Chapter 24 SHE IS ACE'S GIRL

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM By Shonihn Characters: 13337

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Hera was sitting by the window, staring at nothing in particular, lost somewhere in the ugly past, since her last conversation with Hunter. He surely knew, how to hit where it hurts the most.

She cried her heart out after he hung up on her so rudely. Once done with her sobbing spasms, Hera washed her face once again. Her hungry stomach rumbled. She was starving, and all that crying drained her energy out, reducing it to nothing. She got dressed in her peach colour T-shirt and faded blue jeans and went to the dining hall to have her breakfast. Her feet halted and refused to move any further when her eyes landed on the two people sitting at the dining table.

Bianca, the evil Queen with gorgeous porcelain skin, sat in direct view of Hera. Her fingers thread along the length of her long, natural blonde hair while she talked animatedly. Sitting next to her was her witch of a best friend, Samantha.

Hera anxiously bit her lip.

When Bianca's sky-blue eyes met with hers, they widened in surprise, but an evil smirk immediately graced her thin lips when she noticed Hera's swollen red eyes. She knew what she'd done to her.

'Bitch. Her timing could never go wrong.'

Hera averted her eyes only to meet Samantha's death glare. Her almond-shaped baby-blue eyes filled with hatred and her short, button nose scrunched up in disgust. "Ah, you didn't die yet. Why don't you already? My life would be so much easier, " she spat in disdain. Samantha's hateful words didn't even register in Hera's mind. Because the only thing she could think of, remember, and feel was Hunter's heartbreaking words. As soon as she saw Samantha's face, his angry voice echoed in her ears.

'If I fuck her in front of you, If I fuck her, I fuck her...'

Dirty images from the prior memories flashed behind her eyes, and she felt the exact opposite of what he'd said earlier.

'You won't go puking all around.'

Even before her brain could order her legs to move, her feet automatically turned, and she sprinted off back to the safety of her room. After a few minutes, Hunter's housekeeper Jessica Lanson came into the room with a tray full of food in her hands. She brought breakfast for Hera, only to find her puking her guts out in the toilet. Immediately she came running to her side. After washing off, she made sure that Hera ate her food.

"I saw you running back to your room in a hurry. I figured something happened between you and the girls?" Jessica asked. Hera kept quiet while Jessica consoled her with her sweet words and warm embrace. "You know right he's yours to stake ownership? He's only toying with Samantha to get your attention, " said Jessica.

'And boy! Did it work?'

"You don't have to feel hurt or awkward around her. Just give it back, and she'll back off. I know that Bianca too acts childish sometimes and all you've to do is ignore her, " Jessica tried to console her. Hera smiled sadly, not saying anything.

Jessica was a lovely lady. But she was a bit young for her job. Hera couldn't figure out why she's even working as a housekeeper. All Hera knew was that Jessica Lanson was from New York and was working for Hunter's parents. They sent her here to take care of their son. She's very fond of Hunter, and she also took good care of his friends as well. They all knew each other from New York, except Samantha.

Samantha joined Hunter's team during their seventh grade. She was from Canada and new in school. The bonding between her and Bianca clicked instantly. Jessica knew the tension between Hera and Hunter's friends. She'd always come to her aid whenever Samantha created trouble. But Jessica was lenient towards Bianca because, for Hunter, she's special.

Hunter and Bianca's friendship go a long way back. Bianca's parents were very well known Surgeons in the whole of the USA, and they work for Hunter's father. Hera never understood what that meant. Whether her parents were Hunter's family doctors or they work in their hospital, Hera had

ot and bothered, then you're the lucky ones, " Bianca finished her speech with a wink. And the boys who were already drunk and wasted, hollered loudly, whistling.

"And here's a hint, how to win her over. Use your hands, fingers, legs, lips, tongue, dick, whatever body parts you're good with, " Samantha said, adding more to Hera's fear. They left her on her own and jumped down from the tables. The boys started to gather around Hera, and she panicked, not knowing how to escape this trap. She searched for her friends and noticed, they were all struggling to reach her. They were pushed back by the senior boys.

A hand snaked around her waist and frightened Hera. She screamed for help.

Someone ripped that hand off her and slapped the culprit hard.

The blaring music stopped.

"Back off, you asshole, you don't know what you're messing with and stay away from her if you don't want to die tonight, " a soft but furious female voice said. Hera blinked her tears away and looked at the blue-eyed angel who appeared out of nowhere for her aid.

"Evie, " Hera whispered her name, almost inaudibly, but the girl heard it. Her tone revealed how relieved and grateful Hera felt to see her interfere. Evelyn pulled Hera into her embrace, soothingly stroking her head. "Sorry for this, Hera. Are you okay?" She asked in her concerned tone. Hera simply tightened her hold in reply and Evelyn understood how much the incident scared her.

"Hey, didn't your friend say we can do whatever we want with her? Then why are you spoiling all the fun? The boy who got slapped earlier protested and tried to grab Hera's hand again. Furious, Evelyn turned around to strike the Jerk, but Danny beat her to it. "How dare you touch her? You dickhead, don't you know she is Ace's girl?" Danny asked, punching the boy right in his face. Soon Eric and others joined the fight.

Hera never felt this happy to see her brother.

A big fight started, but Hunter's friends conveniently dominated them all. The boy and his gang got beaten to a pulp, few of them apologized, and the rest got thrown out of the mansion. Murmurings were heard, highlighting the phrase "She is Ace's girl" when a warning given to the rest of the teenagers.

And after that, she was left alone, thankfully. If being labelled as "Ace's girl" keeps her safe from these dreadful drunk teenagers, she's not going to complain tonight.

Finally, her friends reached her. Adelaide came with two cups of water and offered one to Hera. She gladly accepted and took a sip from it.

Suddenly, someone wrapped arms around Hera's waist from behind and lifted her, scaring her to death. Hera screamed.

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