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"Need company, pretty boy?" A soft female voice said, interrupting Hunter's private thoughts. The woman in her mid-thirties held out her palm, offering a handshake. He remembered the woman. She was the one who dared to flirt with his father a while ago in front of his mother. The woman was lucky that she's still alive.

Dressed in a crisscross open back overlap asymmetrical dress, she looked pretty hot. No need to wonder how did Hunter know so much about a woman's dress. He knew his mother's designer and her young daughter very well.

Like a proper gentleman, he stood straight to greet her and took her awaiting palm in his. Surprising him, instead of shaking their hands, she pulled him into her arms. "Hmm, you feel so good. I'm impressed with these muscles. You have a rock-hard body. Just what a woman loves to rub her soft body against, " the woman whispered huskily. She sounded drunk.

Shamelessly she pushed flush against his torso, crushing her breasts into his chest. Her hands started exploring his back. Though she was a pleasant sight for every hot-blooded male, Hunter didn't want another trouble to add to his list. He pushed her off him abruptly when her hand reached his butt. The woman was practically trying to seduce him with his parents standing just at twenty feet away from them. He's not at all comfortable with her absurd way of approach.

He caught sight of his mother walking towards him and sighed in relief when she neared him. The seductress noticed that something behind her distracted Hunter and tried to grab his attention back to her. Keeping one hand on his shoulder, she leaned herself against his body while her other hand went below his belt and brushed against his crotch.

'What the fuck!'

"My my! Your little friend down there already got excited. I can show you a good time. Let's go somewhere quiet, " standing on her tiptoes, she whispered in his ear. She was talking about his semi-hard manhood which was aching for his Hera. Hunter felt offended because the woman addressed his prized possession as "little friend".

'Little friend? There's nothing little about my buddy.'

His pride down there got excited for his Goddess, not for this slut. He wanted to say that to her face but stopped himself from insulting her because his mother taught him well.

"Keep your hands off my boys, Lettica, unless you want me to rip them off, " his mother's warning tone sounded loud and clear. She walked in between and stood in front of the woman, guarding Hunter like a shield.

"Don't be so rude, Mrs Carlo. It's not fair that only you get to own all the hot men. Sharing is caring, you know." Lettica said, pouting her red-coated lips innocently. Hunter observed his mother smirking at the woman arrogantly. He could guess, from where he got his share of arrogance.

"Desperate, aren't we? But I don't share, honey. My boys are mine to possess, " she said, turning around to look at her only son. Wrapping her arms around Hunter's mid-torso, his mother hugged him. He's so tall she could reach only to his chest. She kissed him on his chest with so much affection before facing the woman with a death glare.

"You're lucky that you're a guest tonight, Lettica because my parents and my In-laws won't let me kill a guest at home. Now be gone before I change my mind and dissect your body, part by part, " she said, dismissing the woman. She walked aro

g, sweetheart. I know what Lettica did to our little boy. You know, nothing escapes my X-ray vision, " Alessandro said, pecking her lips.

Hunter groaned in annoyance while his parents discussed him as if he's not there. He ignored them and searched for his grandparents. Instead, his eyes landed on Luca Baresi. The man was talking to Lettica who not so surprisingly had her eyes fixed on Hunter. "Who's Lettica by the way?" Hunter asked no one in particular, his eyes still watching Luca and Lettica. Alessandro told him that she's Luca's mistress and the woman talking to his Grandma earlier was Luca's wife.

Maybe his mother was right. They all were hitting on him. He needed to get out of there as soon as possible before they could try something nasty.

Someone tapped on his shoulder and Hunter turned to face a young, pretty girl. The friendly smile she greeted him with said that they'd met before. But for the love of God, he couldn't remember her.

"Mr and Mrs Carlo, do you mind if I borrow your son for a while? My parents are busy with your other guests. I'm alone and bored. I could use some company, " the girl requested politely with a sweet smile. Hunter watched while his mother as she nodded her approval. "Why would I mind, honey? He's all yours tonight. Just bring him back to me in one piece, unless you want me to strangle your neck, " Hunter's mother said with a playful tone. But the girl didn't miss the threat hidden behind her sweet smile.

Alessandro bit back a grin while Hunter just rolled his eyes.

'Mother Hen.'

Hunter leaned towards his father, whisper asked him. "A little help, Dad. What's her name again?" Alessandro smirked, "Honey or baby will do just fine, Junior, " he replied, winking at him. "And if she causes any trouble, don't hesitate to use your gun, " he said in a warning tone.

"Oh, he meant the real gun and not the one in your pants, " his mother added, whispering in his ear. Hunter scowled in disapproval. The woman had been eavesdropping on the father and son's conversation. "Mom, give me a break, will you?" Hunter asked before he walked out of the bar following the pretty girl.

Alessandro signalled Mathew to follow his son, and he didn't waste a second before hovering over Hunter's shadow.

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