on hers in the next second, and he stole his kiss. Hera's hands were dangling on his either side holding her shoes, one in each hand, her body flushed against his. Hunter said in between the kiss, "I am working for it, Mrs Hunter."

After their short "kiss and make up" act, he observed her braid with a frown. Luckily for Hera, he didn't touch her hair. He walked back to her bed and grabbed his jacket. Hera was subconsciously watching him putting on his uniform blazer. She observed a visible reddish bruise had already formed under his jaw. She did that to him when she hit him with her hairbrush. And, the skin around his neck also had some bruises.

Hera bit her lip while her heart cried with guilt.

"Now, it's time for your punishment, Goddess. Don't forget to collect your detention slip later, " he said in his no-nonsense tone catching her attention. Her jaw dropped again with a "huh." Clearly, she was confused and clueless. He chuckled at her dumbfounded expression, and Hera asked in disbelief, "For what joy?"

He bumped his shoulder with hers playfully and smirked. "For what you did in the dining hall. Did you think, I'll let you off the hook so easily?" He asked, grinning smugly.

Hera glared at him, the guilty conscience vanishing from her heart. "You, bloody Lucifer, you just agreed minutes ago to be the nicer version of yourself!" She exclaimed in disbelief. He shrugged his shoulders carelessly and said, "Well, you chose to make new rules for your life, and you can follow them with pleasure. But you know me better, Goddess. I always play by my rules, be it my game or life, " he dipped his head to her face and kissed her left cheek startling her. She wasn't expecting that.

"And, Goddess, rules are meant to be broken, by the way, " he said, kissing the left corner of her lips. Hera scowled and pushed him off while he grinned at her.

Hunter looked at her beautiful face and couldn't resist kissing her beautiful eyes. After kissing both of her eyelids, he asked in his sweet tone, "Where's my medallion?"

Hera reached for her bag and took out his chain. She threw it at his chest, but he easily caught it without a miss. Once it settled around his neck, he hid it properly inside his shirt. He took out a chocolate bar from his blazer breast pocket and gently threw it at her. Hera caught it without much difficulty.

After a quick smooch on her lips, gifting her a wink, he pulled the door open and walked out. Hera sighed exhaustedly. She dumped the chocolate bar in the deep end of her desk drawer in anger.

"Now, how do I conclude this? Did he agree to follow my rules or not?"

Annoyed, Hera muttered to herself.

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