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Hera observed as Noel ran his eyes over her new friend's form. He had a knowing smirk playing on his lips. Undoubtedly now he was staring at Adelaide.

"You know her?" Hera asked him. She was curious to know why he was staring at Adelaide. He shook his head in a no but still had his eyes glued to the dancing duo. "The one she's dancing with or should I say, the one who's working his way to get into her pants, is my best friend, " said Noel. His expression had changed, and Hera didn't know how to judge the look on his face. She decided to name it as jealousy, though she wasn't sure.

"So, is he a French too?" Hera asked conversationally. He brought his attention back to Hera, and he looked surprised as his eyes widened and his brows rose. "How did you know that I'm French? I don't remember telling you, " he said, and Hera laughed good-naturedly.

"Don't look so shocked, Mr Russel. My friend over there with yours is French. And your accent matches perfectly with hers. So it's not exactly rocket science for me to discover, " Hera clarified his curiosity, making him grin in appreciation. "Hmm, beauty with brains. I like that, " he said, and the comment made Hera blush.

'Bloody hell, why is he making me blush?'

She was never comfortable with compliments. It always made her feel flustered and shy. So to avoid the awkwardness, she absent-mindedly grabbed the beer container and thought of finally tasting it. Hera brought it to her lips to take a sip when a hand from behind jerked hers. Someone snatched the beer can from her, making it spill all over the table in the process. She was angry and wanted to burn the person who dared to snatch it from her. She turned to lash out at whoever it was, only to freeze in her place.

Furious cerulean blue eyes were glaring daggers at her.

She gulped in fear.

"You, bloody bugger, she's under-aged to drink alcohol, " Micheal spat, looking over her head. He'd his jaw so tightly clenched she wondered he could even utter those words through his gritted teeth. Suddenly, the movement of someone falling at her feet demanded her attention and Hera screamed in horror.

Noel was on the ground with an injured nose and lips. He was bleeding. Danny grabbed him with his shirt collar and made him stand before twisting Noel's hands behind his back in a tight grip. Noel winced in pain and grunted when Eric punched his jaw again. "I thought, you would know after that fight, she's off-limits to you and every other male here? You fucking dared to touch her?" Eric's voice was icy cold making Hera shiver. She was scared for Noel's life.

"Please don't hurt him, Eric. We were only talking, and he didn't touch me. Please stop, Eric. He's bleeding, " Hera tried to pull him away from Noel, but her strength was useless in comparison to his. She turned to Micheal and urged him to stop his friends. She returned her shocked gaze to Noel when she heard him chuckle.

"Chill, dude. I didn't know someone had already claimed their stake, not that I was hitting on her anyway. As she said, we were only talking. I was asking her to help me with her friend over there, " Noel said assuredly, pointing his finger at Adelaide to make his point. Micheal, Eric, and Danny, all three of them turned to Hera for confirmation, and she vigorously nodded her head in agreement.

"Consider it your last warning. Next time, you won't be walking on your legs, " Micheal's voice was calm, but his lips flashed a dangerous smile. He paused for a second or few before continuing. "Don't ever try to hit on her. Not unless you have a death wish, " he concluded, eyes piercing as a sharp knife. Noel silently agreed. Erick and Danny pushed him hard, making him fall on his ass again. He looked up at Hera, and she mouthed "Sorry" before Micheal dragged her out of his sight.

Hera wanted to cry but somehow managed not to as she didn't want to give them the satisfaction they craved. It had always been like this. They acted as her bodyguards in Hunter's absence. They wouldn't hurt her, but they would hurt every other person who tries to get close to her.

He dragged a chair in front of her. The screeching sound made her cringe. She didn't dare disobey his silent command and took her seat without protesting. He disappeared into the kitc

self, Hera, you're such a child. All you do is bother him. A crybaby, that's what you are, " she said, and her scowl deepened.

Hera sensibly thought she would rather shut her mouth than provoke her. Samantha waved her hands in every direction gesturing Hera to look around. "He planned all this. Everything was his idea. Needless to say that the money came from his own pocket. Ace wanted to make you feel special and please you, " Samantha revealed and laughed as if mocking her. "What a pity! In the end, the Host himself couldn't make it to his party." She clapped her hands gleefully.

The satisfaction she's trying to fake, only made Hera pity her. Then she went silent, her head and upper torso lying comfortably on the table in a sleeping posture. Thinking that she's passed out, Hera tried to touch her to wake her up, when she suddenly spat in anger shocking Hera. "Do yourself a favour, Hera. Go die somewhere before I strangle your neck, " she said, and her baby-blue eyes turned a shade darker in anger before they shimmered with unshed tears.

Hera wanted to reach out and help, but the unwelcoming look on her face made her back off. Samantha yelled for her to leave, and Hera's feet took off.

Eric gave her a look when she walked past him. His silent glare asked, "Where are you going without my permission". Hera wanted to roll her eyes but decided against it. "I'm calling it a night, " she said over her shoulder and left. She was tired and just wanted to sleep peacefully until morning. She left that "supposedly her welcome party" and walked into the house through the back door.

Some of the junior students were already dozed off because of the high quantity of booze they'd consumed. Of course, Hera had no idea who they were as she never spoke to them. They're Hunter's friends, not hers. Some of them lost in a deep sleep in the guest rooms they'd occupied downstairs. Some were dry-humping, or whatever they were doing, she ignored them all and ran upstairs hastily. If there's any safe place in this mansion where nobody would disturb her peacetime, it's the bedrooms upstairs.

She walked up to the one she was searching for and swirled the doorknob. Luckily it wasn't locked. She entered the room and locked the door from inside. Eyes closed, she inhaled sharply to calm her racing heartbeats. But the intoxicating scent surrounding the room only made her heart more restless.

His natural scent, the aftershave and the cologne he used seized her sanity. It's him she smelt everywhere. Hera slowly slid down the door she was leaning against. She'd slept countless times on this bed.

She was in Hunter's bedroom.

Her eyelids pried open, sinking into every inch and every detail of the room. Flood of Memories started pouring out of her heart. She hugged her knees to her chest, resting her chin on her folded hands.

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