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Hera didn't know how to answer his question. Panicking, she put him on hold and threw the phone on the bed. She was furious at herself for blushing at the mention of his messages. She couldn't deny that her heart was a crazy mess and her brain a nervous wreck. She needed something to distract her racing heart, and Hera sat on the floor, ignoring the fact that Hunter was still on the phone.

The sweet box caught her attention, and she thought anything that could divert her thoughts from him would be a welcome distraction. She got lost in her thoughts reminiscing about those yummy chocolate desserts she enjoyed devouring last night.

'How heavenly they tasted!'

That Easter Egg sweet she chose was red, juicy strawberries filled with melted chocolate inside. Finally, she'd found the Sweet Messenger and read the message after eating the Chocolaty Strawberries.

"Goddess, Hera, You're the Strawberry, and I am the cream. Let me lie in your bosom so I can melt around you.

And now that you've eaten my Strawberry it's only fair you let me eat yours. I'm dying to bite that little Strawberry.

P.S There are three Sweet Messengers in total."

Once she read the message, Hera sighed in mock exhaustion as if it was a punishment that she'd to eat those sugary treats, where in reality she's floating on cloud nine.

"Oh, that's just great! Now I've to find two more Sweet Messengers. And what Strawberry the Idiot wants to eat? I don't have any, " Hera scowled, not having any clue. Then a smile stretched across her face when she reread the message. Hunter had written, "Now that you've eaten my Strawberry, " he was so sure that she would read the message only after eating the sweet.

"You know me so well, Hunter, " she said in an impressed tone.

Rummaging through the box, Hera moved on to find the next one. She chose two more sweets which looked special from the rest. She unwrapped the first one which was full of Cherries, coated with Vanilla frosting. Hera popped them into her mouth one by one without wasting any time. And of course, she chose the right one. It had his message inside.

"Kiss you, think about you, Hug you, drool over you, Miss you, dream about you, These are the things

I can do anytime, Anywhere and all day long.

I Love You, Hera Hunter.

P.S. I knew you would pop them into your mouth without wasting any time. Honestly, Love, I know a better way to stuff that little mouth of yours ;-)

That message ended with a winking emoji. Hera frowned, thinking about what he'd written with a wink. He was talking in riddles, and she had no idea what that last sentence meant. She ignored it soon enough as the tasty juice of Cherries coated her taste buds meanwhile rereading the message.

That "kiss you, hug you, miss you, with an I love you" made her blush once again and Hera could feel her cheeks getting hot. Not that it's the first time he'd said I love you to her. He'd been telling that to her ever since they kissed in that church for the first time. Sadly, that fantasy she once believed in was nothing more than a deceiving illusion now. Yet, here she's, blushing like a bloody bride over his bullshit charade.

Something clenched inside, and Hera couldn't help but feel vulnerable. Her emotions still danced around his very name. His words touched her heart, reaching deep down to her core.

'Why? Because you still hold all the reins of my heart, Hunter.'

Suddenly, she heard the shrill sound of the phone ringing behind her and Hera remembered putting Hunter's call on hold. He'd to di

heaven my hands, mouth, tongue and my cock are dying to explore, " he finished with an exasperated sigh.

As her heart thumped crazy, wild, Hera feared that it would burst out of her chest. Could he be any more blunt with his intentions? His every word sounded so dirty that he made her speechless, literally. Her body felt feverishly hot, and she cursed inwardly for getting affected by his words.

"Goddess, I'm damn sure that your heart is content with bliss now that you've eaten so many sweets. It's about damn time that I get to taste and eat my share of yummy dessert, especially my favourite fruit strawberry, " Hunter stated, and Hera's jaw dropped dumbfounded.

'Holy fuck! Somebody, please kill me.'

Hera dropped her head. Eyeing the floor, she prayed for it to open so that she could jump into it.

'This morning couldn't be any more pleasant, could it?'

She thought sarcastically.

"Goddess, you there? Did I make you speechless? Or am I scaring you, Love?" Hunter asked when Hera didn't utter a word. Ironically, he sounded worried, and she couldn't hide her resentment anymore. "No, Hunter, you didn't. You should've known by now that I've stopped reacting to your bullshit long back, " she snapped. It's her defence mechanism. She couldn't let him know how much he still affected her.

Hunter laughed humorlessly before his angry voice echoed through the phone.

"Seriously, Love, you too should've known by now. I know you inside and out like a back of my hand. Touch your heart, and I bet on my life that it's racing a marathon. But it shouldn't be if you've stopped reacting to my shit. Just wait until I get access to your private parts and I'll show you how much I can affect you, " he said, and Hera didn't miss the unsaid promise lacing his words.

"In your dreams, Hunter. I would rather die than let you have your way with me. Because I despise you so much, words couldn't measure the amount of hatred I feel for you. You're not even worthy of my hate, " Hera said, cursing him for robbing her heart only to ruin it. Her eyes watered as emotions went out of control, and she breathed slowly trying not to show her weakness.

It hurt her so much to say those words out loud. Hunter didn't say anything, and the painful silence stretched. Hera thought he hung up and checked the phone, but to her surprise, he's still on the line.

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