Chapter 29 IT'S OVER

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It was time for dinner. But Hunter was in no mood for the food. Or so he wanted to believe. But to be honest, he didn't have the courage to face Hera right then. Her words echoed in his mind throughout the day.

'I know how it feels when someone breaks your heart.'

Hunter knew what exactly Hera meant. She was mocking him for hurting her.

'I did hurt her. After all, I broke her heart, didn't I?'

He was exhausted. He spent all his energy on the soccer field, using it as a distraction to drain his tension and stress away. But nothing helped. What he did two years ago was haunting him like an unsatisfied evil spirit, torturing him to hell.

Hunter couldn't forget that ill-fated day. He died and went to hell that day. He was enjoying kissing her lips one moment, and the next moment everything between them shattered into nothingness. It killed him to witness Hera's heartbreak. And to top it all, he's the one who hurt her. He made her go through that hell. He still remembered how she cried, how broken her spirit was.

He could still see everything that happened on that unfortunate day, playing in front of his eyes, as if he's watching a live telecast of his favourite game on the big screen.


They both had a free period, and Hunter asked her to spend that time with him. He wanted her all to himself. Hera obediently followed him while he led the way, her right wrist tightly clasped in his left hand.

Hunter let go of her wrist once he pulled her into the room. Hera giggled while watching his handsome back as he turned around to lock the door from inside. She ran her gaze around the room, which was encrusted with dust and decay. They were in the abandoned old chemistry lab located in the school's old block, deserted after the new block for laboratories got built. It was one of their secret spots since it provided them with the needed privacy, free of intruding students and teachers.

Hera watched while he cleaned the dust-filled lab countertop with his handkerchief and gestured her to sit. Trying to look arrogant, she smirked, nodding once in approval before jumping onto the countertop with his helping hands on her waist. Hera remembered him, saying he'd something important to talk.

"You said you wanted to talk. What's it?" Hera asked, making herself comfortable on the cold countertop. Hunter smiled softly. Little did Hera know, talking was the last thing on his mind. He desperately wanted to kiss her. He didn't get a chance to kiss her the whole day. He had classes, then lab, gym class, Council's committee meeting. His day was tiringly busy.

Hera rolled her eyes as soon as his hand retrieved the chocolate bar from his pocket. "What is it that you can't tell me directly and needed to depend on the messenger sweet to say it? What have you done, Mr Hunter?" Hera asked, fingers already working on the wrapper. Once the wrapper came off the chocolate, Hera frowned as she couldn't find any message.

She glanced at him, furrowing her brows. "Hunter, there's no message, " Hera stated. Hunter held her wrist and guided the chocolate in her fingers to her mouth. She bit it and chewed the sweet, her closed lips forming into an adorable pout while she ate. It was a bar of plain milk chocolate. Hunter leaned forward and kissed the corner of her lips. "I missed you, Mrs Hunter, " he whispered against her cheek.

Hera stopped munching, and he could see the excess saliva forming in her open mouth. Grinning, he closed her mouth, using his thumb and pointer finger before clutching her jaws softly. He massaged her cheeks with his fingers, reminding her to chew the chocolate.

"We had breakfast together, and you saw me at the assembly, " Hera said with her mouthful. Her face held the look as if she wanted to ask why was he acting so dumb. "Yet, I missed you so much, Goddess, " he said, pecking her cheek. His grin grew wider. His gaze filled with absolute bliss, it reminded Hera how happy and proud he looked every time he held the winning trophy after his soccer match or while receiving the best student award.

Hera giggled, shaking her head at his blatant admiration. She ate her chocolate while he watched. Hera brought the remaining chocolate near his mouth, offering him the last bite, but he refused and made her eat it. While Hera was chewing the mouthful of sweet, Hunter leaned forward and without warning covered her mouth with his. She hummed her protest as he savoured the sweetness coated on her lips.

It didn't take much time for him to get lost in the kiss. It was pure ecstasy until Hera decided to ruin it.

"Hunter, what's that? I felt something poking my stomach, " Hera asked in between the kiss. He ignored her and continued with his kissing, sucking and nibbling her lips. Her palms which were resting on his chest, pushed him hard to get his attention, and thankfully it worked. "What happened, Goddess? Did I hurt you?" He asked, breathing heavily and voice filled with concern.

Hera shook her head negatively, and her eyes travelled down to his belt, then lowered below the belt. Her eyes widened in surprise, and t

e. I get turned on just looking at your smile, every fucking time. Yes, Love, that was a boner in my pants. Not a gun. And you can't do anything to help me with it. Do you know how desperately I want to make Love to you? But I know I can't because you won't know a thing about it. You won't feel anything, " he said accusingly and Hera swallowed hard.

"You don't understand what I feel for you. It's difficult to explain or make you understand. It's so hard for me to resist you, Goddess, " he admitted, followed by a defeated sigh.

His Goddess smiled, but nothing was amusing about it. It was a sarcastic smile. She was mocking him. "So what? You can't resist me, so you're allowed to screw other girls? And why I won't understand? Because I'm still a child? Is that what you want to say? You should've thought about our age difference before falling in love with me, " she said, mimicking his accusing tone. "Don't put words into my mouth, Goddess. I didn't mean it that way, " he replied, voice and tone both filled with annoyance.

'I knew it's a waste of time. You won't understand, Goddess.'

He groaned in frustration. The defeat was an awful feeling.

"I may be a child still, but I'm mature enough to know what you did was wrong. You cheated on me, Hunter. You were supposed to wait for our wedding night. You've promised me, remember?" She questioned. Her voice was furious.

Hera brought up her pointer finger and poked his chest where his heart resided. "It was mine, Hunter. Your heart, body and soul were all mine. That's what we promised each other. Your virginity was mine, but you lost it to someone else. I may not know what exactly husband and wife do in private. But I know for sure that my husband is not allowed to touch other females, " she said and scoffed.

Hera's every word was so right, and it left Hunter speechless. He had nothing to justify his actions. He felt ashamed of himself. So he admitted his fault.

"I'm sorry, Love. I truly am sorry. Please forgive me. I promise you it won't happen again. I swear this will be the last time, " he begged for forgiveness. She looked at him suspiciously. He could see the wheels turning in her head. She was in deep thought. Her brain worked, something clicked. Her eyes widened.

"Oh, my God! It wasn't the first time, was it?" She asked, but it was a rhetorical question. She knew the answer without him answering.

Hunter rubbed his face with his palm, certainly a sign of tiredness. His other hand was resting on his waist. He was still in his school uniform, minus the blazer, and his tie. Hera glanced down to find herself dressed in his shorts and sweatshirt. The thought of him changing her clothes made her feel sick to her stomach again.

'His hands! Same hands, which were touching that girl's body a while ago.'

And she puked again, all over his room. She fell on her knees, and he rushed to her side, only to get pushed away.

"You were screwing every other thing that wears a skirt. And here I'm, a stupid brainless dumb child, dreaming about becoming your wife, about our wedding night, of having a happily ever after with you, " she said, laughing at herself, which turned into a painful sob. "Don't touch me with your dirty hands. It makes me sick, " she said and crawled back trying to get away from him.

"I'm done with you, Hunter. It's over, " she announced before dropping to the floor, unconscious.

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