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Though her temperature was still high, Hera was sleeping soundly in his bed because of the strong medication.

'I'm done with you, Hunter. It's over.'

Hunter sucked in a sharp breath. He was angry at Hera but more enraged at himself for messing it up. He knew what he did was wrong. She'd every right to hate him and to punish him. But if she thought that she could walk away from him, then she's delusional.

"I won't ever let you go, Hera Hunter. Because you're mine, " he said, cupping her cheeks in his palms and watched her sleeping form. Her brows twitched downward and her forehead furrowed while she cried in her sleep as if she's in pain. It tugged at his heartstrings and his eyes watered. He soothingly caressed the top of her head and stroked her hair before covering his face with his palms. He didn't know how to stop the ache in his heart and finally broke down in tears.

She hated him, and he was afraid she would never forgive him.

Hera had refused to stay at his place, but her protest got ignored, and he didn't let her go, nor he let anyone else look after her. He took care of her until the doctor declared Hera was fine.

Although she desperately wanted to get out of his sight, she had no choice but to wait until she recovered as he didn't let her move out of the bed. But Hunter knew in his heart that she would leave him as soon as her temperature returned to normal. He was dreading the moment when she would lash out at him, but the moment came too soon.

"Just because you're taking care of me, don't think I'll forgive you, Hunter. I remember what I said, and I meant it. Whatever we had, it's finished, Hunter. It's over, " Hera said determinedly.

"Not going to happen, Sweetheart. You're mine, and it stays that way, " he said softly, trying not to lose his temper. She was still fragile, and he didn't want her to leave yet.

"No, Hunter. It won't stay that way. You lost me the minute I saw you fucking her. Do you know what I went through or how I felt at that moment? My heart broke. It felt like you were piercing a dagger into my chest. My dreams shattered into millions of pieces. I couldn't breathe, Hunter. I felt like you were choking me to death. I died, and you're the one who killed me, " she stated, not missing his gaze for a second.

Though her every word weighed with unbearable agony, Hera wasn't crying for once. Her snow-white skin complexion grew into a mixture of reddish-pink as she shouted at him furiously.

Hunter pulled her into his chest, locking her in his arms. She hit him with her fists, screaming and cursing, revolting against his tight embrace to free herself. But he wouldn't let go.

Tired and helpless, in the end, she cried.

"Please don't cry, Goddess. You know I can't see your tears. It's killing me too. I know I did the wrong thing. Trust me, Love, it's hurting me just the same. Whatever you felt, I felt it too. Because I love you so much, you're my world. And I hate myself for hurting you. Please give me one last chance. Please forgive me, " he begged without hesitation. But it didn't change her mind. She refused.

"I will never forgive you, Hunter. You cheated. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I don't trust you anymore, " she said, eyes empty without any emotion. She was determined to end their relationship.

He was mad.

"Oh, my God! Were you sleeping with Bianca too?" Hera's sudden question shocked him to the core. His feet faltered, and he released her from his arms. His eyes narrowed into slits in anger. Judging by the look on her face, he knew she was considering it to be true.

'How can she even think about Bianca so lowly!'

"What the fuck? Are you out of your mind, Hera Hunter? How could you even think that?" His voice boomed throughout the room like thunder. He was furious. Hera scoffed in return, not at all convinced by his outrage. "Why not, Hunter? Isn't it obvious that it wasn't the first time you cheated on me? And now that I think about your equation with Bianca, I'm not sure anymore. Maybe that's the reason why you always took he

inued without interruption until today.


Someone nudged Hunter's shoulder, bringing him back to the present. So lost in his past, he was totally oblivious to his surroundings. Danny's eyes wordlessly asked, "What's wrong?" Shaking his head in reply, Hunter recovered from the aftereffects of his short trip to the past.

"Why are you not hungry? I thought you'll swallow the whole pig alive after that tiring soccer practice, " Hunter heard Bianca say. But he didn't have the answer to her question. He didn't want to reveal what happened between Hera and him, so he feigned a headache.

Eric cocked his brow in question. He knew his buddy was faking it. Hunter shook his head, silently beckoning him to keep his mouth shut. Eric agreed, but the look on his face said they were going to talk about it later.

"Let's just go out. We will eat outside. What say, Ace?" Bianca asked, and Hunter agreed without any protest. At least, they didn't force him to have dinner at their dormitory. He would preferably jump the gate off and sneak out of that place than meet Hera's accusing eyes. He needed to clear his mind to get rid of the haunting images from the past.

Images of crying Hera were still disturbing him.

That night, they all snuck out secretly. Obviously, breaking the rules had always been fun. They ate out, and Hunter got drunk to forget Hera's tear-filled glassy green eyes.

In the dormitory, Hera felt relief that Hunter didn't come for dinner and she didn't have to face him. She was pleased to know that none of his friends was around. At least, she could have her dinner in peace.

Hera found her group of friends and joined them. Noel waved his hand at her in greeting, which Hera returned with a smile. He surprised her when he joined her group. What surprised her more was Clara's behaviour. She smiled and talked to him as if they knew each other from before. As if they were close friends. Even Adelaide appeared to be very familiar with him.

"So, where are your bodyguards? How come you're not surrounded by those watchdogs tonight?" Noel asked in a playful tone. Her friends laughed at his questions, but Hera didn't like his attitude. There was something dangerous about him. The way his tone sounded, Hera felt there's more to know about him. Either he's hiding something, or he's planning something dangerous.

Hera didn't bother answering his question. She ignored him and tuned out of their conversation and her thoughts drifted to Hunter.

'Where is he? Why didn't he come for dinner?'

She hadn't seen him the whole day after their morning encounter. He didn't even come back to collect his medallion pendant from her.

'What is he so busy with?'

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