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Hera peeled the arms off her and turned around to face the person. She let out a sigh of relief when Evelyn smiled at her. Though Hera tried to be brave, she couldn't forget the uneasy feeling she went through a while ago. She was frightened.

The smile vanished from Evelyn's face when she saw the alarmed look on Hera's face. "Oh, my God! Did I scare you, Hera? I'm so sorry if I did. Are you okay? You look frightened!" She asked, words laced with concern. Evelyn's smile had always been beautiful, so friendly and full of life that Hera felt awful for making her worry.

"It's not you, Evie. I was a little shaken by the earlier events. It was scary, " Hera admitted with a sad smile. Evelyn pulled her into a tight hug, which Hera gladly returned. "Missed you, Hera. Holly Molly! You look so much different. Taller and prettier, " Evelyn said, smiling, her words coated with genuine appreciation. Hera smiled shyly, not knowing how to respond to her compliment, but at the same time, it made her feel fine because coming from Evelyn, it was a huge compliment.

Evelyn herself was an epitome of beauty and grace with her oval-shaped face, sapphire blue eyes, straight Greek nose and a small mouth with red, full lips. Her white, even teeth looked perfect when she grinned. She had flawless ivory skin and dark blonde hair. Tall, slender, model-like personality only made her look more enchanting.

"I'm sorry for what my friends did to you. Please don't mind them, Hera, " Evelyn apologised genuinely, and Hera could detect the sincerity in her tone.

Someone cleared their throat, and Hera found two handsome boys grinning widely at her.

"Baby girl, missed me or what? My baby has grown up so much in less than two months, " a handsome boy with golden blond hair and cerulean blue eyes said, kissing Hera's cheek. Then he frowned, looking down at her dress. "Why the fuck are you wet?" He asked, twisting his lips in disapproval. Hera had spilt water on herself from the cup she was holding when Evelyn hugged her from behind, startling her. Before Hera could reply, Adelaide squealed to making Hera jump.

"Oh, my good Lord! So fucking hot. Are they angels from heaven? Please say yes, Hera, " Adelaide said. Eyes fixed on the two boys in front of her, she was practically drooling, and her jaw nearly hit the ground. So were Celine and Brittany's.

Evelyn laughed while Hera scoffed.

'Oh, the irony!'

"Yes, Adelaide, you guessed it right. They are angels, like literally, " Hera said, turning to the golden blond-haired boy with cerulean blue eyes. She noticed a bruise on his big, long nose and under his chin. He was hurt in that fight earlier, but that bruise didn't do anything to lessen his good looks.

"Adelaide, meet angel Michael. Michael, this is Adelaide, my new friend." Hera introduced, and they shook hands. "Call me Mike, Adelaide. And you have a beautiful name to match your beautiful face, " Michael said and pulled her into a tight hug. One hand went around her waist while the other went up, caressing her back. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"Motherfucker is feeling her up, " Evelyn whispered to Hera and laughed when Hera scowled in disgust.

Rolling her eyes, Hera turned to the one with honey blonde hair. His beautiful aqua blue eyes were busy checking out Adelaide's figure. Hera wanted to throw up. He wasn't even trying to be subtle with his action.

"And, Adelaide, meet angel number two Gabriel. Gabby darling, meet Adelaide, " Hera said, smiling sweetly and the said Gabriel rolled his eyes before pulling her hair playfully. "Thank you for coming to the party, Adelaide. By the way, I go by the name Eric. And your name is as sexy as you are, " Eric said before kissing the back of Adelaide's hand while she giggled like an idiot.

'Could he be any more cheesy?'

Adelaide pulled Hera a few feet away from them and whispered in her ears. "Please tell me which one of them is your boyfriend so that I can call dibs on the other one, " she said in an exaggerated tone, and Hera smirked. "Neither, Ade, you can call dibs on both of them. All yours, " she said with assurance, winking at Adelaide.

Adelaide pumped her fist in the air as if to celebrate a victory. Jumping up and down, she squealed once again, adding a further effect to her victory dance. Hera didn't want to judge her new friend, but couldn't help thinking whether to describe her excitement as too cute or too slutty. Shaking her head as in to ignore her thoughts, Hera smiled, turning to Evelyn.

"And this is Evelyn. The original one of them all, the true angel, " Hera said, making Evelyn giggle. She greeted Adelaide with her angelic smile.

"Thank you, E

meeting you, My Lady."

Hera grinned at his cheesy attempt but didn't feel awkward. His presence was projecting only positive vibes which made her comfortable enough and soon Hera found herself laughing heartily at his stupid jokes. For reasons unknown, he looked very familiar to her, but she couldn't remember ever meeting him.

"You're eating those biscuits with beer? I haven't seen anyone doing the same until now, " Hera asked, eyeing his plate and he looked at his plate as if he just remembered about it. "Oh, no, they're for you, " with that said, he offered her his plate.

"I found them in the kitchen when I was watching you from there. Thought it might benefit me. You know, like, making friends with you, talking and bonding over a biscuit treat?" He asked suggestively. She nodded while munching on the biscuit. He opened a can of beer, and instead of taking a sip for himself, he offered it to Hera when he caught her eyeing it somewhat intrigued.

Dumbfounded, Hera straightened her back, not knowing what to do. He surprised her by offering it to her. She frantically looked around to check if any familiar pair of eyes were watching her before accepting it with a smile that very much appreciated his gesture. She had never tasted any alcoholic beverages until now, and she's afraid, if anyone from the Evil gang saw her drinking, she'd be in trouble.

Hera scoffed and rolled her eyes inwardly.

'What are they, my parents? Damn it! How desperate am I to taste it?'

Hera had no choice but to wait as she felt eyes watching her. Pushing the beer can aside to her right, she settled for the biscuit instead. Noel noticed but didn't force her either.

Hera's eyes darted to the high school teenagers dancing with no care to the wild music. She watched while those drunk, absent-minded, crazy, hormonal teenagers got busy rubbing each other's bodies inappropriately. She cringed with disgust but smiled when her eyes found a few familiar faces. Her friends, doing the same none the less. Andrew, Asher, Jarred, Celine, Brittany, all were drunk to the point of oblivious. But Hera knew, they're having the fun of their lives with hot senior high school guys and girls, grinding their bodies like some wild animals on heat.

Hera's new roommate Adelaide didn't seem to have a problem in mingling with the drunk teenagers who were still strangers to her. Adelaide winked at Hera and mouthed "Boyfriend" when her eyes landed on her companion sitting next to her. Hera grinned and shook her head in denial.

Noel saw their silent interaction.

"If I'm not wrong, she mouthed boyfriend, " he stated, and Hera laughed. "My new friend is kind of obsessed with my boyfriend. She mouths the same every time she sees me with a new guy, " Hera replied, still smiling. Noel didn't comment anything in return. Hera felt relief that he didn't dig more into that "boyfriend" saga.

Hera's eyebrows went up as she caught him staring at Adelaide. She was dancing with someone Hera didn't know. She couldn't see the boy's facial features well from where she's sitting, but she could tell he's a good-looking guy.

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