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That horrible day when she caught him cheating on her, that hideous image of him doing dirty things with a girl that was not her, rushed floating behind her eyelids. She remembered, how stupidly she'd asked him, why was he hiding a gun in his pants.

'Could have I been any more idiotic?'

Was it so hard to believe that a thirteen-year-old girl who knew to use f-words didn't know a thing about a man's boner?

Hera learned to curse at the age of eight. She'd tried to store every swear word to her memory every time she heard senior students swearing. Her only purpose was to curse Bianca with the most obscene swear words, even though she didn't know the meaning of it. And that's how and why she learned the f-words. It took years for her to come to know the actual meaning of the f-word.

When Hunter heard her curse for the first time, he was angry and scolded her nicely before teaching her the actual meaning of those slang words.

Whatever Anatomy Hera learned in school, it was limited to the description of male and female body parts. She'd learnt about the reproductive system, a regular study about sex organs and reproductive cells of both the gender. She knew about the penis but never had she seen one in reality. She had no one to educate her about a man's erection or an erect penis.

Though she knew what a man and woman do in private when they get intimate, she had no idea how they do it. She never watched porn either. How was she supposed to know about a boner?

Like as always, it was Hunter who filled in the required knowledge and made her learn about a boner. She saw the real one, moving and doing the nasty. Didn't she watch him performing porn live that day?

'And the best porn performance of the year award goes to Ace Hunter.'

A disgusting feeling erupted from her heart, and her hands subconsciously went inside his shirt, digging her nails into his chest muscles, bruising his skin.

Assuming that she was struggling to breathe, Hunter slightly pulled away, lifting his head. She immediately pushed him away and got down from the bed. His hands reached out to stop her but retreated right away when he saw the menacing look Hera was aiming at him. She righted her clothes while he stood watching her in silence.

"That thing, " she said, pointing her forefinger at his crotch, "It never lets me erase those dirty images from my memory, " Hera stated, words coated with absolute loathing. Hunter lowered his head in shame. He could sense the hurt of betrayal she's trying to suppress. "Your genius brain seems to know about every research study and the reactions of the human body. So tell me, Hunter, what's going on in that brain of yours? Why that disgusting thing in your pants gets activated suddenly? What's the meaning of all this? Your actions lately are very impulsive. You seem to be unable to keep your hands off me, " said Hera.

Hunter didn't know what to say, his brows furrowed as he frowned. His fingers subconsciously scratched his chin. Her direct approach actually made him speechless. He sighed in frustration. Hera watched while he weirdly adjusted his pants. He shoved his hands in his pockets and kind of lifted his pants to readjust them. Hera turned her back to him. It was awkward.

"I can't bear you and your friends abusing me anymore, Hunter. Please stop before its too late. Can't you see, you're hurting me?" Hera pleaded with her disheartened tone. "Abusing? What the hell, Hera?" She heard him say before he held her arm and pulled her, forcing her to face him. The vertical lines marred the smooth skin on Hunter's forehead as his thick eyebrows furrowed together. Hera could read the disbelief written all over his face. He seemed offended and hurt.

"When did I abuse you? Give me one example, have I ever raised my hand on you?" He asked in his furious tone. Hera fixed him with her icy glare. "This, " she said and gestured at how his fingers gripped her arm, "You keep dragging me as if you're

ecided to do the opposite. She's going to do a side braid.

Splitting the hair into three sections, Hera started to braid her hair. When finished, she placed an elastic band around the end of the braid, securing it. She was scowling the entire time. The silence suddenly made her realize Hunter was oddly silent. She turned around searching for him, only to find him standing, exactly where she left him. However, an amused smile was playing on his face while he had eyes fixed on her.

'He sure is bipolar.'

"Talking about babies now, are we?" He asked with a chuckle. "I assure you, we'll certainly talk about making babies someday in the future. But now is not the right time, my Love. We're too young for that discussion. We have a long way to go, but eventually, we'll get there. When we're officially married, we'll think about making babies, " he promised.

Hera glared at him with her murderous look. Her breathing rhythm changed into heavy and without blinking her eyelids, she threw the hairbrush at him using all her strength. It was so sudden Hunter couldn't dodge it. He didn't expect her actions to be so violent. It hit him right under his jaw on the left side before falling on his feet. He clutched his jaw, wincing in pain.

"I hate you, Hunter. I really do. I hate you so much, " she said before leaning against the wall next to the mirror. She closed her eyes to hide her pain from him and bit her trembling bottom lip. A teardrop escaped through her left closed eyelid first and then another one from the right eye. His words hurt so much that she couldn't stop the flow of tears.

They'd talked about their future, about their babies and dreamed about their happily ever after, so many times in the past. Now it only made her feel as if he's rubbing salt on her wounds.

She heard the sole of his shoes whispering against the floor as he walked to her. She didn't open her eyes but felt him getting nearer to her. Hunter wiped her tears with the back his fingers. "I'm sorry, Love. I'm so sorry, " he said, kissing her eyelids one after the other. She didn't have to say it out loud for him to know what she's feeling. He kissed her cheeks and whispered against her lips, "Tell me, how can I erase that bitter memory. What should I do? I'll do anything, " he confessed, tone filled with utmost sincerity.

Hera opened her eyes and pushed him away. "You can't undo what you already did, " she said in her trembling voice.

"Don't I know that? I know I can't undo it. I made a mistake, I admit. Now, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to hang myself to death to prove my love to you?" Hunter yelled in frustration.

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