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Hera was extremely anxious. She chewed her bottom as his eyes went back to her barefoot, lingering on her left ankle. She knew what he's staring at, her white gold anklet. When he looked into her eyes again, her heart skipped a beat. They both were reminiscing about the same memory. For a moment, she got lost in his eyes. He made her go back to that day when they met for the first time.

'So many beautiful memories, until you ruined them all, Hunter.'

"Will you stop staring? It's creepy and annoying as hell, " she tried her best to sound annoyed, but her breathless tone gave out her pretence. Hunter smirked knowingly. "You started it, Love. You were ogling and drooling a while ago over this, " he said gesturing to his body. The gesture was anything but innocent. He placed his left hand on his chest, right under his throat before brushing over his upper torso, slowly moving down until it reached under his belt. Meanwhile, his gaze roamed over her body lazily, as if he's imagining touching her body in the same manner.

Hera felt so dirty.

Her heartbeats turned wild. A blush had spread over her already flushed face.

She abruptly turned her back to him, avoiding looking into his eyes. She needed to distract herself from his hypnotising gaze. Hera pulled the drawer of the table, taking out another hair tie. She moved away from him, quickly walking to the mirror. "Leave, Hunter. I've to get ready, " she said and silently thanked her feet for not betraying her trust. Otherwise, she would've fallen flat on her face.

She started to brush her hair. Hunter had messed it thoroughly while kissing her.

'I swear, he has a thing for my hair.'

She saw his reflection moving to her bed through the mirror. He was checking everything with keen interest. After scrutinising her bed, pillow, comforter, and curtains, he moved to the drawer of the table. Hera sighed, defeated. She'd kept a packet full of hair ties in there. She already knew what he would do with them.

"Did you forget that it was your gift to me?" She asked, still looking into the mirror. The drawer stuffed with shiny hair clips and hair ties of different colours brought a tiny smile into his lips, her birthday gifts given by him. "You were a little girl then. These colourful ribbons, clips and hair ties looked good on your short hair. I don't like them now." Thankfully, he didn't cut them. Placing them back into the drawer, he asked her, "What do you want for your birthday?"

Hera's heart missed a beat, and her eyes widened. She slammed the hairbrush on the dresser to draw his attention and tied her hair into a tight ponytail. Hunter closed the drawer shut and turned to face her.

Their eyes met through the reflection in the mirror.

Hera muttered through her gritted teeth, "For you to vanish from my life." Surprisingly, she said that without missing a beat.

Hunter's lips twitched and greeted Hera by his signature smirk. He shoved his hands into his trouser pockets and walked to where she stood. "That's so brave of you, Love. You're daring to either defy or ignore my every word these days. But it's not good for your health, Goddess, " he said, standing behind her.

Hera didn't miss the hidden threat.

He brought out his left hand from his pant pocket and combed his damp hair with his fingers.

'He'd showered again.'

She bit back a smile.

'Twice within an hour. Thanks to my pineapple juice.'

She felt the hair rising on the back of her neck as he leaned over her shoulder to have a good look at his reflection. Their cheeks almost touched. She slowly turned her face to his by an inch or two to examine his clean-shaven jaw. It looked soft, clean, and his face was glowing.

'Oh! Is his skin glowing or what? He's looking resplendent. Thanks to my pineapple juice again. And he smells so good.'

Her breath caught in her lungs when he met her gaze. He winked before grinning. She averted his eyes in embarrassment and took a step away from him.

'Stupid, idiotic eyes, stop wandering around.'

She felt her cheeks burning hot, and the mirror provided the required witness of her spreading blush.

'Oh, my God, he caught me staring

ur conversation, " she said accusingly. Hunter took a step forward, and she took one back. "And stop touching me, " she shouted in his face. Hunter grinned wickedly and asked, "Why? Is it bothering you? I'm making you nervous, am I not?" He moved one more step closer to her. "Now you're feeling it, don't you? That's what I always wanted you to feel, " he admitted, tone surprisingly sounding softer.

Hera took a step back to keep a safe distance from him and shook her head in disagreement. "You're delusional, Hunter. You don't make me feel anything, except disgust, " she managed to sound almost sincere.

Hera didn't miss the nerve, twitching when he clenched his jaw. "You know, Love, research study says if you're attracted to someone, your heart rate rises. And interestingly, if your heart rate is high, it makes the person appear more attractive." He came close enough, leaving only a few inches of distance between their bodies, his face still held that cold demeanour. "And, my Love, your heartbeat goes crazy when I come close to you, giving away your pretence. Needless to mention that it makes you look so attractive, I can hardly resist the temptation."

She never expected what he did next. She found herself getting shoved into the nearest bed, and he was on top of her, hovering, her wrists arrested by his large hands. "You know what, Goddess? I actually can tell when you're lying, " his tone was dangerously low as if it's supposed to be a secret. Hera watched as his purple orbs burned with anger.

"But you're forgiven because I know your heart is still mine to rule. And as for Bianca's threat is concerned, you don't need to worry about her. I know, she will never dare to hurt you. She threatened to shave Clara's head, not yours. Am I right?" He asked rhetorically.

Hera's eyes stung with unshed tears as anger burst through her veins. "Get off me, you useless dick, " she spat, and he smirked arrogantly.

"You'll soon know how useful my dick is, " he said and shut her up by attacking her lips with his and kissed her hard. No doubt, he was gnashing his teeth in rage, sending vibrations through his lips.

Hera resisted and tried to pull away, but he grabbed her jaw, restricting her movements. He kissed her thoroughly enjoying until he was content while she squirmed in discomfort. She felt his right hand, stroking her thigh while his body was pressed against hers, keeping her in place.

'Déjà vu? No. No, this can't be happening. My nightmare should never come true.'

As her brain cells processed what's happening, a flash of lightning with a simultaneous crash of thunder hit her brain when she felt something long and hard poking down there. She's painfully aware of that thing since the day of their breakup.

'A fucking boner!'

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